Talk about frothing at the mouth

Well since the news broke that Kate McCann has been voted one of the most inspirational women of the year, that is it, mouths have been frothing and emails sent to the Editor of the magazine.

There was even an invasion on the Metro paper and the person that contacted the Editor reminded them of the following:

The comments after the feature in “Metro” speak for themselves.

Honestly if the Metro printed out the IP’s of those that posted negative comments, there would be about 10 different IP’s and a lot of different names to each IP.

But the funniest thing I read to day, due to the mad hysteria that Kate McCann had been awarded this accolade was this comment posted on a forum.

Just so that they know that the PJ can do their job and do it pretty efficiently, there is a report in today’s Portugal News that the PJ arrested in Sintra a fugitive which the FBI had been hunting for 41 years!!!!!!! 41 years on the run and the useless, bungling, keystone cops are the men to get him when a crack squad like the FBI couldn’t!!!!! What a feather in the cap of the PJ. Bet the McCanns wouldn’t like to know this news, pity we can’t let them know!!!

Maybe they did catch him, but it is reported that he lived there for 20 plus years under an alias according to the Guardian:

Until his arrest on Monday in the Portuguese hamlet of Almocageme, neighbours knew Wright as Jorge Santos, an odd-job man they though was from Africa. He had lived there for at least 20 years with his wife and two children who are now in their 20s.

And the Portugal News even says there is conflicting reports and he could have lived there for up to 35 years:

Bony details of Wright’s seemingly integrated and tranquil stay in Portugal have slowly been fleshed out over recent days. Conflicting reports suggest he has been living in Portugal for anything between 20 and 35 years.

What this has to do with the McCanns, I don’t know, other than to beat them with another stick.  But the facts are being ignored totally.  Those being:

  1. Wright lived on Portuguese soil ranging from 20-35 years and was living under the noses of the Portuguese Police for a whole lot of years.
  2. As we keep being told in the McCann case, British Police and Scotland Yard don’t have jurisdiction over what happens in Portugal.  So I take it therefore neither does the FBI.
  3. And the arrest was a joint operation, as stated by the Portugal News, they stated, “Wright’s arrest was the result of a joint investigation carried out by Portuguese and American police with Interpol.”  Well it wasn’t just the PJ then who was involved in his arrest.

Seriously though, you couldn’t make this stuff up could you?

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