When brains was last on the list

You know I have heard my mother say many a time, “When it came to this and that someone must have stood behind the door and didn’t hear their name when it was called out,” mainly when it was referring to someone’s intelligence or common sense.

Well mum, you have a point.

I have just been on the Bennett forum, and lo and behold guess what I see?

Yes a thread about how popular his forum is (screenshot).

He writes:

How ‘Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann’ became the world’s No. 1 discussion forum on what really happened to Madeleine McCann

For a year I’ve been keeping statistics on the three most popular Madeleine McCann discussion forums on the net: Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann (CMOMM), Missing Madeleine (MM) and Maddie Case Files (MCF). This brief report tells the story of CMOMM, with statistics, from its start in November 2009 to its emergence in mid-August this year as the most visited Madeleine McCann discussion forum – and certainly the one with by far the most members,.

The story begins with the closure of the 3 Arguidos (3As) forum on 20 August 2009 due to what it said at the time were ‘unresolved issues’. At that time, 3As was by a long way the most visited Madeleine forum on the internet, with Missing Madeleine (MM) a long way behind but also very popular.

Following the demise of 3As, many former 3As members flocked to MM which then dominated the Madeleine discussion scene.

I think it was on 21 August that Maddie Case Files (MCF) was created. It soon became popular though I think it never overtook MM. Brenda Ryan also tried to revive 3As using a similar domain name.

Jill Havern’s Madeleine forum was born, under a different name, on 25 November 2009, when eight  people joined.

I started keeping statistics on the three main forums in October last year. By that time, Brenda Ryan’s revived 3As forum had folded, and MM was still the most popular forum.

By October 2010, CMOMM had already become more popular than MCF, the average number of visitors each evening (the main statistic I will use) on the three forums was around:

MM: 60
MCF: 15.

In November 2010, both MM and CMOMM became more popular, with MM sometimes reaching over 100 guests each evening. The average evening guest numbers for the three forums was:

MM: 80
MCF: 15

December followed a similar pattern, until 23 December, when the opening up of a thread on CMOMM about the disappearance of Joanna Yeates led to a surge in numbers visiting CMOMM from 8pm onward, to over 250. For 26 days from 23 December to 17 January, undoubtedly aided by the interest in the Joanna Yeates case, CMOMM continued to be the most popular Madeleine McCann discussion forum.

Throughout most of January, average evening numbers of guests on the three forums was:

MM: 80
CMOMM: 100
MCF: 15

MM recovered its leading position on 17 January although CMOMM was ahead on 21, 22 and 27 January. By the end of January, the number of guests had settled down to an average of around:

MM: 60
MCF: 10

February and March saw a similar pattern:

MM: 70
MCF: 15

In April, the pattern remained similar, but numbers increased to these daily evening averages, with Dr Kate McCann’s forthcoming book becoming a topic of major interest::

MM: 85
MCF: 15

May began with the gap between MM and CMOMM narrowing. On 11 and 12 May (the day Dr Kate McCann published ‘madeleine’), there was a strong surge on all the Madeleine McCann forums, with CMOMM surging to its record number of visitors, 353, at 10.44pm on 12 May. The number of evening guests on both MM and CMOMM remained similar, at around 200 on MM and CMOMM, up until 17 May, when MM re-established its premier position.

By the end of the month, the average number of evening posters was:

MM: 140
MCF: 25

On the whole, this higher level of interest in the mystery of Madeleine’s disappearance has been maintained.

MM maintained its lead throughout June, the average number of evening guests being:

MM: 110
MCF: 20

July saw a general increase in the numbers visiting all three forums, with a general narrowing of the gap between MM and CMOMM. There was an unprecedented surge in the numbers visiting MM on 23 July, when the numbers of members and guests visiting MM spiked at 547 visitors at 6.11pm on the day Amy Winehouse died (23 July).

For much of July average numbers of visitors to the forums was around:

MM: 130
CMOMM: 110
MCF: 25

There were unusually large numbers on all three forums on 28 July for a reason I cannot establish at the moment.

During August, CMOMM became the most visited forum from – 16 August onwards, with the exception of 23 and 29 August when MM was the most popular.

Average evening visitors were around:

MM: 100
CMOMM: 110
MCF: 15.

In September the pattern continued, with CMOMM the most popular form throughout, but with the overall numbers of evening visitors visiting all three forums down a shade at:

MM: 80
CMOMM: 100
MCF: 20

In October so far the gap between MM and CMOMM has closed, but with overall numbers visiting in the evenings up slightly over September, thus:

MM: 105
CMOMM: 115
MCF: 15.

If we look at the actual registered members for each forum, these currently stand at:

MM: 474
CMOMM: 1,418
MCF: 442.

So there we have it, how popular this forum is.  Hold on though, doesn’t that forum have that particular member answering to Carter Ruck on behalf of three of their clients, Brian Kennedy, Ed Smethurst and the McCanns?

How can he go into court and claim that only a few people read his rubblish, especially when he has so now proudly promoted that very forum to be the Number 1 forum discussing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

If he is boasting that more people read that forum than any other, then surely he is reaching a wider audience and more people are seeing his libellous comments that Carter Ruck keep writing to him about. Which could mean that those 3 parties could claim even higher damages as those comments are reaching a greater audience.

Just one more thing about those stats, have you deleted all the people you banned?  Have you got rid of all the socks on their that have been created?  Oh yes we can tell you know… there is no escaping us.

As my mum would say, “You prized pillock.” or as Homer would say, “D’oh”.

Just one more thing, where does Madeleine fit in with this which forum is the most popular ideology of yours, Bennett?

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