Why is Reis spreading further misinformation?

Well here we go again, Reis trying to implicate Lord Toby Harris in things and again he has totally got his facts wrong.  So what he altered a post, it is not a crime and perhaps he should have clarified why he changed the content, but people are allowed to alter posts, just like you delete posts. But to say you can’t alter permalinks in a post is misleading and a lie.

Of course, this new smear tactic doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, to be honest.

Reis states in his blog post of today the following:

One thing can’t be changed, when you make a post in a blog – the original “adress name” of that post:


People can edit the content, but if they don’t delet the post, the original first phrases are still there, in the post internet adress name. “Netiquete” demands that you show clearly to your readers that you corrected or changed the content of a post. Lord Toby Harris forget that?

Sorry Paulo Reis you are wrong.

If you go to http://www.lordtobyharris.org.uk/ and right click and select page source you will see that the site is running WordPress.

Page Source

I have created a test post and saved it in daft:

Post sample 1Clearly above you can see the Permalink with a button marked Edit beside it.

When you click on Edit you get this

Test Post Sample 2You then have the opportunity to enter the new permalink you require, just as I have done, by changing test-post-relating-to-lord-toby-site to altered-link.

Test Post Sample 1So you see, in WordPress you can alter the Permalink at any given time.  If you don’t believe me, create a free WordPress account and try it.  Permalinks can be altered in Worpdress and as Lord Toby runs his site based on the WordPress platform he would be able to change permalinks.

Edited to Add

Oh look here is the permalink for this post with the nice Edit button beside it.

Post sample 1

And look I can even change the title of this post if I want by clicking the Edit button, altering the permalink and clicking OK and then update post.

Post sample 2

Whether it can be done in Blogspot blogs I don’t know, but it can definitely be done in WordPress.


4 comments on “Why is Reis spreading further misinformation?

  1. So all this stems because he used the word ‘Death’ in the title and then changed it to ‘Case’. 

    Anyone thought that he thought the use of the word ‘Death’ was in bad taste.  Even though there is a possibility that Madeleine McCann could be deceased, perhaps he decided to alter his post title to spare the parents any more anguish.

    Nobody is denying there is a chance she may not be alive, but I am saying, is that it is categorically wrong and morally wrong to refer to this child as anything other than missing.  There is no proof whatsoever, from the files or the authorities that Madeleine McCann is anything other than a missing child.

    But it still does not take away the fact that Paulo Reis has made an assumption stating you can’t change permalinks when in fact you can if you are using the WordPress platform to host your blog, which Lord Toby Harris is.

    Yes I bet the conspiracy theorists really got excited at the change of that title post. My god how pathetic can they really be.

    • I am not on about the content of the post made by Lord Toby Harris, I am saying Reis is wrong to let his readers think you can’t change permalinks.

      The way that post he made is phrased, it wouldn’t take long before some forum myth or conspiracy is born into why Lord Toby Harris turned the word ‘Death’ into ‘Case’ in the title.

      Reis and others are trying to turn this into something this is not.

  2. And this is the thing that has already started

    And the simple reason for the change is because he thought the title was inappropriate.

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