Surely not another oversight by the PJ

How many more does there have to be in this case, before some heads roll?  We know that the vehicle the McCanns hired on holiday was searched by two British sniffer dogs named Eddie and Keela under the handling of their owner Martin Grime.

And we know from the files that a total of ten vehicles were searched by one or both of these dogs.

However, many thanks to jjbd of Stop the Myths who posted a post on their forum asking why vehicle Hyundai 60-AX-86 was not searched?

Well after a bit of digging I found that this vehicle was hired to Robert Murat on the 12th – 15th May as per the rental agreement. In this police files there is also mention of the surveillance carried out where this vehicle was mentioned, the files state the following:

External Diligence 12 May 2007 in Lagos

About 17h16 the observed person leaves the rent-a-car and gets into a vehicle, Hyundai Getz, blue, licence 60-AX-86, going to Rua 1 de Maio where he stops next to the pastelaria “Dom Doce”, entering this place accompanied by the bench lady.

At 17h48 the observed person goes in the Hyundai and stops in Rua Direita where he goes to “Batista” supermarket.

At 17h58 he leaves “Batista” proceeding to the EN125 and later to the A22, Portimao direction [direction: from West to East].

At 18h26 he parks the vehicle in the car park next to the Portimonense stadium in Portimao and, now on foot, at 18h31 enters the premises of the police.

At 20h52 he leaves the police station, goes to the vehicle and proceeds to Lagos.

At 21h16 he stops next to number 8 Rua Adelina … Lagos and collects a woman who was waiting there for him. Then he proceeds in the direction of Praia da Luz and Burgau.

At 21h37 he goes along the detour of Praia da Cabana Velha, turns round and enters the Restaurant “D. Dinis”.

At 23h35 the observed person, together with the woman, leaves the restaurant returning to Praia da Luz in the vehicle, there going ahead of him the other vehicle already referred to, the Peugeot, licence RI-96-03, which was transporting the elderly lady who was on the bench.

At 23h45 the target in his vehicle and the Peugeot RI-96-03 arrive at Rua Agostino … Luz, opening the gates to Casa Liliana and parking the Peugeot inside. The target and his companion then go, in the Hyundai, to the centre of Praia da Luz.

At 00h47 the observed person releases [drops off] the woman who accompanied him next to number 8 Rua Adelina … Lagos, heading shortly after to Luz.

At 00h55 the observed person parked the vehicle next to the gate of Casa Liliana, entering the house.

– At 01:30 this work was ended.

On the 13th May Jenny Murat gives an interview to a news channel, she states the following:

“My whole reason for being here is that there is also people here who, for one reason or another don’t want to speak to the police so any information I get, people could write it or they can tell me. It obviously goes directly to the police,” she told Reuters

In her statement dated the 15th May 2007, she states the following about setting up the Information Point:

Relative to the facts concerning the disappearance of the English child, the deponent states that because she has been in Portugal for a long time and knows many people, she decided to mount a “post” to collect information in order to be able to determine things about the subject and thus could channel them to the competent authorities. For three days (Friday 11/05, Saturday 12/05 and Sunday 13/05) she was at the “post” mounted near to the cinema having obtained some information that she gave to Robert who, in turn, gave it to the Police.

The Police Files tell us that a total of ten vehicles were searched:

  • Vehicle No 1 – number plate 75-AG-62
  • Vehicle No2 – number plate 45-49-ER
  • Vehicle No3 – number plate RI-96-03
  • Vehicle No4 – number plate 59-DA-27
  • Vehicle No5 – number plate 96-26-VE
  • Vehicle No6 – number plate 44-77-KD
  • Vehicle No7 – number plate VH-24-22
  • Vehicle No8 – number plate 57-12-HP
  • Vehicle No9 – number plate 10-91-FP
  • Vehicle No10 – number plate 07-50-UI

In amongst those ten vehicles is no mention whatsoever of the Hyundai vehicle registration number 60-AX-86, so my question is the same as jjbd why wasn’t this vehicle searched?

