Grrrr.. that last photo yet again

mythbusters1Sometimes it is like banging your head up against a wall and just ending up with a violent headache.  No matter what you say, they just can’t grasp that “everyone is NOT in on it”.  There is no big conspiracy.

And there is definitely no cover-up.

Actually there is one, who actually made someone slip on the stairs in a Police station in Portimao but that does not involve the McCanns so I won’t bother going down that route.

However they keep repeating the same old myths time and time again, hoping that people will think they are true.

Well the last photo, you know the photos taken on holiday.  Well these photos were transferred to PA as far as I am aware.  On a CD created by Alex Woolfall and they were taken from the McCanns’ camera.

In a Times article (screenshot relevant part in red box) it states:

Mr Woolfall has provided the first detailed account by an insider of what happened to the McCanns during the desperate days after Madeleine disappeared. He is an expert in crisis PR at the communications group Bell Pottinger and flew to Portugal as part of the Mark Warner holiday company’s emergency response team on Saturday, May 5. Madeleine vanished on the evening of May 3.

He met the couple for the first time at their new apartment. “They were behaving exactly as I thought someone in that situation would be,” Mr Woolfall said. “They had not slept. They were trying to work out what to do that might help generate images of her. They were desperately keen to publicise her face.”

The McCanns had photographs of Madeleine on their digital camera, which Mr Woolfall began transferring to a laptop computer. “I said to Kate, ‘Let’s try to identify pictures where her face is visible’. Downloading the images was a very difficult process for them. It was upsetting.

“They were trying to do two things at once: one, emotionally deal with what was actually, really happening to them; two, operate in some sort of logical way to help get her back.”

Mr Woolfall transmitted the photographs to the Press Association in London, from where they were distributed to the media. The portfolio included the now famous image of Madeleine wearing a hat on a tennis court.

Myth busted I would say.

Better luck next time..

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