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We have a heatwave… and a possible anti-McCann meltdown

Yes, with temperatures soaring possibly into the high 80’s and even low 90’s, many of us will either be relaxing in the garden soaking up the rays or trying to head for the beach to get the last chance of summer holidays.

But for some the meltdown has already begun, even before the the thermometer soars into action taking that mercury even higher.  Yes there meltdown is due to this.

Kate McCann being named as one of the most 20 influential women in Britain.

Hold on what is this the anti-McCanns keep saying, that nobody likes Kate, they can all see through her and they know she is guilty.

Well to me being voted in the top 20 of the most influential women in Britain really does blow a gaping hole in those comments doesn’t it?

Yes the Metro is reporting today:

Kate McCann has been hailed one of the 20 most inspirational women in Britain for refusing to give up on the search for missing daugher Madeleine.

And the Judges said this:

‘Since Madeleine disappeared in 2007, Kate has worked tirelessly to keep the family’s plight in the public eye, and supports the charity Missing People​,’ said judges’ chairwoman Sue James.

‘We felt Kate particularly deserved a place on the list because, over the past year, she has not only published her memoir, which so poignantly charted her daughter’s disappearance and the continuing search to find her, but she also gave evidence to a parliamentary inquiry into the treatment of the parents of missing children.

‘By doing this she used her media profile to support those cases that haven’t had such an impact on the public consciousness.’

Don’t say the anti-McCanns have got something wrong yet again with their reports that no-one likes Kate and that she is about to be slapped in handcuffs during the review when Scotland Yard uncover what she is really like.

Well to be honest it isn’t much of a surprise really that they get so much wrong, especially when some of these people cherry-pick at what suits their argument and ignore the most crucial parts.  Naturally they have to ignore these parts, you see,  otherwise it would blow their cover-up, conspiracy theory right out of the ground.

Yes there will be a meltdown this weekend, starting now, but it won’t be due to soaring temperatures but simply because these anti-McCanns will be going ballistic and raising their blood pressure at this latest news.

All I can say is well done Kate, what the Judges said is absolutely true.


One comment on “We have a heatwave… and a possible anti-McCann meltdown

  1. Wait for it, ready, steady go…

    Yes who will be first one out of the starting blocks, hurling abuse, when they discover by reading the Daily Mirror that one of the judges is Lorraine Kelly

    Judges included The Apprentice’s Karren Brady and TV host Lorraine Kelly.Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/09/30/kate-mccann-named-as-one-of-the-most-20-inspirational-women-in-britain-115875-23455691/#ixzz1ZQKwXQEQ

    Yep, Lorraine Kelly probably will be on the receiving end of a load of abuse from some.

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