No it couldn’t be…

Could it?  Just cast your minds back to when the Phone Hacking scandal broke the news.  Yes we all remember those MP’s questioning the Police and NOTW employees and the allegations that were being made public.

We can all remember the sheer disgust and condemnation from people when it emerged that the phone of Milly Dowler’s was hacked.

And we all saw the arrests….

Well not actually, we didn’t see the riot vans arrive at some posh address in London and the front door being kicked in by some copper and his size 12 boots followed by 15 cops racing in shouting “Police”.  What we saw for the first time was the new arrest procedure called, “Arrests by Appointment”.

Who has ever heard of the Police asking someone to meet them at a specified time at a specified Police Station and then arresting them?

Well it is has emerged apparently that one lone-crusader who calls himself a “Truthseeker” has got an appointment with Scotland Yard to discuss the review and evidence he and his team have uncovered in the Madeleine case.

Bennett - meeting sy

Come to think of it, if they have uncovered what happened to Madeleine McCann, which I doubt, it really does go to prove how inadequate and lackadaisical the Portuguese Police and Goncalo Amaral were in their investigation.

Then at 7.14 am this morning more news broke:

Clarification of Meeting

So the meeting of the committee is due to be held on the exact day that Tony Bennett is going to his meeting with Scotland Yard.

I do wonder what would happen if one of these witnesses we know that Tony Bennett and Madeleine Foundation contacted, did in fact, put in a complaint to Scotland Yard about being contacted by someone on the internet.  Especially when they could see that the communications they had with certain people, which they thought they had in confidence, were being published on a forum.

And wasn’t one of the conditions of the Journalists having a copy of the DVD, that contained these files, being that they were not allowed to print them in their entirety but could refer to them in their news articles?

And depending on the date that these communications took place, wouldn’t it be classed as interfering with an on-going Police Investigation if people contacted these witnesses?

Makes you wonder what Scotland Yard will do, doesn’t it?

Perhaps we are going to see our very own “Arrest by Appointments” in the Madeleine McCann case, who knows?  I don’t but I will watch to see if any one suddenly stops posting on Monday for a couple of days.

Now what was the maximum time someone could be held in Police Custody before being charged or released on bail? Oh yes 96 hours.

Now off to Tesco’s to see if they are doing any offers on Popcorn, hopefully it will be Buy One Get One Free as I think the following week could be entertaining.

Just one more thing, Britain hasn’t gone soft on crime, it’s just we haven’t got the manpower now to go and arrest people due to the Tory Government and their cutback plans.


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  1. Do you know what it wasn’t until I read this on MM Forum who the guy actually was who Bennett contacted when I first wrote about it in this post.

    Apparently he is the nephew of Margaret Hodge MBE MP aka Lady Hodge.

    Don’t know if she still is but wasn’t Autumn one of Bennett’s groupies.

    And then we have Kikoraton also @kikoratton:twitter on twitter who is convinced that M died way before the 3rd May and is harassing a guy named Naylor over the creche records

    Sorry for the life of me I can’t understand why Scotland Yard would want to go over the evidence with Bennett.  Surely if he has provided it to them they will read it and go from there, why would they want a meeting with Bennett?

  2. Dunno. Maybe he wants to explain to them that “an individual only has 19 markers”. LOL

  3. I’m sure the Met will be totally mesmerised.

  4. I bet the first task on Monday after roll call is who gets the short straw for the Bennett meeting. LOL

  5. Looks like he is a free man, mind you I had to laugh at this bit

    that point, the ’phone in the interview room rang. D.I. Dobson said:
    “I’m sorry, I’m being called upstairs on something urgent, I’ll have to
    close this now”.

    The cop probably arranged with one of the admins or another copper to phone down to the interview room after a couple of minutes with the usual “Something urgent has come up” line…. I call it interview being abruptly ended and nutter sent packing.

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