Bennett and his apology

Today I see that Tony Bennett is now going to write to all those people who copied his libellous articles about Brian Kennedy et al and ask them to remove them.  And he has gone and apologised, yet again.

I today read any excellent post by Chinagirl, I do hope she doesn’t mind me posting it here but she had this to say on the subject:

I wishes to apologise publicly to Brian Kenedy – Tony Bennett, 6 October 2011

How extraordinary. On Monday 3 October Bennett hands in to Scotland Yard’s review team a “dossier” containing unsubstantiated accusations against Kennedy and others of various nefarious dealings and supposed cover-ups in the McCann case, yet by Thursday 6 October he’s offering a public apology to Kennedy, and attempting to repudiate the many scurrilous comments he’s made PUBLICLY about the man!

We’ve all read what he’s written; we all know the inferences he has made; we all know the conclusions that have been drawn, erroneously, from his prejudiced “research” into Kennedy, Smethurst and others. And so does SY review team and other interested legal bodies. If Kennedy accepts this apology and withdraws any legal action he may have initiated against Bennett, he (Kennedy) will show himself to be a gracious, humane and christian man – in stark contrast to the vicious, mean-spirited, thoroughly evil little weasel Bennett is!

I agree with practically every word she says, and totally agree with her sentiments that if Brian Kennedy accepts this apology and withdraws legal action he will be shown to be a gracious, humane and christian man.

But, the trouble is that will not stop Bennett, we have seen this all before back in 2009.  The situation where Bennett capitulated to Carter Rucks demands over his book, he vowed then never to repeat his allegations but he did.  That repetition landed him with a £400 bill and a Court order against him.

He has subsequently breached that Court Order and the McCanns are having to, again, use the services of Carter Ruck to apply to the courts for Breach of Court Order proceedings. All because he has time and time again breached the conditions of that original court order.

But Brian Kennedy is not the only person, apart from the McCanns, Bennett has libelled, he has also attacked a Portuguese Lawyer, a sick man who has had to retire from the investigation and an English Lawyer, plus an ex-detective who is working to find Madeleine.

How many times have we seen, Bennett nearly through those court doors only to be saved from ruin, due to his apologies and promises?  Promises that are like pie crusts, made to be broken. Does he learn from his mistakes?  No he just lays low for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months and then starts again.

Will he stop from harassing, stalking the backers and friends and family and the parents of a missing Child?  No. he will continue his actions.  He will slowly and surely tip his toe into the hot water and border line his opinions so that someone else will take the bait and libel these people.

Personally, I don’t think now it is about being humane, Christian or a decent human being, it has come to a point where this man has got to be stopped and I think the only way to stop this man is to haul him before the courts and let the Judge decide his fate.

As for this apology, well as Bennett demands free speech, I will exercise mine, my opinion this is damage limitation.  He is grovelling and I can assure those people who are slapping him on the back and kissing the ground he walks on, be prepared, he will take you down with him.

Chinagirl, you are right it would show Brian Kennedy as being Christian but unfortunately with the likes of people like Bennett and Co., it won’t stop them from repeating these allegations at a later date and it won’t stop them carrying on their campaign to stalk, harass, libel, defame and persecute others.

I am afraid to say, it has gone past apologies and backtracking and it really does need the law to be implemented in order to stop these people from hindering the search for a missing child, with their allegations of those backing, supporting the family are behind the reasons as to what happened to that child.

If Bennett is seriously sorry for the hurt and harm he is causing these people, then his only way to show that, is withdraw from the case and remove all his postings and stop his actions against the family of a missing child.


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  1. Well said both Chinagirl and Bren. Bennett is in this for personal publicity. His constant posting of photos of himself doing his dodgy deeds shows that to be the case. The best answer to that is the law and to hit him in his pocket. Just slapping his wrist gives him more publicity. Even newspaper headlines calling him a sick old stalker would make his head swell with pride. No, hit his pocket and give him a reality check.

  2. I agree Anon about those photos issued on Monday with him standing there with his dossier posing outside Police Stations.

    It was publicity he was craving and admiration from his followers.  I don’t want to see his family homeless, but I think it is about time he was made to pay for his actions.

    The insinuations he made about Ed Smethurst and his Facebook account were gross and no man should have his character tarnished like Ed Smethurst had to endure.

    We know from his past behaviour when he or the Foundation hit the papers no matter what the headlines says he has this attitude is “all publicity is good publicity”.  And what does he then do, comment about how many hits his site has had since the article and how many new members the Foundation and Forum have received.  Claiming that people are waking up to the idea that the McCanns were complicit in what happened to their daughter.

    His pocket, I am afraid to say, is the only thing that will hurt him.  I don’t think any judge will take his home from him.  But they could put a charge on his home, that should ever it be sold, there is a charge that needs to be paid off before they can either move or split the proceeds between family members.

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