Talk about a slap-down for Bennett of the Yard

Well we all waited for Monday to arrive and the Photo-shot of Bennett handing in his scrappy dossier to Scotland Yard Madeleine McCann Review Team.  There we were sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for the outcome of the investigation into Bennett’s dossier.

Did we expect it to be within just over 76 hours?  No.  Well Scotland Yard have replied with this. A STATEMENT by Steve Bentley, Inspector, Directorate of Professional Standards, Metropolitan Police/Scotland Yard:

My understanding is that the [Scotland Yard Madeleine Mc Cann Review Team] would welcome any evidence that would assist with the enquiry. You state that you have a first hand information from an insider from the McCann’s private investigators. This information would obviously be of interest to the team and they would welcome details of this individual to allow them to interview her if she is able to provide relevant evidence. However, information regarding peoples views and suspicions do not constitute evidence. The team are obliged to consider evidence rather than repetition of the myriad of views and beliefs that individuals choose to interpret from the available information.

Talk about a slap-down. I take it Dossier Number 2 was not up to standard then.


Just a couple of observations I have just thought of. That quote is only a part of the letter. Normally we have the full reply posted, so:

a) what is Bennett hiding and what doesn’t he want his members to read in that letter?


b) If the Police ever needed evidence of his harassment of Brian Kennedy, Ed Smethurst etc in order for them to proceed with an investigation, he just gave it to them the moment he put that dossier in the hands of the Police.


10 comments on “Talk about a slap-down for Bennett of the Yard

  1. Something else I have just noticed.  That is not from the review team.  Looks like they have handed it to the DPS as the communication come from Steve Bentley, Inspector, Directorate of Professional Standards, Metropolitan Police/Scotland Yard.

    According to Wiki


    The Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) is a directorate of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. The Directorate is responsible for investigating complaints against the professional conduct of Officers, the DPS replaced the Complaints Investigation Bureau (CIB).

    The DPS focuses on standards, and the enforcement of them, in
    leadership and supervision, security of information and intelligence,
    recognition of the diversity of communities and staff, identifying and
    reacting to organisational and individual learning, and maintaining the
    threat of detection, prevention and management of risk.

    The organisation’s duty is wider than the issues of complaints and
    corruption. There are obligations to treat staff fairly and to be seen
    as an employer of choice, thus the highest standards must be applied to
    internal processes as well. In order to achieve this the Directorate has
    been expanded[when?] to encompass employment tribunals, civil actions against the commissioner and the vetting of staff.


  2. I just read your “observations” comments. I was thinking the same thing. 

  3. The more he fails to answer, the more suspicion will fall on him.  He has published “Private and Confidential” letters from Carter Ruck without hesitation, yet he only quotes a part and makes no comment on it.

    That is not Bennett.

    But why are his followers patting him on the back, and not asking what else was in the letter and why he is not commenting on it?

    And if he had put a complaint about the way he was treated by the guy at the desk or how he was dismissed by the DI Dobson, then he would have composed a booklet detailing his complaint to the Police about his treatment.. Yet nothing.

    There is something in that letter that he doesn’t want some people to see.

  4. Another thing Carana, my mate and I popped to Morrisons and we couldn’t stop laughing about his antics. They must have thought we were mad, because we were giggling all the way down the aisles, especially when she kept saying “What twat hands the cops all the evidence of their misdemeanour’s.”

  5. He might still be proof-checking page 120… 

  6. Or he could be letting his fingers do the walking.. (that was the yellow pages motto from the 70’s) wasn’t it?

    Yes his fingers are thumbing their way through the section marked Solicitors LOL

  7. Oh no, there is talk on JATYK about one of his tweets:

    zampos Anthony Bennett @RealHumptyB We’ve stated we have
    info from a female #McCann Team insider. MF won’t confirm nor deny
    whether our contact is male, or female

    And BB1 has said that it could be Midas/Coco – Please don’t tell me this is who was supposed to have given him inside info.

    You only had to read their posts to realise they were two biscuits short of a packet.

  8. Could well be the person I’m thinking of: the one whose “comma” key had been replaced with the F-word? (Hard to avoid coming across some of this person’s comments at the time even though I was only skimming through a few threads for what might have been info.)

  9. Nicked from JATYK, quoting TB (I believe):

    “On the subject of my correspondence with the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards Department, one issue that I have raised – and continue to raise – is the subject of the Scotland Yard Review Team failing to even acknowledge written evidence supplied to them.”

    Hmm. Sounds incredibly like he moaned to PSD that SY had not replied to his satisfaction, and the moan got handed over to PSD to deal with. 

  10. Hi Carana, I know he thinks everyone is at his beck and call.  The man used to amaze me with his attitude now I expect it.

    People give information to SY or any Police force purely so that whoever is responsible is caught.  In the case of Madeleine, they provide information in hope of whoever harmed her is brought to justice and that she is found and reunited with her family.  Not so they get a stack of Thank You notes.

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