Give that man a round of applause

I do hope Tony from Houndings doesn’t mind me copying his post over to here, if he does then he can contact me and I will remove this post altogether.

Hopefully he will allow this post to stand because he has never said a truer word.

Bullies don’t go away, they don’t give up, they just intensify their attacks on people.  We have read it so many times in our papers, young children who can’t cope any more with the bullying taking desperate measures for it to stop.  Some of those children self-harm, some attempt suicide and the sad fact is some succeed.

Who is to blame the bully or the victim?  The Bully.  No question about that.  Anyway Tony wrote this post and I have copied it here.

Those people in the teaching profession do they agree with bullying or not?  If they had a bully in their class wouldn’t they want that child to be dealt with in a severe manner?  Then why don’t they practice what they preach and tell people it is not acceptable to bully people on twitter or social networking sites, irrespective of whether they are a child or not?

For those ex-Solicitors, if when they practised law, would they turn away a victim?  Do they agree with people stalking, harassing, and threatening others?

For any human being, do they not find bullying disgusting and despicable?  I might have a different point of view or opinion but I have never bullied a person into thinking what I think.

I will explain the facts and I will say that is the law and if you want to ignore it don’t cry for help when you find yourself on the wrong side of it.

A victim can only be a victim if they allow themselves to be one.  As for the bullies well they are keyboard warriors, brave behind keyboard and monitor and posting behind an alias. And as Tony said who knows when they are going to take their internet hate campaign away from the virtual world and bring it to your own front door.

And and for Tony’s post, well give that man a round of applause, I don’t normally approve of the terminology with regards to the word cretin being used, but some of these people are so sub-human and the way they treat a family of a missing child or those that hold a different view point, that I think maybe, for this one time, he could well be right.

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