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Poetic Justice?

Well, I will be truthful, I am not religious and I the only times I enter a church is at weddings, christenings and funerals.  My god my lot know how I feel and they know that when I come to go, no way do I want someone standing there saying a pile of rubbish about someone he has never met.

I would prefer my best mate to stand there and tell the people, she couldn’t cook, she burnt everything, could swear with the best of them and had one almighty temper if she was provoked enough.

I don’t do religion but I don’t enforce my non-believes on people who do believe.  That is their choice and I respect that. 

When I think there is no Lord at all, something happens to make me question it or could it just be poetic justice?

There is no love lost between Bennett and I, I openly admit that.  The man disgusts me and to be perfectly honest he is one almighty hypocrite.  You see when someone says anything about him that he doesn’t like he is first to send the emails out to threaten them that he will take action for libel if they don’t remove the nasty comment but he is very quick to libel and defame people and then whine that he is being wronged.

One of those people that are definitely in the class of “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you or else”.

One thing I have found out over the last few years, is that he doesn’t like his own medicine and I can assure those out there that are bowing at his feet, be prepared, I wouldn’t trust him with a ten-foot barge pole.  And I won’t be shocked if he tries to brings others into his defence and get them to take the blame.

I know Kate and Gerry McCann are religious and even at times when they feel that God has let them down, he hasn’t.  As they say, God works in mysterious ways, maybe he is not leading them to their daughter but he is not going to stop protecting their daughter until they find her.

And slowly and surely that is turning out to be true.

Take the latest on the libel actions against Bennett:

Brian Kennedy's demands

Especially Number 5.

To pay Mr Kennedy libel damages which he promises to donate to the Find Madeleine Fund.

Mr Kennedy doesn’t want Bennett’s money for himself.  He is going to make him pay for the damage he has caused the search for Madeleine.  He is going to hit him where it hurts, in his pocket and he is going to put the damages awarded to good use.. to the Fund that has been set up to help to find Madeleine McCann.

One thing that does tell me, is that no matter how much insinuation and speculation there is out there, Brian Kennedy has NOT abandoned the McCann family and still supports the search for Madeleine.

And when those people who support the harassment, led by Bennett, email  reporter Cornelia Fuchs from Stern TV, complaining of how bad their reporting is and how biased their programme was, they reply with facts and squash any rumours.

Thankfully this has now been posted on that forum for the world to see and I have screen shot the most important paragraphs and underlined the most important part in those paragraphs, which read:

Neither the Portuguese investigators nor Scotland Yard think that the parents are involved in her disappearance in any way whatsoever. Mr Amaral’s book is considered of little help in Portugal , most of his allegations are unfounded.

stern reply

It doesn’t matter what forum people tell, all their inside information, all their Goncalo Amaral knows the truth and it was a cover-up.  You have it direct from the Public Ministry, British Family Liaison Police Officers, British Press and now the German Press, Madeleine McCann is missing and her parents played no part in her disappearance.

Madeleine McCann is a findable missing child and that should NEVER be forgotten and her parents have the right to search, appear on any TV programme they wish and they have the right to set up any Fund they wish in order to find their daughter.



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