Not a single word..

Amazing isn’t it, the silence from Portugal?  Do you think on Wednesday something happened and maybe someone is trying to hide behind the banner of “loser” and I don’t mean the McCanns? Who knows perhaps some lawyers were arguing why the case should not proceed, and they lost the argument.

Well Wednesday came and Wednesday went and then Thursday came and Thursday went  and so forth and we are now on Sunday and still not a peep out of Portugal.

Yes you guessed it, I am talking to the Preliminary hearings that were held in closed court on Wednesday 21st September with regards to the libel trial due to be held in Lisbon where Kate and Gerry McCann are suing Goncalo Amaral over his book.

The McCann family, say his book harms the search for their daughter as his book tells its readers and leads them into thinking that Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A  and the McCanns are complicit in what followed.  And if the readers of the book are left with that conclusion then they will not bother looking for their daughter.

The conclusion of the investigation by the PJ and the subsequent ruling by the Attorney General in the archiving dispatch stated that there was no evidence that the McCanns along with Robert Murat committed any crimes.

Well you only have to read up to Chapter 1 and Goncalo Amaral categorically states that (according to the translation done by AnnaEsse), he says:

A short time later, in the course of a television interview, I hear my former professor of political science and constitutional rights, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, explaining the national director’s statement. I remember very well his course on the separation of power. He maintains that the director’s words have killed the investigation. The death of the investigation, once again! But this is about the death of a child! Yes, I affirm it, a child is dead! This certainty is not fed by vague assumptions, no, I base myself on facts, details, clues and evidence recorded in the official records. Many questions have been raised. But where are the answers?

And on twitter they are arguing like the toss, yes the anti-McCanns are arguing between themselves as to whether there is going to be a libel trial or not.  Nothing changes does it?

However, one of the posters on MM has indicated that there will be a forthcoming libel trial, when she made this post (screenshot) late at night on the 24th September 2011, 3 days after the preliminary hearings.

I hope that someone asks Kate at the libel trial about this statment of hers. No mother who believes that her daughter is alive and “findable” would ever consider suicide! She would want to be there to welcome her child back not end her life! IMO this proves that Kate knows that her daughter is dead and that she will never be coming back.

And as that came from a Portuguese poster after Wednesday’s Preliminary hearing trial date I take it that there is going to be a Libel trial.

However, further on from this post, I am beginning to wonder if the legal argument didn’t go Goncalo Amarals way.  You see if his lawyers had been so successful in halting the trial and winning the argument, there would be certain crowing from a certain set of people.

Blogs and forums would have been buzzing with the headlines, “McCanns lose, Goncalo Amaral wins.”

Too quick they would have been rubbing the McCanns’ noses in their failure.  But no, dead silence.

Even Claudia, who proclaims to be in direct contact and at the end of a phone to Goncalo Amaral, in between meeting at a local cafe and sipping cups of coffee together, is being very quiet on the subject.

Claudia would be crowing from the hills if everything was going Goncalo Amarals way, especially if it brought bad news to the McCanns.

And not even 1cm in the Portuguese papers, nothing, zilch, nada….. I do have to wonder why don’t you?

As for the McCanns being quiet, well they take their lawyers advice and will only comment once their lawyer’s give them the “all clear” to comment.  Clarence Mitchell, would never jeopardise things by speaking out of turn.  So the silence that is coming from the McCann camp is not surprising as it has always been like that but the silence that is coming from the Amaral camp is quite deafening.  As they say actions, speak louder than words.

So the only two conclusions I can think of are:

  • The McCanns won the legal argument and the case if going to Court for a full hearing, or,
  • Someone wrote out a cheque, and said sorry and is being very very quiet about it.

I wonder which?


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  1. Mmm, that is interesting. Out of court settlement agreements normally include conditions,   confidentiality is one of the most usual ones.

  2. By that post from MM, I wonder if the legal argument could be because he won that appeal to overturn the book ban and his lawyers were arguing that the decision meant that he never committed libel and defamation as the Judge ruled that he was entitled to an opinion.

    Who knows, perhaps if that was the case and he lost the argument, right up until the trial date they could still reach a settlement out of court.

