When Hope Is All You Have

Every day we hear of tragic stories, stories that pull at our heart strings.  And stories that are filled with hope.

There are many circumstances where hope plays an integral part in what we are thinking, wishing and praying for.

Even those that are non-religious, like myself, have been in situations where we have prayed for hope.  Where we have prayed that what we have just been told is not true and hoped that whoever is telling us this news has got things wrong.

One woman today is praying and hoping that one notorious killer, Ian Brady will tell her where her son is buried.  She is hoping that before she dies that he will speak out so that she can lay her beloved son to rest with dignity and in a proper grave instead of  her beloved son being buried all alone on those dark, cold and desolate moors.

Does Winnie Johnson give up hope that Ian Brady might finally find a conscience and tell her so that her last wish is fulfilled?  No she doesn’t, she will never give up hope of being able to bury her son with dignity, not until her final breath.

Just like the cancer patient will never give up hope, that this next batch of Chemo or this next course of drugs will cure the disease they are fighting so hard against.  The disease that wants to take their life.Yet do they give up hope that they will beat this disease?  No, they fight to the bitter end, sometimes they win, sometimes they lose but they never give up hope.

Does the family of a runaway child ever give up hope that one day they could be reunited with the child they love and miss so much?  No, they hope and pray that one day fate will bring them together once again.

So why do we expect the McCann family to give up hope that their daughter may be still alive?

Has this child’s body ever been  found?

Have the authorities in Portugal or United Kingdom ever declared this child as dead?

The answer is no to all those questions.  So why would a family give up hope that one day fate or a little snippet of information could lead this family to be reunited with their first-born?

Sometimes hope is all you have, and sometimes during your darkest days or your darkest hours, hope is all that keeps you going.  Without hope there is no future.

If this was my child out there, I would never give up hope of finding them and neither would you.

So please can someone tell my why people expect this couple, Kate and Gerry McCann along with their family and friends to give up hope of finding Madeleine alive?


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  1. This state of anxious “limbo” doesn’t just apply to missing children, but to any loved one. 

  2. LOL One day, I’ll really need to work out how this disqus thing works. 

    Anyway, on the previous site (the end bit is dot org) check out “myths” and “guilters”.

  3. Hi Carana, Yes you are right, anyone that has a missing loved one will live in hope of that day when they are reunited.

    Yes I read that earlier, that guilters post you can easily relate to the McCann case.

    As for disqus I think it is easier if you create a profile with them.

  4. Checked disqus…. Register your site to use Disqus (it’s free)

    Lovely, but I don’t have a site, blog or anything else and I’m new-fangled-techno-phobic.

    Think I’ll carry on dealing with hieroglyphic captchas for the moment…

  5. Hi Carana, if you click on the post as and then the disqus link down the left hand side and then register a new profile it brings up a box for you to create an account.

  6. Hi. Ok, thanks. I’ll have another look a bit later.

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