You really do have to despair

Honestly, talk about clutching at straws and trying to make mountains out of molehills, the review that Scotland Yard are undertaking in the Madeleine McCann case really does highlight what people actually know about the review and the objections of the review.

Mind you, it also shows at how desperate some people are in their desire to want the McCanns to be involved in what happened to their daughter.  It rather does seem to me as if some people are more concerned about the review guaranteeing that the parents are firmly put in the frame for what happened to Madeleine rather than finding a missing child and who is really to blame.

A review is simple really, all the paperwork, leads, files will be gone over with a fine tooth comb, looking for something that might lead them, the Police, to find out what did happen to Madeleine McCann.  Looking for leads that could have perhaps been investigated further and weren’t.  Looking and sifting through evidence that could have at the time seemed irrelevant but when added to another piece of evidence could in fact lead to a major breakthrough in the case.

The Portuguese are co-operating with Scotland Yard and hopefully they will find this missing link that would warrant the Public Ministry to re-open the case and re-investigate the disappearance of Madeleine once again.

Hopefully, instead of this case sitting on a shelf somewhere in the Public Ministry in Portugal gathering dust, it will be re-opened and further investigations conducted which hopefully will lead to who harmed Madeleine, who took Madeleine and where she is today.

One thing the review will NOT be looking at is Halligen, so why do people think this investigation is going to start investigating people who were brought in to help find Madeleine?  We know for a fact Halligen was paid by the fund and gave nothing much in return for his high fee.

We know that Halligen is facing trial in the USA with regards to Fraud, but this doesn’t stop people jumping to conclusions etc.  There is a trial that is going to take place, and the McCanns know perfectly well that if this man does not have any money, what is the point of them spending money out not to recoup their losses?  They are not going to get anything in return they are just going to end up with legal bills pursuing this man.

The Sun reported back in November 2009 that Halligen was even threatening to sue the McCanns.  They also reported this:

“After he was hired, at first everything was good. He set up the FindMadeleine hotline and did a lot of work in phone-tracing data.

“But then he started failing to deliver on things and we realised he may not be all he seemed.

“He claimed he was an ex-secret agent and lived a James Bond lifestyle, saying he was being bugged.

“He accused the McCanns’ official spokesman Clarence Mitchell of being an undercover MI6 agent sent to spy on him.”

The source also added:

“When we terminated his contract he went mad and said he was going to sue us in court. We told him to take a running jump.”

Clarence Mitchell told the Sun:

“We are glad this man was tracked down. It is distressing someone would seek to make money out of Madeleine.”

The McCanns sought legal advice over this and I bet as much as they wanted their money back, they were told by lawyers if this guy is broke and has no money then you don’t have a hope in hells chance of getting your money back.

In August 2010 the Daily Mail reported this:

Now British taxpayers are to pay for top-flight lawyers to fight Dublin-born Halligen’s extradition. His team includes a leading extradition barrister whose fees are thought to be at least £2,000 a day.

Additional fees for renowned London fraud solicitors Janes will boost costs even further.

The award of legal aid to ­Halligen, remanded at a London jail since arrest, was confirmed by Westminster magistrates this month. His next extradition hearing is on Wednesday.

As much as I would want Halligen to answer questions why he saw fit to take money from a Fund to find a missing child and misuse it, Scotland Yard will not be interested in what Halligen did or didn’t do other than the information he provided the McCanns with and whether it was credible or not.  What they will NOT be interested in is his life-style, his extradition or whether he took money from the McCann and fraudulently used it.

So when tweets are made like this:

It rather does got to show how little some people really know about the remit and the purpose of the review that is being carried out by Scotland Yard in hope to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.
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