    I don’t know the law in Portugal but here even if an agreement is reached it still has to go before a Judge for the case to be dismissed and legal proceedings to be halted.

    We know this from the McCanns, Murat and Tapas 7 going to the High Court.  All that happened that day is that the Judge was told they had reached an agreement and requested the case to be closed.

    All the Judge did is sign and seal the deal.

    The silence from Portugal is deafening.. no cries of jubilation at all.

  3. He’s lorst, he’s doomed, I tell ya.  You read it here first.

    Thanks, Bren.

  4. What these people forget Sabot, that he is only 1 of 4 defendants, and they are companies and publishers… Now when push comes to shove, accountants and lawyers advise the cheapest way out for their clients.

    If the other 3 defendants agree to settle out of Court, make a donation and accept that the book and documentary were libellous, how can he win?  He can’t.

    We are living in an economic climate that is so unstable, nobody is going to risk money they might not have in order to fight a case to the bitter end.  A case that incur astronomical costs.

    • Oh Gosh, I had forgotten about them.  Gonc is definitely Doooomed.  As you say, these people aren’t daft, even if Gonc is.

      And they never did demand their books back, did they.  Obviously because they didn’t dare put them back on the shelves.  Pity about that, they must be Collector’s Items by now.  Being as how there ain’t ever going to be any more

      • No, they never did demand the books back, much to GA’s disgust.  Surely, if they were confident of winning a libel trial and the months they books were off the shelves, they would have put them back out as quick as they could to recoup the lost sales.

        But they didn’t and that speaks volumes itself.

        And banned books sell like hot-cakes once they are back on the shelves.

        Companies always take the cheapest way out, it is foolish to fight something that you could lose.

      • And do you know what else I have observed, he is not getting the TV appearances like he did.  Before he was being wheeled out on TV like he was going out of fashion… now he is not.

        Rumours circulate through media circles like wildfire and it would only take the hint of a rumour that the TV broadcaster, or the Film-maker or the Publisher or all three were considering settling out of court for other media outlets to cut their ties with him and his book.

  5. That is the most telling thing, Bren.  They didn’t want the books back because they know that the books are Libellous.
    I was even prepared to buy one myself, just as a keepsake you understand,  even though I don’t speak Portuguese.  It could have been a Conversation Stopper on my coffee table.  If the dog didn’t eat it first.  But I can’t say I would have given him a hard time about that.

    Guerre and Paz have made their percentage, and they won’t want to part with any more of that than they have to.  And all they lawyers are costing a fortune.

    The Lovely Sofia has had her face lift at the expense of Madeleine.  Now is the the time to shut up and pay up.

    Doooomed.  It’s a dead duck.  And it’s beginning to smell a bit.

  6. Just replied to your other post Sabot.  Rumours travelling through the media that one or all three were considering settling out of court would result in him and his book being cut loose.

    The Express group could have defended their headlines if they wanted to, saying that they were repeating what was coming out of Portugal, but they didn’t so they knew damn well what was being said could be seen as libel.

    And they knew it was cheaper for them to settle out of Court than risk going to Court and losing.

  7. And do you know what else struck me Sabot, was when Jose Magalhaes e Menezes told the court back in January 2010 that there was 50% chance of Madeleine being alive.

    And when Paiva said that his theories stopped them investigating other theories that would have got the lawyers for the Publisher, Film-maker and TV company doing their homework.

    They would have checked the files against the book to make sure everything was OK, the moment that they were left with the remotest chance that GA could be wrong they would cave in and settle out of court.. it is cheaper.

    The lawyers representing  each of them would be representing them alone, they would be doing what was best for their clients not the other defendants.  And if it means making one of the defendants look like the guilty party they would.

  8. All you say is true, Bren.  But I’ve got a nasty suspicion that they took Gonc’s word for it, being as how he was The Ruling PJ,…. Okay.  
    And since The Files were only released at the time of publishing and lifting of Secrecy, it would have been a bit difficult for them to have read them all at that time.  They have likely since done so, and oh my goodness me.  What a shame.  Very remiss of them.  I hope it costs them a few bob. 

