Damed if you do..

And damned if you don’t.  Have you ever found yourself in that situation?  No matter what you say, no-one is believing you, you know you are speaking the truth but it seems someone else is determined to twist what you say and manipulate it into something that it is not.

People with open minds can see you are speaking the truth, because the evidence you are laying down before you is true and they can see it for what it is.  But others, no they are too blinkered, too hateful, too spiteful to even consider you are speaking the truth.

A lot of people can find themselves in this situation, and it is emotionally draining when you are banging your head against the wall and no-one will believe you.

As the saying goes, ‘You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t’.

If you don’t defend yourself against allegations made against you, people take that as a sign of  guilt and what malicious comments are being made against you as truth and fact.  They do this under the “Well if it is untrue why are they not saying anything, so it must be true otherwise they’d defend themselves” label.  Then you have the other set of people that say, “They are protesting too much, so therefore it is true.”

Kate and Gerry McCann know exactly how this feels.  If they say too much they are condemned if they don’t say anything they are condemned.

Even the evidence that is laid out in plain speaking, still does not sink into those that want to add more grief to a family who are suffering from a missing child.  The files that are produced and are all over the net, are cherry picked, the bits that are negative are used but the positive bits, by the way which there are more of, are ignored.

Summaries and conclusions are ignored.  They serve no purpose because they categorically state that what some people don’t want to hear.  The McCanns are not involved in what happened to their daughter and they have not committed any crimes.

Jayelles on another forum pointed out one classic example of this.  Remember the interview where Gerry said “I am not going to comment on that” when a reporter asked him if he knew Robert Murat?

At the time of that questioning they were all under Judicial secrecy, they were not allowed to discuss the case and therefore Gerry McCann refused to answer.  Do you know what?  Right up until I reheard that video, today, I thought Gerry had just said, “No Comment.”

But he didn’t, but the myths going around forum land is that he did say ‘No Comment’ when infact he just refused to answer by saying, “I am not going to comment on that.”

If he had answered and gave an explanation, he could have been seen as breaching Judicial secrecy laws and faced the wrath of the PJ for breaking them, but because he refused to comment he is marked as guilty.

Robert Murat had just been made an arguido, the files tell us he was translating for the PJ and even translated one of their friends interviews, so what do you really think was going through the McCanns’ minds?  They didn’t know for sure if he was responsible for the disappearance of their daughter and there was this now ‘Official Suspect’, having close links to the PJ and possibly knowing more what was going on because he could speak and understand the Portuguese language, more than they knew.

Kate in her book says this:

Luís and Guilhermino usually volunteered little but would respond quite candidly to direct questions.  We were often surprised at the detail they were prepared to share with us.  In fact, the British police once suggested that we might be better off putting any questions or requests directly to the PJ, we we seemed to have more influence with them than they did.

The two officers talked openly about Robert Murat, who remained an arguido, and drip-fed up snippets of ‘evidence’ linking him to Madeleine’s disappearance.  Not enough, apparently to arrest and charge.  In some ways, I wish now they hadn’t done this. Itserved only to colour my judgement of Murat.

And people on twitter like to keep throwing at Kate McCann something the News of the World  printed Kate’s diaries along with the headline that how she wanted to harm Murat.  Which I hasten to add the News of the World retracted quickly when it emerged Kate had not given them permission to print her diaries.

My god any mother or father being told by officers that the person who was a suspect was responsible for harming your child and yet the police didn’t have enough evidence to arrest and charge, would have wished this person harm.

And who is really responsible for Kate having those nasty thoughts about Robert Murat, was it Kate?  Was it Murat?  No it was officers Luís and Guilhermino who were doing nothing but playing bloody mind games.  And even the British Police were finding it tough going dealing with the PJ and Goncalo Amaral states in Chapter 6 of his own book, that they didn’t trust the British Police, he says:

Two days later, English colleagues begin to arrive. The main idea was for the English police to place at our disposal two specialists in family supervision and support to be the link between the Portuguese investigators and the McCanns. The National Directorate of the PJ had authorised the arrival of these police officers in the context of international collaboration. Bob Small, an officer from the Leicestershire police, and one of his colleagues meet us to take stock of the situation and evaluate the needs of the investigation before making contact with the couple.

We insist on knowing what our English counterparts have come to Portugal to do. I assign one of my investigators to follow the English superintendent like a shadow and to keep me informed about his actions. I want to be informed of everything he learns, the names of the people he meets and the places he goes to.

Whatever the McCann family say or do, they will never please everyone and unfortunately there are people out there that would prefer to analysis their every body movement, dissect every photo they release of their daughter, find a conspiracy in every word they utter, rather than think about what is best for a missing child, and what they could do to keep her profile in the media spotlight until she is found.

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