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Why wouldn’t someone want it known.

That Gerry McCann has been part of teams that have won awards.

Well one bright eyed member of another forum, noticed that a thread that was created highlighting the medical achievements of Gerry McCann, was whooshed from a forum.   What were they afraid of?  That people will see Gerry McCann for what he is?

Are these people so biased that they would sacrifice reporting the achievements of not just Gerry McCann but other people in what they have accomplished in their field.

Well, they can remove it from their forum, but by doing that they have proven to people once and for all they are nothing but an anti-McCann forum and will only report negative and derogatory things regarding the family of missing Madeleine McCann.

But this blog will highlight the achievements of Gerry McCann and other specialists in his field.

In June 2011 on the Leicester University site they reported this, the full article can be read here and I have copied the paragraph relating to Dr Gerry McCann:

Team from University of Leicester Win at Medical Futures Innovation Awards 2011

3 million people die annually of sudden cardiac death – 100,000 in the UK alone.  These deaths could be prevented with a device called an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), inserted in a minor operation.  However, it is very difficult to work out who needs an ICD because current risk markers for sudden cardiac death are limited.  This has led NICE to call for research into new risk markers.

Dr Nicolson, Clinical Research Fellow at the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences,  has been working under the supervision of Dr G. André Ng, Senior Lecturer in Cardiology and Dr Gerry McCann, Cardiac Imaging Specialist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust with support from Dr Fernando Schlindwein, Senior Lecturer in Engineering on a novel technique for sudden cardiac death risk assessment.

The research creates a “LifeMap”: an electrical map of sudden cardiac death risk using an ECG and combines it with a cardiac MRI anatomical map of arrhythmia risk.  The project has been ongoing for 2 years and two clinical retrospective proof of concept studies have been completed with results suggesting great potential for LifeMapTM.

The University of Leicester has patented the technology behind “LifeMap”.  A further clinical 160 patient trial is recruiting and a number of smaller studies are ongoing.  The team is already looking towards collaboration with Industry on a clinical version of the device.

This was reported by the Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme back in November 2010, you can read the full article here, again I have snipped the part relevant to Dr Gerry McCann:

A new study in the area of cardiac research will compare ‘complete primary percutaneous coronary intervention’ (P-PCI) with ‘lesion-only’ P-PCI. This EME award is for a sub-study of the CVLPRIT trial and is led by Dr Gerald McCann of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. This is the first project to be funded under the programme’s fast-track scheme.

Plus Dr Gerry McCann was part of a team that won a prestigious award earlier that year in March 2010.  (The full document can be read here PDF) and the part relevant to Dr Gerry McCann reads:

The £15,000 Clinical Impact Award was won by a team of doctors from Leicester. Dr Will Nicholson, from the University of Leicester, Dr Andre Ng and Dr Gerry McCann, from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, beat tough competition from across the region to take the SHA prize.

Well there is only one word that someone can say, Congratulations.

I do wonder at times, if all these people who don’t have a good word for Dr Gerry McCann would turn away his expertise if someone they loved needed his medical expertise?  Would they sacrifice the person they loved in order to satisfy their vengeance for a man who is the father of a missing child? Or would they be two-faced take his assistance, shake his hand, praise and thank him whilst hoping and praying they don’t get struck down by lightening for lying.

UPDATED – TO INCLUDE VIDEO (many thanks to JATYK for video link)


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