    And I thought of another interesting thing.  Who is going to pay Gonc’s Lawyers?  I very much doubt that they are doing this for free for a Convicted Perjurer with a penchant for beating up witnesses.
    Is Duarte Levy going to contribute I wonder?  Or that other person who is also an Arguido?
    Was it Seargento.  You know, the one who leaked information to The Media about a client.

    You have to laugh.  All of these Arguidos flying about, and the only ones to be charged and convicted were members of the PJ. and the supposedly Ruling Classes of Portugal.

    The whole thing is a horror story.  And thanks to goodness that you realised.  But you are doing a very good job now.

  9. Could be wrong, but my assumption was – if a pre-trial hearing has indeed taken place – that it would be to decide if there was any basis to a trial going ahead or not. Such a hearing would probably not be open to the public… 

    • Yes, a lot of Judges also  like to see if an agreement can be reached without wasting court time.  If not they then decide whether there is a case to answer. And a lot of legal argument is bashed out at these hearings before a decision is made as to whether to proceed to trial.

      But they can be used as getting the Judge to sanctioning a deal that has been settled out of court.

      But whatever way it goes, if the Judge has said there is no case and refused to list the case for trial, there would be certain crowing.. which there is definitely a lack of.

      And it was only June this year that Levy reported that TVI plus 3 others are facing further litigation.

  10. Hi Sabot I know the one you mean, he was the one that leaked the stuff about some criminal who was supposed to be a client.  Wasn’t he made an arguido in that.

    But you said something I never thought of, re the files.  Yes the book would have been with the publishers and printers and boxed up ready to hit the shelves way before the files were released.

    Of course they wouldn’t have had chance to read them to see if the book was true, but I bet the lawyers have gone through them with a fine tooth comb along with the pages that we are not supposed to have.

    And remember TVI are also involved in this as reported by Levy: http://duartelevy.eu/2011/06/16/maddies-parents-sue-goucha-sargento-and-hernani-carvalho/

    The criminal complaint, initiated by the couple’s
    lawyer in Portugal, also affects the TVI administration. It was during a
    talk show broadcasted by TVI that the alleged crime has occurred.
    The psychologist Paulo Sargento – arguido since yesterday –
    confirmed the information and stated “that he did not speak yesterday
    but that he intends to do so during the proceedings because he has
    knowledge of elements which may lead to the reopening of the inquiry
    related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.”
    An interesting detail is that the process is not under the law of secrecy of justice.
    A source close to Maddie’s parents has confirmed the complaint and added that “other complaints may still occur”.

    And one thing I am sick at is his the way they all proclaim to have knowledge that would result in the case being re-opened.  Why are these people withholding evidence and being allowed to get away with it?
    You are right Sabot it is a horror story at a childs expense.  I just wished I had listened earlier.

  11. Oh nooooo. Not the non-missing-blanket man again. Spare me. 

    • When I read that, my immediate reaction was the pink blanket.  Mind you it makes you want to say “Go and ask Fido what he did with it after he sniffed it.”

  12. Never mind, Bren.  All’s well that ends well.

    The missing blanket is now lining the cat’s basket at Portimao Police Station since it went missing with their Sniffer Dog..  I heard that they’ve got a lot of Rats.

    And hopefully they will all be done for lying about the evidence they haven’t got

    • Well if someone had been bothered to read the files, he would know where the bloody blanket is…. instead of keep spouting “It’s missing.”

  13. But it doesn’t half tell you how on the ball Gonc wasn’t.  We all know what happened to it, but he’s still looking for it.
    Mind you, I don’t suppose he goes to Portimao Police Station much these days.  If he ever did, between lunches.

    What he made of Oprah and the blanket was hilarious, and we were all shouting, “It’s behind you.”

  14. Off Topic

    Sabot can you let BB1 know that a Jury can proceed if one drops out.


    Section 16 states that the jury can continue provided there is a minimum number of jurors which is 9.

  15. Thanks.  Will do.  I didn’t realise it was as low as 9

  16. Hate to remind anyone but… non-missing-blanket man is the same person who’s in a spot of bother over the client/TV issue. 

