Now I did wonder about a certain email

And sure as hell I think my suspicions are slowly being confirmed one by one.  And the more I witness the more it is confirming to me that there is a concerted effort being conducted to paint Kate and Gerry McCann as black as black can go whilst painting Goncalo Amaral as whiter than white, as the driven snow.

Yes we all know the email I am referring to, the one sent to a Forum Admin from Paulo Reis back in September 2007.

You know the one, where there was no evidence in car and the bait was set for journalists and they sure as hell took the bait.


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Well yesterday as Paulo Reis was on twitter I asked about this email and the bait:

To which Paulo Reis replied:

And I replied back by saying:

Then I received this reply

We know from Kate McCann’s book that Ricardo Paiva became quite flustered when Gerry McCann, her husband, asked to see the DNA report and was refused, she states:

When Gerry asked to see the DNA report, Ricardo became quite flustered, waving PC Grime’s document in the air and saying, ‘It is the dogs that are important!’

Hold on a minute, the dogs are only indicators it is the DNA report that either concludes or dismisses what the dogs find, isn’t it?

There is no mention in the files that Gerry was given the report to read.  So during that interview Gerry was being told the dogs scented this and they scented that and he was refused to view the DNA report.

So why would Gerry McCann, having been made an arguido, allow the McCann PR team to issue a statement about the bait as Paulo Reis is eluding too?

It doesn’t make sense does it?  There Gerry and Kate were, arguidos, frightened that they could be charged at any time and they allow their PR team to manipulate the headlines of the papers that are due to hit the news stands.

Gerry did NOT know what the DNA report stated.  Surely he would have not gambled with such a high risk, would he?  Of course not.  No sane person would, especially if they had not seen the results of the DNA tests.

Mind you though, clever now in hindsight how that email was written, no party was ever named, just the insinuation that the bait had been cast and the journalists bit.

Sorry Paulo Reis but somehow I am not quite believing your reasons, of who instigated that information being released, behind that email.

Because we all remember this, taken from a posting on your Blog,  back on 26th June 2007, you made and have subsequently deleted, luckily Steel Magnolia has a copy on their blog:

My opinion about Gerry and Kate McCann

“I don’t believe, as a journalist, that the McCanns are, in any way, related with the abduction of Madeleine. I’ve been following this case, not only in the Web – I was also at Praia da Luz, for one week (May 17 to May 23). For the last two months, I also have followed the news on the Net very carefully and closely.

So, based on all the information I collected, either during my stay in Praia da Luz or in the Net, as a journalist, I CAN’T SEE THE SLIGHTEST EVIDENCE THAT GERRY AND KATE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH HER DAUGTHER DISAPEARENCE.


As a human being, a common man, father of two boys (one, 22 years old, the other 11) let me tell you this: I was at an arm’s distance from the McCanns, when they gave a Press Conference at Praia da Luz. I looked into the eyes of Kate McCann and I saw so much pain and suffering that I had to take a deep breath to control myself, to avoid tears coming to my eyes and not let emotion overcome me! I was schocked to see so much pain in her eyes and in her look! That’s someting that only people that has kids can understand and feel! “

You have read the files, the inconclusive forensic report, the Martin Grime report where he states that only Keela’s markings can be corroborated by forensic analysis.  And the files have backed up everything you said in that post, so one final question, “Why the change of opinion?”


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  1. ‘Tip from a McCann Press Officer’ my arse!!! Just how stupid does he think people are?
    He’s a journo and yet he puts out a claim like that? There was no possible benefit to the McCanns and EVERY benefit to certain PJ officers.
    You may be interested to know that he has also given a totally different explantion of the contents of that email, whereby the car conatined no evidence ‘now’. Because the police had removed it all.
    So which is true?

    • My exact sentiments, no way would the McCanns’ Press Officer give that out, for the simple reason they didn’t know what the reports actually stated.  And as you say, it was no benefit to the McCanns but every benefit to the PJ.

      And look at the dates, 30th September Clarence had only been in the job since the 18th September, no way would he do anything like that, Clarence damn well knows that would be a PR disaster especially if it was proven to have been instigated by the McCanns.

      And remember The Portugal Resident supplement:


      Alípio Ribeiro has been the national director of the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária since 2006.He graduated in law from Lisbon University and entered the Public Prosecutor(Ministério Público) in 1973, spending most of his early career in the north of Portugal.
      Before taking offi ce as national director, he was one of the Porto’s regional deputies of the public prosecutor. Although he kept a distant role in the Madeleine case, his actions became more visible in the media after he ordered the removal of Gonçalo Amaral from the investigation. He was called on by the Ministry of Justice on several occasions in the past year to explain the developments in the case. His presence was also required for a special enquiry by MPs at the national parliament, held due to the systematic leaks to the press that the case had suffered since day one.

      And he was the one that said this back in early 2008 as stated by the London Evening Standard

      Portugal’s top policeman has said detectives were “hasty” in making Madeleine McCann’s parents suspects in her disappearance.

      and Gerry McCann were named as “arguidos” – or formal suspects – four
      months after their daughter vanished from their holiday flat in the
      Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

      Alipio Ribeiro, national director
      of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ), has revealed he believes there “perhaps
      should have been another assessment” before this happened.

      The PJ is leading the investigation into what happened to Madeleine on the night of May 3.

      an interview with Portugal’s Radio Renascenca, to be broadcast on
      Sunday, Mr Ribeiro stressed he did not give his officers orders about
      who should be named an arguido.

      But he said there was a “certain hastiness” in making the McCanns suspects.

      Which upset Goncalo Amaral as per his book in Chapter 1

      From the receiver, a friendly voice, swinging between anger and sadness, asks me:- How are you? Have you heard our national director’s interview?I reply no and wonder what the clearly perceptible anxiety of my questioner is due to.-
      He says we were precipitous. That placing the couple under
      investigation was premature….I wonder what’s come over him. He totally
      validated that decision. What is he intending to do? End the

  2. I remember very well the Paulo Reis post. I beleive in his comotion because like father of two, to think about a lost by dead. And what he see was a lost by dead. A dead ! How, why we can not know. They know. If he take off was by the changing of all things just today and forever. They lost a Child by dead and it is a big pain. BUT the machine money turned the couple in a not suffering couple.

  3. Paulo
    decribed, today, in a interview with Sky News, the situation as being like
    having diner at your garden, with the kids at home, in their room. I’m a
    Portuguese journalista and I was at Praia da Luz for a week, until last thurday.
    I agree with Mr McCann. They were having diner at a restaurant inside a resort,
    not nor than 30/ 40 meters from the main door of the building where children
    were sleeping. They had a clear and frontal view of the door from that building.
    The only problem was the back area of the building: a parking lot, with a open
    entry, no guards, no surveilance cameras, no control about who came and go. That
    parking lot is just close to the window of the room where the kids were.
    POrtugal – and Algarve – is a very safe place: the only abdcution of a child, a
    foreign child, happened 17 (yes, seventeen years ago!!!) You can see pictures,
    at my site, from the parking area and the window through which, its almost sure,
    Madeleine was abducted.  Paulo Reis pjcv.reis@gmail.com

    26 May
    2007, 22:40:39

  4. Thanks for that Samantha, he certainly has changed his tune….

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