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I have said since August 2009, that Bennett will never go down alone.  I have always been of the firm opinion that when push comes to shove, he will name names and take people down with him.

As for my reasoning for this, well it is quite simple really, I saw exactly what he like by a comment he made on a Blog I used to run ages ago.  The blog is not available for reading now but I still to this day have the email of the comment he made.

And the comment he made was over the leaflet drop back in August 2009 where he targeted the area where Kate and Gerry McCann lived.  He went on that leaflet drop, without telling anyone, except those who went with him.  And then when I said it could go pear-shape he let this comment:

Bennett - Leaflet drop comment

Yes you can read it, he was distancing himself from that leaflet and the Foundation he was casting the blame directly on the doorstep of the members of the 3A’s for that leaflet.

Did anyone believe me? No they carried on blindly but I think last night’s postings by him will confirm what I have been saying for years.  He made two posts last night and both proved to me that he is not going to go down alone.  Copies of  Post 1 and Post 2.

In post 1 he states:

In case it should be thought that we are inventing this source, let me just say here and now that our source has both spoken to us verbally and given us very valuable information in writing. The information we have received from the source has been seen by all members of The Madeleine Foundation and by one or two others. I will mention one name here: ‘spudgun’. ‘Spudgun’ spent the best part of a whole day with me here in Harlow earlier in the year and on the basis that he said nothing about what he had seen to anybody at any time, we disclosed to him the written information we received from that source.

I truly wish I could say more, but I cannot. We have already read in the article by Mark Hollingsworth in the Evening Standard in August 2009 references to potential witnesses being intimidated into not giving witness statements to the Portuguese Police. If I say any more than I have done, both our source and ourselves fear repercussions.

I will add one further matter for the record. Since Monday, DI Dobson has indeed asked us in writing for the contact details of the source. I have replied, stating that we are unwilling to do so but that we shall be contacting our source again to see if she would now be willing to help the Scotland Yard Review Team.

Oh please, people see what he is saying and wake up to the reality. He has dropped every member of the Foundation in it by saying they have seen what the source has said. He goes one further to implicate Spudgun and one or two others into knowing about this source and their information.

This is not a case about a missing shopping trolley, this case is about a missing child and does he think that Scotland Yard are going to accept the answer he gave about contacting his source to see if they are willing to speak to Scotland Yard?  Most definitely not, they will interview ALL people, if necessary under caution, to find out the sources details.  And if people fail to give that information, they are liable to be charged with “Perverting the course of Justice”.

Because if he does think Scotland Yard will leave it up to the Source to do the right thing, then he is clearly an idiot and an odious little man, who has no sense of perspective and doesn’t care about the truth and definitely doesn’t intend to help find a missing child and neither does he care about the people who have backed him in the past.

Furthermore, he then goes onto say this:

Inspector Steve Bentley does not have the advantage of having seen either of the dossiers we have submitted.

Are you sure about that Bennett?  Because Inspector Steve Bentley is a Police Officer, he is entitled to see whatever he likes.  He has the authority to request copies of those dossiers and they will be provided to him should he request that.  Officers every day look at other case files.  Files that are not related to their case but to the defendant or witness.

He also states this:

First let me get one point out of the way, raised I think by jimuck. I have indeed said on the record that our informant within the McCann Team is female. However, our position is that we will neither confirm nor deny whether our source is female or male.

He has told them it is female, they don’t need to know the gender of the person, they need their contact details.  Whether you confirm whether they are male or female is irrespective.  All they want is the information how to contact this person.

In post 2 he states:

On the subject of my correspondence with the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards Department, one issue that I have raised – and continue to raise – is the subject of the Scotland Yard Review Team failing to even acknowledge written evidence supplied to them.

All he does is complain, if they don’t drop what they are doing and reply to him.  Can’t you all see he is wasting Police time.  Police have evidence delivered to their doors every day of the week, anyone interested in Justice is not worried about getting a “Thank you” note, they have done their duty and provided the evidence to the Police and they are prepared to sit back and let the Police do their job.

No not Bennett, he sends them a letter or another crack-pot theory and he expects the whole constabulary to grind to a halt and reply to him.

From his second post you can see he was already complaining about the Review Team before he delivered his second dossier and is telling them how to do their job.

On the subject of my correspondence with the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards Department, one issue that I have raised – and continue to raise – is the subject of the Scotland Yard Review Team failing to even acknowledge written evidence supplied to them.

I raised this again recently when two McCann-sceptics reported to me that they had written to the SY Review Team but had received no acknowledgement from them.

I have never suggested to them that they should reply, unless it was of critical importance to their review, but I have attempted to insist that given the importance of this review and the necessity to record all the evidence submitted, they should at least send a reply postcard to anyone who writes to them – something like:

“Thank you for your communication of 16 August 2011, the contents of which have been noted”.