    • You know GA’s forever saying that he has something up his sleeve…. it couldn’t be could it?  Love the title Carana .. non-missing-blanket-man LOL

      • The person I was referring to is not GA… for once.

      • Oh yes the penny has dropped, I think, the one that was made an arguido of one of his clients who was a sex-offender or something.  Wasn’t he supposed to have reported stuff to media before Police or something?

  17. I also find it very strange so quiet, both in Portugal and in UK.

    Does your partner wants to put an end to so much publicity, which they fostered from day one?
    The research, whatever the search engine only brings up the couple your friend.
    They definitely lost a daughter, that for normal human beings, isan eternal pain.
    The couple constantly appeals to donations. From the first day in May 2007. And will remain “united” because convenient for them.

    Just know that here the press is forbidden to speak in the Maddie case.
    Gonçalo Amaral is called many times to give their opinions on TV shows. This happened in September 2011.
    It also appears in magazines, whose theme is “Be a good father.”Recently, too.
    The Gonçalo Amaral, coordinator of research, only 6 months,they stripped him of everything.

    Then it was replaced, and in turn “after” the latter was replaced by a woman in front of the PJ in Portimao.

    During 6 months, the team, understood everything!

    The politicians here, were submitted to the “Empire UK” and did not support a citizen of Portugal.

    We do not know the outcome of the complaint to. DIAP in May2011 on the non-return of books and DVDs This issue concernsnot only the publisher but also the author of a book.

    From May 2011 … …. (D.I.A.P?) … We have silence.

    Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) Lisbon
    Bren: and You know, by me, that i am with The P.J. Team May/October 2007.


    Maria ( usually, like You says ” the person above” No matter. 

    The matter is what was done against Gonçalo Amaral e His Family. 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6svP91yv0Q the blanket 

    • The Pink Blanket was taken by The PJ and given to The Sniffer Dog Handler in an attempt to follow the scent of Madeleine.  After that it disappeared.  Probably to Portimao Police Station.

  18. I written in portuguese; after i went to google translator portuguese from Portugal ( different from Brazilian) and the i copy and pasted… so some words are together. 

  19. All this about the pink blanket is madness.  He refers to a big mistake in the Oprah interview.. Infact it was Oprah herself that mentioned the blanket.

    On Oprah interview:

     Oprah transcript on http://www.mccannfiles.com/id234.html

    Oprah: Well I, you know, I’d read something that said there were
    times even you know early on after she err went missing that you would
    say I want I hope that whoever has her gives her her blanket I hope that
    whoever has her is keeping her warm I hope that whoever has her…
    Kate: I mean it’s funny, it’s you know, I mean as a mum it’s things like
    that you worry about as well you know. Is someone brushing her teeth.
    Is someone rubbing her tummy when she’s not feeling well. You know, it’s
    all those things as a mother you do and you should be doing and…

    It is in the files Mcr9 the blanket was used by the search and rescue dogs in the early days, it was photographed on the bed.


    After the officers had been updated about facts
    relating to the disappearance, they tried to
    reconstruct the route the girl might have taken
    with the two tracker dogs. For this purpose the
    dogs were given a blanket to sniff, provided by
    the parents, which had been used by Madeleine.


    When they arrived at the scene, they
    entered the McCann’s apartment by
    the front door, and entered the
    living room, where there were some
    PJ officers as well as the MCCann
    couple. The just talked to some
    colleagues from the PJ and asked for
    a piece of clothing that Madeleine
    had worn or used recently. They were
    given a pink/orange blanket that the
    child had been covered with in her

    Kate McCann herself says in the documentary they made

    It was like a gust of wind, kinda, just blew them open and cuddle cat
    was still there and her pink blanket was still there and then I knew
    straight away that she had, er, been taken, you know.

    There is no smoking gun with regards to the pink blanket.

    And I am sorry Mcr9 but if as Paiva said in Court, Amaral thesis stopped them investigating other scenarios and if he is fixed on this idea that the parents harmed their daughter, when there is no proof, then to accuse them is wrong.

    You can’t blame the McCanns at all, whatever happened with the Leonor case happened prior to Madeleine going missing, it was the day after that he was made an arguido.  And he was subsequently charged and found guilty of perjury and falsifying a document.

