About time too..

I am all for having different opinions, and respecting others for holding them.  But abuse, vulgarity, obscenity is not having a difference opinion, it is vulgar, cheap and totally uncalled for.

Nobody is asking people to hold one set of views and not hold another, it is the way they conduct themselves which is being questioned. And do you know what is even worse?  They mock a missing child on twitter when they post their obscene tweets. And then another one will retweet the sick comments and add LOL or ROFLMAO.

They think by making these comments they are attacking the parents of missing Madeleine McCann, I can assure you they are not they are mocking a missing child..  and that is sick.

There is no need to leave filthy, hurtful comments on a person’s tribute page on Facebook, or a page that is created to help support a family.  If you don’t agree with the page, fine, nobody expecting you to.  All they are asking is for you is not to post on it, steer clear.

Some of the comments posted on Twitter on the #McCann tag are beyond vulgar, they are libellous and yes they are designed to hurt the McCann family there is no doubt about that.

I posted late last night about the Sun article about the actions of others on tribute sites and how they are classed as internet trolls. The story can be read here, but one thing I do know when the Sun start a campaign they sure as hell see it through.  And yes they have started a campaign as you can see by the logo on the left named “Target a Troll”

Do these people seriously think this is going to be the one and only article by the Sun?  Because I don’t.  You see journalists themselves have fallen foul of the vile mouths of some of these people.  They too have been insulted, abused and called all the names under the Sun (pardon the pun).  And it sure looks as if it is going to be pay-back time.

We know from this article (Screenshot) taken from Take Legal Advice that CPS have issued new guidelines with regards to on-line stalking and cyber-bulling.

Stalkers, including those who stalk their victims in the on-line arena, are set to face tougher action, as prosecutors admit that they have not taken the growing problem seriously over the past decade.

Those who are suspected of face-to- face and online stalking will face orders banning them from contacting their victims, even if they have been acquitted before the courts, the Crown Prosecution Service has stated.

In light of this guidance lawyers are predicting rising litigation surrounding stalking via social networking sites such as Facebook, as the CPS have declared that these types of cases are on the rise as the social media era continues to expand.

And can you imagine how the Sun will report these orders? They won’t report and just use the anonymous name they create for themselves, will they?

Of course not, it will be headlines like **** **** who posts under the pseudonym of ****** has been convicted of trolling or had an order issued against them by ****** Court.  And we all know how newspapers like to kill a couple of birds with one stone.  Yes there will be the bit in there where they state that they are a supporter of Tony Bennett of the Madeleine Foundation and Goncalo Amaral who wrote the book which was banned and maybe banned yet again if the ex Detective, who has been convicted of perjury and falsifying documents, loses a libel action being brought by the McCanns against him.

The likes of the Sun will uncover the true identities of these people and name them physically in their paper.  Now that is not going to look very good is it?  Especially to those that are employed, and how many of them once convicted and named and shamed will be able to keep their jobs?  Not many I suspect, especially if their behaviour brings their profession and employers into disrepute.

We have seen how the Courts have named and shamed even children caught rioting in the recent atrocities on our streets, I don’t think any Judge  or Magistrate will offer anonymity to an online troll do you?  Especially when they named and shamed the recent person to be convicted as reported by Sky News a few days ago.

Well they have been warned, they can’t cry foul when they are named and shamed in a national newspaper can they?

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