Are we trying to kill the McCanns?


When you venture into the world of the anti-McCanns you will begin to understand a mindset.  Yes, I am not going to deny I was an anti-McCann up until last year, and I could have easily gone on being one, if fate did not play a part.

Yes fate, made me ill and on Doctor’s orders I was told to relax and rest and not get stressed, practically bed rest (of course which I ignored at times) which resulted in blood pressure going up and down like a yoyo and not stabilising.  But that has nothing to do with what I want to say except, it was that illness that left me with a laptop, a set of case files and hell of a lot of WTF moments.

Nobody wants to be ill, but this one time, I am glad I was ill.  Because that illness taught me a valuable lesson in life and that illness led me to the truth.

My opinion changed, and I soon realised how wrong I was wrong in my judgement.  Along with the reality of realising how wrong I was came the regrets and remorse because I had previously vilified the McCanns and didn’t believe a word they said.  Now I regret the moment I forgot the basic principle of humanity, everyone is Innocent until Proven Guilty.  This couple and their families, needed support, help and they didn’t need the likes of me at the time, being as unhelpful as I could.

But on thing I can say, with my hand on my heart, not once did I go onto the McCann family’s Official site and condemn them, not once did I post abusive comments on newspapers and not once did I invade their Facebook pages and post the most horrendous of comments like I have seen posted on their Official Facebook Page.

Well when you have your eyes opened, for the first time, I can assure you, you see things that you couldn’t see before.

Like this.

You can use articles from the press if they vilifying the McCanns and those articles are truthful, they are to be taken as gospel and you have the truth.  But if you read an article that is compassionate to the McCanns, or an article that criticises the investigation, then that article is not truthful and is full of smears and purely spin orchestrated by Clarence Mitchell.

That is how it works… To me now, that is double standards and a blinkered attitude to have.

A member of twitter, @nowaymojo, posted up an article dated back to 2007 I have never read.  The article from the Daily Mail said:

Are we trying to kill the McCanns?
Last updated at 00:00 31 October 2007

Are we really so desperate for Madeleine’s story to have a dramatic conclusion that we want to push her parents over the edge?

Are we trying to kill the McCanns? Well, that’s what it feels like as, day after day, the barrage of critical stories keeps coming.

Kate McCann finally broke down on Spanish TV and showed all the emotion she has been accused of lacking.

The doctor whose professional manner and pretty face have attracted so many bitchy comments was barely able to control herself.

Practically howling like a wounded animal, she said that, as Madeleine’s Mummy, she believed her little girl was still alive.

Were her critics satisfied? No, poor Kate had apparently cried the wrong kind of tears. Tears of guilt, not sorrow.

Now that she was showing her true feelings, all those armchair detectives concluded that Maddie’s mum must be faking it.

Seventy per cent of viewers said that they did not believe the McCanns.

They were bothered by Gerry and Kate’s body language – the couple appeared unable to comfort each other.

Suspicious, eh?

Furthermore, Gerry was overheard coldly telling his wife to make sure her microphone was turned off before she spoke to him.

My, how a million amateur Sherlock Holmeses loved that clue!

Please note that Gerry is always described as doing things coldly.

Not numbly.

Not in the shell-shocked manner of a man who has failed in his most sacred duty as a father, which was to protect his first-born daughter from harm.

A proud man who has pulled himself up into a good profession from a poor Glasgow background and who must be humbled daily by the knowledge that all his achievements are as dust weighed against this one monumental, agonising failure.

And now the McCanns are under attack again, this time for making two mortgage payments out of the Madeleine Fund.

Yet when Gerry says that he is going back to work this week as a heart specialist, he is accused of being too distraught and potentially putting his patients at risk.

So what are the family supposed to do for money? Or must they sell the house and live rough with the twins on the street to appease the snarling gods of public opinion?

Why can’t we just accept that shock does strange, deforming things to people? Unexploded grief can blow entire families apart when they appear to be in the same room.

In his new autobiography, former England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio movingly recalls the devastating effect on his own family when his 19-year-old sister, Francesca, perished in the Marchioness riverboat disaster in 1989.

“Dad was in one place, trying to be very stoic and behaving as he thought the head of the family should behave. Mum was overcome with grief and clearly traumatised,” writes Lawrence.

Eileen Dallaglio later admitted she had gone into a type of shock from which she did not recover for 15 years.

Like Kate McCann, she threw herself into campaigning to make things safer for other people’s children.

Lawrence’s dad eventually had a heart attack, believed to have been triggered by all the suppressed emotion.

Is that the ending we foresee for Gerry McCann?

The cardiac specialist who dies of a broken heart? Or would the couple’s tormentors settle for mental breakdown and divorce as the latest twist in the nation’s favourite soap opera?

Or here’s a thought: how about leaving the McCanns in peace to salvage what remains of their lives, and to begin the slow and painful process of grieving properly for the daughter they have lost?

It may not make for front-page drama, but it’s the development they surely deserve.

Meanwhile, six months on, Portuguese detectives have made a stunning breakthrough in the case.

They think it’s possible that Madeleine was abducted.

Well, it’s a start.

Well it is nearly 4 years since that article was written, and I can assure you, nothing has changed in the anti-McCann world.  In fact I would go one further and say it has escalated.  Where comments were once confined to forums and blogs, Twitter and Facebook are alive with comments that are written purely to cause as much distress as possible to Kate and Gerry McCann.

Newspapers, can’t have comments on some articles because of the sheer nastiness shown towards the family of a missing child.

And it doesn’t stop there at the McCanns, their backers, their friends, their family and any person that supports them are also eligible to be a target by some of these anti-McCann people.

Is that really what they want? To push the McCanns over the edge because they can’t face no more of the abuse and vilification.

Do these people want to deny two children their parents?

These people proclaim they care about Madeleine.  Well if they cared about her, they would make sure that if and when she is found, she had two parents to return too and and not try to kill the McCanns as the headline of that article states, by their vicious, abusive and at times veiled threatening comments.

And what decent  human being would wish that on another human being? No decent human being would want to vilify a person to the point where they just couldn’t take no more of the abuse.

Unfortunately we don’t live in nice cosy world full of nice people, and a world full of rose petals and full of fragrance, we live in a world where a mindless few can be callous, cruel and immoral.  And their behaviour is not acceptable to the way the vast majority of people wish to spend their lives.

Nobody is denying them their freedom of speech, nobody is saying they have to worship the McCanns. Of course they can have an opinion and they are entitled to that opinion, what people are saying it is the way that opinion is expressed at times, by some, that is so objectionable and unacceptable in our society.

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