    No offence Mcr9 he probably knew that if he was ever found guilty of such a crime his days at the PJ were numbered if he didn’t resign and retire he would have probably been fired.

  20. Can I pop my nose up here? 

    I’ve mentioned it several times with links and photos… but what happened to the other 6 hairs on Madeleine’s bed??????

    • I honestly don’t know Carana, sorry can’t help you on that one.  But wonder if you could help me.

      I see they are dissecting another photo of Madeleine the one with her eating the cornetto.  Now I can’t find the original anywhere but that looks to me as if it could be a still taken from a video.

      And if so the quality will not be 100% and will show anomalies.  Why do they keep thinking the McCanns are issuing photo-shopped photos. This is so bloody disrespectful to this poor child.

      • From memory the ice cream pic was taken from a video by one of the 3a photoshop loons.

      • Thank you Samantha, so it was a still from a video clip…. sorry you have to laugh these idiots are now spouting that her arm has been photo-shopped in.  Don’t they realise that you lose shadows etc and bits when you screenshot from a video?  Bloody idiots.

  21. Oh here is the photo they are pulling apart yet again


  22. Bren, I can’t help you with the photo issues. From memory, the issue started off as probably unemployed “digital experts” displaying their feathers. From there, it got worse and worse, with grotesque manipulations. In the early days, I was curious, then I realised what certain people were up to. 

    • Oh some of the comments made on these photos by certain people are horrendous and grotesque. 

      But the photo I found on Pamalams site even looks like a still taken from a piece of video footage. 

      And unless someone has the original photo that appeared in the paper then I am afraid to say that stills from video footages do have a lot of things wrong with them.

      What they are doing is immoral and totally unnecessary.

  23. I still find it odd that no one questions what happened to the 6 hairs on Madeleine’s bed that never made it to the Lisbon forensics lab. 

    I wasn’t the first person to notice this, but I can’t remember who it was – Albym, perhaps?

    GA, et al., were complaining that hairs had probably been destroyed from the car – no, they weren’t. I already posted the receipt by a PJ officer. 

    It’s the hairs from her bed (the morning after she had disappeared) that are missing – and these were supposed to have been sent to the PT lab. Only 4 out of the 10 arrived. WHAT happened to the others?

  24. Forensic tests in Porto with a great Doctor. 
    The pink blanket with Police? Please……….. 

  25. Mcr9 – according to the files, a police dog team mentions that the dog(s) were given a pink blanket on 4 May. It’s in the files, and has been quoted here. 

  26. Just keep clicking on image until it expands

  27. Thanks for finding that thread, Bren.Here’s my problem:This photo appears to show 10 red markers where hairs were found on Madeleine’s bed:http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P9/09_VOLUME_IXa_Page_2316.jpgBut… the envelope that the lab received (No. 3) only contained 4 hairs.What happened to the other 6?
    Relating to Apartment n° 5-A in the tourist resort "The Ocean Club" Praia da Luz-Lagos:

    – 32 hairs in envelope n° 1 recovered from the floor at the entrance to the children’s bedroom.

    – 28 hairs in envelope n° 2 recovered from the floor next to the bed from which the child disappeared.

    – 4 hair in envelope n° 3 recovered from the top of the bed from which the child disappeared.

    – 15 hairs in envelope n° 4 recovered from the floor next to the bed that was next to the window in the children’s bedroom.

    – 1 piece of cloth in envelope n° 5 recovered from the bedspread of the bed next to the window in the children’s bedroom.
    Fragment of cloth, mauve/violet in colour with square motifs, circular in form about 10cm in diameter. A small fluorescent spot is observed under a Crime-light.

    – 31 hairs in envelope N° 6 recovered from the floor of the lounge.

    – 58 hairs in envelope N° 7 recovered from the entrance hall at the front door of the apartment.

    [The above were] Delivered by the Policia Judiciaria on 08/05/2007.

    http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic171.html(Thanks to AlbyM for translation.)

  28. Hi Sabot. Yes, I know there are various files that were not on the DVD, but I can’t think of any reason why the lab only got 4 hairs when there were 10 markers on the bed. 

