If anyone thinks..

That Tony Bennett of the Madeleine Foundation cares about what happened to Madeleine McCann they are, I am afraid to say, they are very much mistaken.

Yesterday, he posed for pictures outside two Police Stations, namely Belgravia and New Scotland Yard, with a dossier in his hand ready to hand in.

As you will see from the pictures below, what Tony Bennett is really up to.


He then promptly posts on a forum, his update on how things went at Scotland Yard and how the Police made him wait, (how dare they sort out more important things than his drivel).

He posted the following:

A report on today’s visit to the Scotland Yard Review Team at Belgravia Police Station
Tony Bennett Today at 9:14 pm

A visit by The Madeleine Foundation
to Operation Grange at Belgravia Police Station
to mark Goncalo Amaral Day 2011

Last year The Madeleine Foundation marked Goncalo Amaral Day (2 October) by handing in a petition at No. 10 Downing Street calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to set up a full public enquiry, with the power to summon witnesses, into all aspects of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. We still believe that one day, something like that will be needed. At the moment our petition calling for the public enquiry has attracted 880 signatures.

In the event, the Prime Minister did something very different. On 12 May 2012, on the very day that Dr Kate McCann published her book, ‘madeleine’, David Cameron announced that he was setting up a £3.5 million review by Scotland Yard into Madeleine’s disappearance. The purpose of this, he said, and we quote, was not to get to the truth, but ‘to support the family’. That review, it is now known, is called ‘Operation Grange’.

The Madeleine Foundation has taken the view that, given that several senior Metropolitan Police detectives are engaged on what purports to be a comprehensive review of the evidence, it is important that we (and anyone else who is in a position to do so) submit any evidence to that review that may point the Review Team towards the indications that Madeleine McCann died in her parents’ apartment and that there has been a cover-up of that fact.

Accordingly, on 24 August, following two earlier letters dated 11 & 21 July, we sent by recorded delivery post to the Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, a lengthy dossier of evidence, together with several enclosures. Our dossier also included information relating to a source within the McCann Team who had disclosed evidence to us which suggested that the main purpose of the McCann Team’s private investigations may not have been to find Madeleine. We did not disclose that person’s identity.

We thought that an appropriate way to mark Goncalo Amaral Day this year was to seek to deliver more evidence, this time in person, to a member of Operation Grange. One of the team, Detective Inspector Tim Dobson, kindly agreed a couple of weeks back to receive the dossier in person.

Accordingly, and by arrangement, the dossier was formally handed in to him at around 12.35pm today.

It took a little while before we could see him. Only one person was on the front desk, a man of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance who was busy filling in a car accident insurance form in quadruplicate for someone, and was intent on completing the task before looking up at the queue in front of him. After several minutes, I asked if he could let D.I. Dobson know we were here.

He still wanted more time to complete his form, which he did. I then asked him again if I could speak to D.I. Dobson or D.C.I. Redwood, and he said he’d never heard of them. I said they were from ‘Operation Grange’. “Never heard of them”, was his reply. Eventually he summoned a colleague of southern Asian appearance, and after a further wait of about 10 minutes, D.I. Dobson appeared and showed myself and a fellow Madeleine Foundation Committee member into a small interview room.

D.I. Dobson was polite and correct throughout. We were allowed time to explain briefly what was in the dossier (see below). A covering letter was attached to the dossier, which he scanned. We had time to raise one or two questions. One point he emphasised very strongly was that, and I quote: “This is a review, not an investigation”.

The difference, I think, can be summarised thus: “A review is a look at the evidence to see if there should be a formal re-investigation”.

Asked if the review could pursue specific lines of investigation or, for example, interview people of interest, he stuck to the script and said: “This is only a review”, adding that: “Any lines of enquiry will be incorporated in the final recommendations we will be making to the Portuguese Police”. I said: “But presumably you will not only be reporting to the Portuguese Police, but also to those who commissioned this report?” He said: “Oh yes, to them as well, of course”.

We asked who was the current co-ordinator of the Portuguese Police investigation, and he said: “I don’t actually know, but even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you”. My colleague queried this, to which he replied: “Actually, I don’t know her name, but I can tell you that it’s a woman”.

At that point, the ’phone in the interview room rang. D.I. Dobson said: “I’m sorry, I’m being called upstairs on something urgent, I’ll have to close this now”.

And away we went.

We are not going to disclose the contents of the dossier nor of the covering letter, but we can say that it included a great deal of detail about the actions of the following individuals:

* Brian Kennedy

* Francisco Marco, boss of Metodo 3

* Antonio Jimenez/Gimenez, chief detective for Metodo 3 and Brian Kennedy, now in prison for corruption and theft of £25 million of cocaine, offences committed whilst he was a top police officer in Barcelona

* Marcos Aragao Correia, a lawyer from Madeira

* Francisco Pagarate

* Edward Smethurst, the McCanns’ co-ordinating lawyer

* Kevin Halligen, who has been in custody facing serious fraud charges for nearly two years

* Dave Edgar, the current ‘senior private investigator’ for Brian Kennedy and the McCann Team

* Those who created the shell company, ALPHAIG.

