Tears and Tantrums – Before Bedtime

Plus a possible meltdown, might be in the process.

Who knows?  I don’t but I bet you a pound to a penny they are not a happy bunch of campers in anti-McCann forum land.

God I missed all the excitement last week, due to being on holiday, but it is getting better by the day this week.

First we have Bennett, getting ever closer to those court-room doors.  When I left for my holiday it was only Ed Smethurst and the McCanns issuing proceedings.  After a quick paddle in Weymouth and a trip around the Sub-Tropical gardens along with other excursions, I return to find out that Brian Kennedy has also decided to take action.

And what a smack in the mouth that one is, he is seeking damages which he is going to donate to the Find Madeleine Fund.

Then we had the email, now that was a brilliant put-down.  Well done that reporter for keeping her cool and taking the rug from underneath them.

Yes she told one emailer who complained, that the McCanns are not suspects as far as Scotland Yard and the PJ are concerned.  And then smacked them in the mouth with a cold kipper by revealing that the PJ don’t hold much credence to Amaral’s book.

Now what was her words re that… Oh yes..

Neither the Portuguese investigators nor Scotland Yard think that the parents are involved in her disappearance in any way whatsoever. Mr Amaral’s book is considered of little help in Portugal , most of his allegations are unfounded.

And then Lord Leveson adds the McCanns to the list of Core Participants in the Leveson Inquiry. You can read the judgement here (Core Participants final 14.09.11).

And true to form the anti-McCann fish-wife went to work on twitter:

Well there again you can’t expect much quality of debate from such a person, who is forever tweeting about the likes of Myra Hindley, can you?

Now for those of you that do take quite a while to digest things and comprehend what they truly mean, I will help you, god what a helpful person I am turning into.

Kate and Gerry McCann are on the list of core-participants because:

Individuals who believe they may have been victims of media intrusion

Now have you got that?

And I bet the anti-McCann people didn’t see this lot bad news coming, that is for sure.

If only I had a crystal ball, I could break any future bad news to them gently.. Oh what a shame I don’t have one handy at the moment, so instead, I will have to laugh at the tears and tantrums that all this put-down news brings.


Thank you so much TigerTiger439, I knew when I wrote this post there was another breaking news story that sort of rained on their parade and for the life of me I couldn’t think of it.  Yes it was the new Met Commissioner, who has taken over from Sir Paul Stephenson.  Yes a man who released the balloons on Mosley field back in June 2007 in support of the search for Madeleine.

Yes TigerTiger439’s tweet sums it up perfectly:

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