    • I was being sarcastic, Carana.  The Antis appear to have this wealth of information that proves that The McCanns are guilty, but there aren’t any links to any of this stuff, only Sources.  
      Meanwhile, The Files that I have read contain no such evidence.

      • Ahh. Sorry, I should have realised that that was tongue-in-cheek. LOL

      • No worries, Carana,

        Actually, I think you’ll find that the files which weren’t released pertain to paedophiles living on The Algarve.  The UK Police asked for this, and no doubt The PJ were only too keen to comply since they don’t want to admit that they have any.
        Pity they didn’t do the same with all of the personal details they released about everyone else.

    • Quite a lot of the hairs were Dog’s Hairs, due to the dogs running around all over the place.

      • Yes Sabot, it was mentioned in the Forensic Report of the 4th May 2007

      • Even so, when thinking about it, Carana has a point where are the details of the other 6 hairs, surely they never picked and choose which 4 to send out of those 10. 

        Even if they were dog hairs, they still should have been sent for analysis so that those 6 results could be discounted, wouldn’t they?

        And what were the dogs doing in the apartment.  They should have been outside, and whatever was used to give the scent should have been taken to the dogs.

        Mind you I am waiting for the conspiracy theory, that whilst carry run around PDL with a fake child in between the main course and dessert, he also found a couple of stray dogs and stroked them and that is how the canine hairs got in the apartment.

  29. I think the 6 markers on the BOTOM SHEET were merely indicators to where the child slept and disappeared from.

    • Ahhh. Hi Samantha. I can see what you mean by the 4-6 distinction. Not sure that the 6 markers on the bottom sheet were simply an indication of where she’d slept. If so, the report doesn’t make that clear as far as I can work out. 

      That has triggered a thought, though… IF the 6 markers were hairs, I wonder if they hadn’t been sent in as they would have been assumed to be hers??

  30. Sabot, re “it’s behind you…”, a bit like the non-missing car hair fragments that the FSS handed back to the PJ. 

    Ask officer Viegas – he signed the return slip. http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P13/13_VOLUME_XIIIa_Page_3465.jpghttp://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P13/13_VOLUME_XIIIa_Page_3466.jpg

    • Yes, and like Paiva asking for copies of The Gaspar Statements that The PJ never received.  Although how he could ask for copies if he didn’t know about them is a bit of a mystery to me.

      • And one thing that has always stunned me is why Paulo Reis never blogged about or denied that email that is circulating about the car being used as bait for the journalists.

        What was that for, so that the McCanns would confess or to tarnish their characters because Amaral had got it so wrong?

        And why haven’t the antis publicly asked him outright if that email was fabricated or whether it is true? Frightened of the answer are they?

      • … Or if the only explanation for fragmented DNA in the car boot was due to the thawing of a frozen body, who were the other 2-4 people who were also busy thawing out in that same spot?

      • That made me laugh.  I wish I’d thought of that.

      • Yep you are right, it is funny ….LOL

      • Like Carana wants to be spared ffrom the missing “Pink Blanket” theory; at the mention of Fridges, cold metal and thawing bodies, please can we all be spared from the Coldwater resurrection theory.

  31. Bren, you shouldn’t have reminded me about Hot Milk. 

    I did actually have an idea as to how that particular piece of garbled rumoroid originated. Here’s a possible recipe: Take the plastic bit from the car boot and blend carefully with the frozen theory. Serve immediately. 

  32. Blimey. I hadn’t actually taken too much notice of that cornetto photo last night. Was reading about it elsewhere just now and had another look. 

    I seriously doubt that that photo could possibly be genuine. And, if my suspicion is correct, people who photoshop these kinds of images  are the paragons of virtue, are they? Words fail me.

    • I know words failed me also.  They take a still from a video and then pick it apart.  I can clearly see she had a Cornneto and they gave her a little plastic spoon to it it with.

      Nothing whatsoever wrong with that photo, other than their desire to try and make everything turn into a conspiracy theory.

      I bet if the original was printed, you would see her arm clearly is not photoshopped

  33. I hadn’t paid much attention to this long missive from CR… I’d seen it, but it was so long I thought they might have caught Trolleymanitis.

