Sometimes re-reading something ….

… can shed new light on a topic.  To view with your eyes wide open and not blinkered can bring a whole new meaning to an article written in a newspaper.

Cast your minds back to the year 2007, October to be precise, when an article appeared in the Daily Mirror written by the Journalist Tony Parsons.

Oh my the battle cries went up and the emails were sent demanding that Tony Parsons be dragged into the streets and have rotten eggs thrown at him.  Well maybe not, but they wanted his blood and they wanted him to be sacked.  Oh yes I can remember those comments on various blogs and forums.  I had only just ventured into the real internet forum world and was a 5 week member, wet behind the ears and really didn’t have a clue as to what the internet held.

I would like to quote that particular article by Tony Parsons as it is now being used as defence by the anti-McCanns in the respect that they are saying that not all trolling is done online and subsequently quoting relevant parts from the Daily Mirror article.

The Daily Mirror article being quoted is this one:

Tony Parsons 29/10/2007

Portugal’s ambassador to Britain, Senor Antonio Santana Carlos, says that the Madeleine McCann case has seriously damaged relations between the two countries. Well, whose fault is that?

It is the fault of the spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police. I have never much cared for the convention of calling cops “pigs” or “filth”, but I am happy to make an exception.

They have tried to cover their humiliation at coming nowhere close to finding that stolen child by fitting up her parents.

The decline in relations is also the fault of the appalling Portuguese media, happy to print any piece of poisonous trash spoon-fed to them by “police sources” treating the abduction of a small child as light entertainment.

And the Portuguese public must also take their share of the blame. The sight of locals jeering at Kate McCann as she went in for questioning made me feel as though these leering bumpkins were not from another country, but another planet.

And the good ambassador can also be blamed for the decline in relations.

When he should be exercising a little diplomacy, he huffs and he puffs about the McCanns’ tragic decision to leave their children sleeping alone on the night Madeleine was stolen.

“In Portugal we have the concept of a nuclear family,” sniffs Senor Carlos. “That the families all live together.”

They made a mistake, ambassador. Their lives have been wrecked. That is punishment enough, without your asinine, unwanted comments.

And I would respectfully suggest that in future, if you can’t say something constructive about the disappearance of little Madeleine, then you just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut.

Yes the emails went saying how xenophobic the article was, and how detrimental it was to the Portuguese Police.  What hypocrisy, there they are the same people now calling the UK Police corrupt.  Senior was being told to shut his gob, he wasn’t being called corrupt.

Why did I so blindly fall into believing that this article was so horrendous, when now when I re-read it, I can see exactly what Tony Parsons was saying?

These reporters were there in Praia da Luz, they had access to the McCanns first hand.  They saw them off camera and they saw the torment they were going through.

Tony Parsons was right, to see the booing and hissing especially after reading the files and reading exactly how the investigation progressed under Goncalo Amaral, was disgraceful to watch.

These reporters knew far more than those on an internet forum or blog, they were there, they saw all… my god I wished I had believed them way back then and not fallen for the spin and lies that was being spread across internet forums and blogs.  Spin and lies that were trying to cover up an incompetent Police Investigation, where the crime scene was not sealed, the apartment was re-let before bringing in special dogs.

An investigation where a friend of the McCanns was questioned to the point where it reduced him to tears, where the PJ were trying to make him confess to handing Madeleine through the window to another person.  And they did this interview, without giving him the arguido status to which he was entitled to.  As the questions and accusations being put to him by the Police were incriminating.

And I wonder if he was ever told, he had the right to ask for arguido status, so that he could have legal representation and not answer those incriminating questions?  As quoted by wiki:

Witnesses in criminal investigations are legally bound to co-operate with the police and do not have the right to silence and face legal actions if they lie. Because of the legal advantages, some individuals apply for arguido status to be given to themselves, e.g. when it would appear that the police suspect them but are trying to use their witness status to extract as much information as possible.

A Police Force, namely the PJ, who refused to do a reconstruction back in May 2007 when it would have been most beneficial, due to the amount of tourists, media along with the fact of having to close air-space.  Madeleine McCann was a missing child, she deserved better.  Tourists, media, airspace are excuses, the PJ and GNR could have kept every tourist, media person out of the vicinity of where the reconstruction was being carried out… but they didn’t.  Have you ever known Crimewatch never to do a reconstruction due to media, airspace and tourists?  No.

I could go on about the errors in this investigation for ever and a day, but they are there all catalogued if you care to read the files, and Kate McCann’s book.

No wonder the British press printed so many negative stories towards the Portuguese Police, they were appalled at their behaviour in this case.

If people think that article is trolling, then they are very much mistaken.

Yes the McCanns made a mistake, Kate tells you from the heart, that there isn’t a day goes by when she doesn’t feel pangs of guilt.  She tells of how the guilt was so much and how the pain was so great of missing her daughter, that she wanted to swim out to sea and be engulfed by the sea to stop the pain.  And people want to stick the knife in more.

There is not a day that goes by when I don’t have the same pangs of guilt at what I did in the past to this poor mother, by not believing her and her husband.  Nothing I ever do will take those feelings away.  But my hurt was self-inflicted, I caused my own pain by being stupid, arrogant and casting judgement on a couple who needed help not hindrance.  I forgot the basic rule of humanity, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  And my cross to bear will never be as heavy and as painful as the cross that the McCanns have to live with.

As Tony Parsons put it so eloquently:

They made a mistake, ambassador. Their lives have been wrecked. That is punishment enough, without your asinine, unwanted comments.

I have learnt and I hope one day others will learn too, and leave this family alone to find their daughter.  And I hope they learn to let those that want to support this family, to which I also want to support, alone to do what is their right, offer support without fear of recrimination.

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