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New Kid on the Block

Yep, we have been there, we’ve done that and to be truthful we’ve got a hell of a lot of T-Shirts for it.  But the new kid on the block always bring some light hearted relief to the twitter user.

Yes there you are sitting there reading the arguments between people along with the abuse and insults being thrown at each other via a keyboard and monitor, when the new kiddie arrives to lighten the mood.

Whilst removing the foul language from @RothleyPillows tweets to try to understand what they are saying, you find the new kid on the block is initially slightly refreshing just for that split second.  Well let us be honest, out of the 140 characters twitter allows, about 10 of those are not foul in Rothley’s tweets and even those 10 don’t make sense.

But the new kid on the block this week is @PrivateJourno and so far we have this:

Janey Field (privatejourno) on Twitter

As you can see I can’t be ar*ed with another wind-up merchant so have blocked them now, but I did have to laugh at the some of the tweets that our new Private Journo was making what they replied to.

Like this one:


in reply to

And not forgetting this:


And then they replied to this tweet



Yes you most definitely are here with a purpose and that purpose is to wind-up people.  Sorry if I am wrong, but to me you remind me of the classic wind-up merchant that the #McCann hash tag is so frequently inhabited by.

If this was a real journo, who had been given the green light, they would watch from afar and then before anyone knew it their story would be splashed all over the papers for the world to read.

There are some on twitter that I do believe to be genuine, those who are doing research and openly admit it.  They might not write the article but I am sure they have contributed to any research that might have been commissioned, for instance into online bullying on social networking sites, because:

  1. they openly admit what they are doing and
  2. they are clever enough to know what buttons to push, without being insulting or abusive themselves, to get people to start abusing and insulting in order to prove their research.

And if veniviedivici really wants to know who commissioned their remit, sit down laddie and I will tell you, are you ready?

Could it be the other id’s that @privatejourno could probably have on twitter.

Yes laddie, perhaps, each one of those alter id’s probably convinced them to create another to play their sick game.  Yes it is sick, because it is being carried out on the back of a missing child.

And if people think mocking statements taken by Police in their tweets is funny, they then are truly sick like the people who wrote those tweets (maybe something for @privatejounro to follow up, good story there – the sick behaviour of a pillow).  Doesn’t RothleyPillow realise that she is mocking a missing child, maybe not directly but indirectly they are.  Of course they can’t see this.  They reckon it is the parents and their friends they are mocking, but they are mocking them because of a missing child and that is sick within itself.

Don’t like to burst anyone’s hopes and dreams, but in my opinion this is no real journo and I don’t think you will be reading anything in the papers soon.  I could be wrong, but this, to me, is your classic wind-up merchant on the scale of Levy with his 24 photos and coldwater with his hot tips from the barbe.


One comment on “New Kid on the Block

  1. Mind you thanks to Nowaymojo, I forgot to look at the followers. But it seems PrivateJourno follows a defunct forum and a Laffin Assassin who has never tweeted.  Come on Private Journo you can speak the truth, we will believe you… well maybe not.

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