    CR are quoting him:
    “…lf that hypothesis [TB’s usual one] is correct, then the McCann’s motive for wanting a ‘Review’, which would now open up the many files that the Portuguese Police have up to now withheld would be clear not to find Madeleine, but rather to trawl the files for any other evidence there may be against them, so that they can defend themselves and deal with any such evidence…”
    Thanks to: http://stopthemyths.prophpbb.com/topic1060.htmlAm I missing something or was TB actually trying to say that the parents wanted a review to discover and defend themselves against aces up sleeves that the police hadn’t even realised were lurking somewhere around elbow-level? 

  34. Yes Carana, I think his hypothesis is that the McCanns want the review so that they could see what was in the files and what evidence there is against them so that they can defend themselves….

    Trolleymanitis, very fitting.  Well I think he will be suffering withdrawal symptoms soon and Mr Trolley could be relocated to a new home.

  35. I’m trying, Bren. So, according to Trolleyman et al., the parents only want the review in order to double-check that the police haven’t actually forgotten anything that could incriminate them. 

  36. …As one does. 

  37. And don’t forget Carana, they are so powerful that they did have an input into who would be the new Met Commissioner, so that they could guarantee a whitewash.

    The guy let off some balloons at a field in aid of a missing child… no conspiracy theory at all and I bet he has carried out a lot of community things as Chief Constable.

    Seriously you couldn’t make this lot up if you tried… this massive cover-up that they keep going on about with everyone “in on it” except them.

  38. I must have missed this… 

    “The English have evidence”: Gonçalo Amaral, former investigator of the process

    Correio da Manhã – What can the English police add to the investigation?

    Gonçalo Amaral – The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened – they don’t need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere ‘show off’.

    – How can these meetings be justified now?

    – Only in terms of the political image of the English Prime-Minister. They are not coming here certainly to ask to consult a process, that they, from the first hour, have in England and fully translated in English…

    – Is this another media maneuver from the McCanns?

    – I don’t know, however, if the Scotland Yard is investigating and if they no longer pay their detectives, they can return the money from the book.

    in Correio da Manhã, September 9, 2011
    (Source: Joana’s blog)

  39. – Is this another media maneuver from the McCanns?

    – I don’t know, however, if the Scotland Yard is investigating and if
    they no longer pay their detectives, they can return the money from the

    Who does this man think he is?  Sorry he seems rather bitter and twisted to me and definitely doesn’t like the McCanns.

    There is no guarantee that SY will find Madeleine, all the McCanns do is hope and if they don’t find her then the McCanns still need to continue their search.

  40. Morning. I’ll post this in several bits.

    I spotted a comment somewhere that triggered a vague memory about the Panorama controversy. From memory, at the time, an extract from the Daily Mail over the fact that the original producer walked out was being construed in certain quarters in two hilariously opposing ways: 

    – That the original producer was too sympathetic towards the McCanns and the BBC wanted more of a balance (there were even hints that he’d got thrown out). The David-Mills-is-in-it theory;

    – That the original producer was too hard-hitting against the McCanns and well, you know, Clarence Mitchell put his foot down and put pressure on the BBC to soften it all up. The BBC-is-in-it theory. 

    Depending on the prevalent anti-theory, the rest of the article was either examined or ignored.

    Producer quits ‘dishonest’ BBC programme about Madeleine McCann
    Last updated at 00:15 26 November 2007

    A producer quit a BBC programme about Madeleine McCann as he felt the documentary verged “on the dishonest”, it was disclosed yesterday.