Why was this vehicle not requested from the rental company and subjected to a full vehicle inspection.

I am not accusing at all, but there is suspicions that should raise red flags to any Police Officer.  And that is with regards to the information that Robert Murat would have obtained from his mother, which she openly admits to passing to him to pass onto the Police as per her statement.  The information being what she obtained from people via her information point she set up.

Well until someone can point me into the direction of the full forensic analysis of this said vehicle I will class it as another Police blunder, carried out by the PJ.


Well this Hyundai Getz was NOT the vehicle involved in the accident, the Daily Express (article now deleted) reported in October 2007 the following:

Murat, the 33-year-old British expat, is still awaiting £250 compensation after the smash four months ago.

His lawyer Francisco Pagarete said: “The van, a green Volkswagen, was scratched all down one side. The damage is not great.

“But nobody has yet paid for the repair. I have already made various requests asking for the police to fix the problem but up to now I have not had any response. We don’t know how the accident happened.”

Portuguese police admitted Murat’s vehicle was driven by an officer to the test centre and had been involved in a scrape.

A source said the crash happened at some point during the journey and said an internal investigation had been launched.

He said: “Whenever there is an accident with police vehicles, or one which has been seized by them, immediately a case is opened.

“The conclusion is that if there are strong reasons to drive, for example, with excess velocity, of if there were strong reasons to quickly carry out the operation, normally the national directorship will assume responsibility.”

He went on: “Sometimes we reach the conclusion that the employee who had the accident had no reason to break the law and in those cases a disciplinary case is put against the officer and sometimes even a criminal case.”

Last night Portuguese police said Mr Murat would receive compensation for the damage.

A source said: “The man has been told to get the van fixed and present the respective bill.”

And here is the Search Warrant dated 31.7.07 for the Hyundai


So where are the sniffer dog reports for this vehicle or the reason why this vehicle was not searched?


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  1. Well I have found the results of the search of the Hyundai on the 14.05.07

    And the search warrant dated 31.07.07

  2. Honestbroker has picked something up, on Stop the Myths, he posted:

    Harrison’s recommendation was that all (his word!) cars belonging to Murat be thoroughly canine inspected.

    And he is right Mark Harrison did recommend that.


    Murat’s Vehicles.

    All vehicles Murat has had access to have been forensically
    examined to recover any surface trace evidence however they may
    all benefit from a full search by the EVRD and CSI dogs.
    may be able to detect whether a dead body has been transported
    in one of the vehicles for intelligence purposes or detect human
    blood deposits that can be recovered and examined in a laboratory for Madeleine McCann’s blood.

    So the search warrant was issued on the 31.07.07 but there is no forensic report for that vehicle.

  3. And while we are on the subject of cars, Kate said in her book, that they asked Gerry to meet him for coffee to discuss something and they confiscated the car.

    Sorry but that car could have been driven anywhere, by anyone and as far as I am concerned was taken without proper Police procedure.

    Cast you minds back to the Joanna Yeates murder and the Police took the cars from a property. They were put onto low-loaders, covered to preserve forensics and they were not confiscated at the local coffee-shop.

  4. I’m lost (but doing something else at the same time). 
    “About 17h16 the observed person **leaves the rent-a-car** and gets into a vehicle, Hyundai Getz, blue, licence 60-AX-86…”

    Was the Hyundai the rent-a-car or not? Would seem to be as per the rental contract you found…. but, what rental car could the surveillance guy be talking about then?

    • I would say they mean he leaves the Rent a Car office and gets into a vehicle.

      But unless this car was scrapped or written off and disposed off, why was Mark Harrisons suggestions ignored?

      He said all cars to be checked, well it seems they weren’t.

  5. Thanks to Sal at Stop the Myths  who found this about the cars

    2148 to 2185 – Request for
    search of nine cars
    2007.07.31 (copy) with copy
    of search reports for nine

    Why was that car not searched?

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