So all those people who are kissing the ground he walks on, and worshipping him like a hero, take off those rose-tinted glasses and read his posts.

He has politely implicated you all in his shenanigans. He has by that post told the world, the Police that every member saw the evidence of this so-called source.  And for those of you who are easily traceable like Spudgun, I doubt very much that your wish here will happen now.

You were supposed to have written this on the Facebook group Spudgun, according to one site out there on the internet:

M*** H****
Have just logged on to see it has been something of a stormy weekend again! Regrettably, I have BANNED, permanently, S**** H*** from this Forum. It is clear that, for whatever reasons, she has elected to create something of a furore, and whilst I NEVER want to be judge and executioner, and have always been lenient and accommodating to peoples difeering views, we cannot tolerate people ‘trolling’ and causing problems for other Forum users, and Ms. hall has unquestionably been involved in that.

More concerning for me; I also had ‘FRIENDED’ her a while ago, and I now note that she has removed herself from my friends list. I am a little concerned that she may distribute personal information about myself on other forums, and I would be grateful if you good people who keep your ears open to all quarters can let me know if anything relating to my REAL name pops up! Don’t worry if there’s a whole truckload of abuse relating to SPUDGUN, there’s realms of it!! It’s not so much a question of security, but it could create HUGE inconveniences if people could identify me and my family and friends with investigations that I have been involved in over the years. Not to mention that I have faced some prejudice and derogating from other Journalists because of what they see as an ‘obsession’, and I can not afford to let my personal interests in the McCann case interfere with my work, nor sully the otherwise good relationships I, and the company I work for, have with Media Broadcasters!

Well it wasn’t that person, that you needed to worry about was it Spudgun? It was Bennett himself, who has now firmly implicated you into knowing about information from a source about a missing child case.

And please can I ask why members of his group find it acceptable that a person should sit on information, create dossiers and release that information as and when they see fit?

Surely if they cared about Madeleine McCann and finding out what happened as soon as they received any information they would have immediately passed it onto the relevant authorities, ie the Police, wouldn’t they?

Just one more thing, as for Tony Bennett, trying to tell trained Police Officer what constitutes as evidence and what doesn’t, god give me strength at the sheer audacity of the man.

Tony Bennett is nothing other than a retired solicitor who was found guilty of “Conduct Unbefitting to a Solicitor”, whilst practising as a solicitor. and he was only in the job for a few years. And there he is trying to tell coppers how to do their jobs and what is classed as evidence. Talk about teaching your grandma to suck eggs.


By M*** H*****


I am certainly no apologist for Mr. Bennett, and it may very well be that some members have a good reason to take him to task over certain issues, I don’t know. For my part, I have often mused that he can sometimes appear reckless and inconsiderate, and that he can sometimes show a tendancy to pursue avenues that are counter productive, (which is certainly the case in his latest ecsapade!).

However, I am very much a believer in seeing the GOOD in people, irrespective of who they are and what they have done. Take Gerry McCann, for instance, (not literally of course), he has unquestionably saved many peoples lives through his skills as a Cardiologist, ‘though I suspect he ventured down his career choice out of a need to satiate his contolling personality, rather than to contribute to Mankind. (I’m also struggling to see anything of Kate’s good side too, but I digress!)

I have MET Tony Bennett and believe I know something of the man. It may well be that he is guilty of some misdemeanour relating to others, or that he has spoken out of hand or that he has said something to someone about something……..I don’t know.

What I DO know, and what is tangibly ascertainable, is that he has conducted a ceaseless and tireless amount of research, writing and energies into the McCann case, often in the face of wicked abuse, threats and adversity; for which he is deserving of praise and thanks.

He has relentlessly given his time and often MONEY, to pursuing the McCanns and their cahorts from every angle possible using every means available, effectively from the very beginning. Court actions, petitions, publications, blogs, forums, private Prosecutions, letters, writings, whole bloody treatises!, groups, organisations and foundations.

Irrespective of what your personal feelings are about him, it is inarguable that his contribution is immense in keeping the Madeleine McCann case in the public eye.

And whilst it may well be that his current predicament is as a result of his own impatience, he is at least to be lauded for constantly getting under the skin of the protagonists in this sad and sorry case.

I, for one, shall not be kicking him whilst he is down, and morally and spiritually he shall have my every support. We are all here for the same reason, (hopefully), and now is the time to set aside grievances and to collectively offer him our support.

Unless anyone objects, I intend to send him a collective message of support from this group.


There is gratitude for you for offering support Bennett goes and tells the whole world that Spudgun has viewed the information from the Source quite a while ago.

And as for the part in Bold above, yes he sure as hell has, hounded the McCanns, their friends, family and backers.

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