    David Mills, who was the original producer on last week’s Panorama special on the disappearance, walked out after an angry row with th programme’s editor and then wrote a stinging email to the BBC, attacking it for losing its journalistic passion.
    He said: “So far as I can see, investigative journalism at the BBC is over.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-496385/Producer-quits-dishonest-BBC-programme-Madeleine-McCann.html#ixzz1dIHssU39

  41. Occasionally, a few juicy bits were included from a Guardian article:

    Panorama walk-out over McCann filmWhy did TV journalist David Mills, the producer of a Panorama film on the McCann affair, quit the project before it was transmitted last week? The Observer’s David Rose reveals the inside story of the latest row to hit the BBC’s flagship show
     reddit thisDavid Rose
    The Observer, Sunday 25 November 2007
    Article historyIn the credits at the end of last week’s Panorama special on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, one name was conspicuous by its absence – that of David Mills, the programme’s original producer. His name had disappeared from the end credits despite the fact that it was his company, Mills Productions, that had done all the research and was responsible for bringing the exclusive footage at the film’s heart to the BBC.Two weeks before transmission last Tuesday, Mills – one of Britain’s most respected documentary-makers, who in his 40-year career has made 120 investigative films for broadcasters including the BBC, Granada, Thames and America’s CBS – walked out of the programme after a furious row with Panorama’s editor, Sandy Smith, over the programme’s approach and argument.He then wrote a stinging email to the BBC attacking Panorama for losing its journalistic passion. It has created a stir in the media world, mixing as it does the controversial issues of the McCanns and how their story is covered, journalistic balance and television current affairs.’I had written a draft script and had already been told it was compelling,’ Mills said. ‘Sandy turned up with a completely different version and basically imposed it on me. I told him, “I cannot edit the film to this: it’s a completely different show, and I’m not going to do it.” To have this happening is very depressing.’The incident – one of several controversies Panorama has faced this year – suggests, Mills said, that ‘the BBC is no longer interested in serious current affairs’. BBC sources confirmed last night that the decisions about the programme’s shape had been taken ‘close to the top’ of the BBC management hierarchy – which has already conducted a series of internal meetings over how the corporation should approach McCann case coverage in general.http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/nov/25/bbc

  42. What was studiously avoided was this (taken from the Guardian, but also expressed in various articles elsewhere):

    “…At that stage – as Mills’s draft script makes plain – his intention was to make an analytical, investigative programme that would have been very critical of the Portuguese police, not only for the errors in their investigation, but for their apparent campaign of disinformation designed to put pressure on Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. It would also have criticised both the local and British press over allegations that they recycled unfounded rumours with little sign of fact-checking or detachment.It would, as Mills confirmed again yesterday, have scrutinised the various allegations that have been floated against the McCanns and concluded they are baseless: ‘We had an investigative team looking into the story for weeks. Our assessment was that the purported DNA evidence was weak and inconclusive, while so far as we could tell the supposedly significant “discrepancies” between the stories told by the McCanns’ friends about the night of Madeleine’s disappearance amount to very little indeed.’ “

  43. This bit in particular seemed to have fallen on deaf ears:

    “He wrote: “The real question must be how, without any meaningful evidence, the Portuguese police and the media in Portugal and Britain have been able to convince most people that the couple were involved.”

    Yet while the programme drips innuendos against the McCanns, it does not put a single challenging question to anyone in the Portuguese police or to anyone in the media. This is truly astonishing.”
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-496385/Producer-quits-dishonest-BBC-programme-Madeleine-McCann.html#ixzz1dIk4sCcZ

  44. In retrospect, from the BBC perspective, I expect they were trying to avoid legal issues as, after all, the McCanns and RM were still arguidos at the time. 

    I also suspect that Kate and Gerry were hoping that there wouldn’t be overt criticism of the police as it would have only soured relations with the new PJ team. 

    I can see both Mill’s and the BBC’s points of view. What I found interesting (though sad) at the time was how absolutely anything could be taken out of context to fit various anti agendas. 

  45. Yes I agree, when that Panorama documentary was made, the McCanns were still arguidos.  I suppose they didn’t want to favour one side or the other. 

    It was a hard call to make, do they sour relations between the McCanns and the Police?

    Could the Police have evidence?

    But I suspect the reporters on the ground knew all along there was leaks emanating from Portugal via the PJ and the Media.

    I wonder now whether it might have been better to wait until after the archiving dispatch when they had access to the files.  But if they did wait until the files were released, it would be said by certain quarters it was a white-wash and Mitchell was behind it.

    I have come to the conclusion that whatever they do, they are damned.

    Here is the transcript of the Panorama interview 


  46. Great blog, glad to have found you.

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