Finally, we hereby once again put on record our thanks to D.C.I. Redwood for agreeing to receive the material and, as we have said before, and no doubt will again, insofar as this Scotland yard Review Team is a genuine search for the truth, we wish them well and every success.

Just take a look at those names:

  • Brian Kennedy
  • Francisco Marco
  • Antonio Jimenez?Gimenez
  • Marcos Aragao Correia
  • Francisco Pagarate
  • Edward Smethurst
  • Kevin Halligen
  • Dave Edgar
  • All those who created the shell company Alphaig

Do you notice something?

Each of these people named above were involved in the case until AFTER Madeleine McCann disappeared.  Each of these people DID NOT know the McCanns until after Madeleine disappeared.  Each of these people are NOT involved in what happened to Madeleine McCann.  Each of these people were NOT involved in her disappearance.

Three of those people have in the past made Tony Bennett remove stuff due to libel and defamation being committed against them.  Two of those people are now pursuing Tony Bennett through the courts for libel and defamation.  And a couple of these people have even made official complaints to the Police recently about the stalking and harassment that Bennett is doing to them, by photographing their homes and placing those photos on the internet,  etc.

What he handed in to New Scotland Yard has absolutely NOTHING to do with finding out what happened to Madeleine McCann.  What he handed in was a document that was nothing other than a document that was created to settle scores with people who are taking him to Court for libel and defamation and to settle scores against any person who helping the McCann family find their daughter.

There is NOT one mention of information, about what the Police could have missed in the files.  Neither is there one mention of something that should have been investigated more thoroughly or something with regards to information received about a possible perpetrator.  There is NOT one mention on that screwed up piece of paper, that was supposed to be front page of that dossier about Madeleine McCann.

Bennett, is a disgrace, in my very humble opinion, he DOES NOT care about what happened to Madeleine McCann, all he cares about is scoring a victory in his own personal vendetta against the parents of a missing child and all those people that want to help the family find their missing child.

Mind you I did have to laugh, at the post, because in amongst his remarks that many will deem as racist, was this wonderful piece:

At that point, the ’phone in the interview room rang. D.I. Dobson said: “I’m sorry, I’m being called upstairs on something urgent, I’ll have to close this now”.

Sorry but I have this vision, of D.I. Dobson telling one of his colleagues or admin staff, “Do me a favour, give me five minutes down there and ring down and say something urgent needs my attention.”

Yes Bennett, I have in the past made those same very phone calls to officers who are forever being plagued by nutters and people who haven’t got anything better to do on a bright sunny day.

Whilst you were making a complete and utter tit of yourself Bennett, I was strolling through the waters edge at Margate.  Me, the old man and dog loved it… yes there is something out there called “A Life”.  Do us all a favour, especially the parents of a missing child, go and get a life Bennett and stop being an attention-seeking sad-sack and stop harassing the family of a missing child.

And before you say, I used to post things on a forum, yes I did and I openly admit what I posted was wrong, but NOT once have I stalked, harassed, delivered leaflets, gone to pubs gathering information about the McCann family or their backers and neither have I been hauled up before a Court for libel and defamation, unlike yourself Bennett.


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  1. Apparently this is his second ‘dossier’. The first one contained all of the ‘discrepancies’ and things he thinks they should look at. In other words, he has added nothing new to the investigation, just treated busy officers to the insane ramblings of the likes of Kikko, Stella and the other frankly mentally-challenged posters on Haverns.
    He can give what he likes to the police, Carter Ruck made that clear, but what he CANNOT do is to publicly accuse, and he does that every day of the week. Nor should he have posted that photo of the names on the front of his ‘dossier’. Stupid, nasty man.

  2. Hiya Guest, the way they carry on is unbelievable, these are dedicated trained officers, that know far more about evidence, the law, DNA, forensics than some of them will ever learn in a lifetime.

    Carter Ruck made it abundantly clear what he can and what he can’t do and so did the Judge when he issued that order.  Bennett I am afraid is sitting there this morning lapping up the slaps on the back he is getting and all the praise.

  3. I am crying with laughter at this posting from JATYK.

    malty Today at 1:49 pm

    I have a vision of Benett pushing his trolley containing his scraggy dossier towards the police station. Bet they had a good laugh watching him on the cameras and the DI saying, “Oh FFS the little twerp’s arrived, if he asks for me, you’ve never heard of me”.

    Think they have summed up the scene very well LOL

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