It’s pretty obvious …

… when you think about it.  How can you go and beg for help from the Government and Police when you don’t answer questions?

The first thing that any copper is going to ask you is why didn’t you answer those questions put to you?  Don’t you agree?  Now Kate McCann exercised her legal right in Portugal to not answer those questions.  Even if she had answered every one of those questions, they held NO validity until they were sworn in by a Judge.

She had to repeat everything in front of a judge before it could be classed as evidence.

Already in Portugal the press were reporting about the Cipriano case, naturally any person would be worried.  Torture was being used in those articles, pictures of Leonor were circulating the papers, just like this picture to the left.

And this picture appeared in the Expresso paper dated 4th May 2007, less than 24 hours after Madeleine’s disappearance, relating to an article that states Goncalo Amaral was made an arguido due to him possibly being involved in the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano.

Now if the lead investigator in the case was already being implicated in possible torture, wouldn’t you be scared of what could happen to you?  I know I would.

As we know now due to a trial and his subsequent appeal that he lost,  Goncalo Amaral HAS been convicted of perjury and falsifying documents, relating to the Cipriano torture case.

So I would like to move on to a  tweet that has appeared on twitter:


We know that Kate McCann along with her husband have had meetings with Scotland Yard and the Home Office and they have handed information in with regards to what has been investigated by their own private detectives. So what is the betting that Kate and Gerry McCann have been entirely honest with Scotland Yard and explained why she didn’t answer those questions and have answered them during their many meetings.

It seems common sense to me, the last thing you want is for a Police Force to turn the investigation back onto yourselves.  And Kate McCann would have known she didn’t answer those questions, and that they possibly needed answers, so she told the Police of Scotland Yard all the information they needed.

Just because Kate McCann hasn’t gone running to the press or blogged or posted about answering those questions, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t.  We just don’t know and therefore it’s unfair and pure speculation when people say she has not answered those questions.

No wonder Eddie is redundant….


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  1. You know well that what You writes is not true. The girl was the target of neglect, sexual abuse (sperm was found in the girl’s panties in the vaginal area). Her teacher School participated the case and contacted the the entity indicated. Her body will have been cut and was lying or to feed the pigs or crushed a sensor machine because the stepfather had a scrap metal business. The violator could be the stepfather or uncle.
    (google translation) also g.t. – http://mariacpois.blogspot.com/2011/09/new-book-goncalo-amaral-october.html ;  and http://news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4904444 
    When protectors turn predators?
    This setence was copied so is very large, sorry. 

    Stay well and regards,

  2. Hi Mccnr, I am not questioning the judgement into Leonors guilt. What I am saying is that this story was in the papers, the alleged torture, and that in itself is enough to frighten any person.

    Irrespective of what Leonor did or did  not do to her daughter, she still had the right NOT to be beaten, by whoever.

    If she was beaten by the Police, then I am afraid to say, those officers committed an offence which is even frowned upon by the Geneva convention yet alone the ECHR.

    I have not read the case and wouldn’t make any comment on whether she is guilty or not.  But I do not condone torture, whoever the person is and whatever they have done.

  3. The prisoners in all prisons in the world, do not accept that children are killed, harassed. And are the first to hit the woman or man who did this.

    • Maybe that is so, but it is still not right and they will face further action by Prison authorities and will face investigation and further prosecution.

  4. I hope that You have a nice night.

    Now i will see in TV ” Without a trace ” 



  5. mccnr
    Hello Maria. A friend and I were talking about the Cipriano case the other day. When we tried to check, neither of us found anything in the official file about the alleged sperm on the child’s underwear (we just found a press article, which, frankly, didn’t make any sense). If you have a link to an official document that verifies that fact, would you be so kind as to post the link? Thanks in advance.

    • I listen in a recent vídeo . The Joana´s files are not public. But the PJ Team knows and we have some books about and newspapers. 

      Sorry but You can tried to search Google or another in Pt newspapers. 

  6. Hi Maria

    I looked at the Acórdão do Supremo Tribunal de Justiça and couldn’t see any mention of it. It’s quite long and complicated to try to decipher, so it is possible I have simply not found it. 

    Have you found it in there?


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