The Sun finds the troll behind sick Madeleine McCann Facebook page

Published: Today

THE sick internet troll who taunted the parents of missing Madeleine McCann is today unmasked as cowardly teen Jack Tims.

Tims, 17, set up a vile Facebook page from his bedroom — then laughed at the outrage it sparked online.

But Facebook chiefs have now DELETED the page after The Sun highlighted the case as part of our Target a Troll campaign.

And Tims has been DUMPED by a string of pals disgusted at his actions.

The part-time shop worker boasted that his taunts “made the front page of The Sun” after we told this week how his actions had caused misery. But when The Sun confronted him yesterday and asked him to talk about it, Tims lost his bottle. He said: “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

Tims, who lives with his parents near Canterbury, Kent, set up a Facebook page called “If I get 1 million likes I’ll let Maddie go”. The page heaped abuse on her parents Gerry and Kate, who are still searching for their daughter more than four years after she disappeared from their rented holiday flat in Portugal.

Shameless Tims bragged to online pals about his creation and even fished for compliments, asking, “hahaha did you like the page?” But one disgusted schoolmate said yesterday: “He’s just a waster who isn’t bothered about the heartache he’s caused Maddie’s family.


“All he seems to care about is himself and getting attention. Some of his friends think it’s hilarious but others were repulsed.”

The Sun highlighted Tims’ page as part of our campaign urging readers to fight back against online bullies who mock crime victims and grieving families.

Blogger David Bret, 57, has also targeted the McCanns with posts wrongly accusing them of being involved in Maddie’s abduction — even accusing Kate of being involved in her death.

The McCanns’ spokesman said: “Kate and Gerry have enough to deal with. What these characters do online is utterly immoral.”

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