If it wasn’t so sad…

Honestly it would be funny. You know I am sure there are some that sit out there day in and day out, waiting anxiously for news that has the names Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, Madeleine McCann and Clarence Mitchell in it.

Only recently I posted about Gerry McCann and how him and his fellow colleagues had been awarded with several prizes.  Yes the post called “Why wouldn’t someone want it known” describes his and his fellow colleagues achievements.

At the end of a post is a video which describes the benefits of their research.  Even I could understand how beneficial this research was to patients suffering from heart conditions and I am not medically trained.

But lo and behold it brought them out in full glory, the conspiracy theorists had a field day with this one but this particular post did catch my eye and here it is in all it’s glory.  I have removed the names of the posters so they don’t have to suffer any further humiliation.

Mad as a box of frogs

So there we have it, a perfectly healthy child, sitting on a wall in Donegal (as the following picture will show) and this person thinks this perfectly healthy looking child could have been so desperately ill that her family to this child to Donegal  to say farewell in case she didn’t make it:

And we have seen a healthy little girl running up the plane steps so fast that she trips, a little girl who was excited about going on holiday.  That to me doesn’t remind me of a sick child does it you?

And a healthy little girl who is in the famous tennis ball photo, you only have to look at her to see she is healthy, bright and not suffering from any disease or syndrome which some people keep thinking she does suffer from.

Madeleine played with other children, the nannies gave statements to say she was healthy and fine and fit.  There is NO Government cover-up, there is NO major conspiracy that the whole world is on except you.  There is NOTHING other than Madeleine McCann is a findable missing child.

Madeleine was NOT ill, she has NOT  been photo-shopped, she has NOT been cloned, she is a normal, healthy, happy little girl who is loved by her family.  She is a missing child who doesn’t deserve or need people discussing her in such a crude manner.

Sorry the only conclusion I can draw from this theory is the person who thought of this and those that are giving this theory any credence at all are:


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