To experience something..

… leads you to understand something.  How very true those words are.  You do have to experience a situation before you fully understand the true complexity, the fear, the emotions that someone is going through.  Just like they say only a mother who has a child missing knows the true feelings of another mother suffering the same sad experience.

Yes I have changed my opinion on a certain case, I read the files, without blinkered eyes.  I read and listened to both sides of the argument before making judgement and something I learnt is how hypocritical I was being myself.

There was I condemning people who were bringing my family into things, shouting from the rooftops proclaiming I was a victim when I allowed on a forum people to post up details of supporters of the McCann family.

I allowed a certain person, to run riot, blinded by my sheer arrogance of this feeling that I was being wronged without even considering my actions were causing all the unnecessary suffering I was going through.  There I was under this cloud that they were fighting my corner when the truth is they are nothing but a bully and thug.  They have proven that to me since I changed my opinion.

That person had no right to harass a person or persons because they didn’t hold the same opinion.  And I failed as a person to see that and I failed by allowing them to continue.  Those people I owe an apology to and from the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry.  You didn’t deserve to become victims to this thug and yes I am getting a taste of my own medicine, and it tastes awful.  Now I fully understand how you felt and it is not a pleasant feeling whatsoever.

What right did I have to say who could support a family and who couldn’t?  I didn’t have that right and never will have that right.

I have witnessed first hand the hypocrisy of people who only befriended you because you ran with their opinions.  Once you started to think for yourself and see that things are not as clear cut as some were trying to make you believe, then you become the target all over again, only this time from the side that you have shared your personal details with.  Not by the people who you originally opposed but by a side that declared that they could never be as nasty as some of the people from the opposing side.

Believe me, they are just as nasty and to some extent they can be even nastier.  I have seen more forgiveness from a side that I was up against for so many years.  People who don’t hold grudges and people who are sincere, thoughtful and people who just want a missing child to be found and don’t want this childs’ parents to suffer no more than they already are.  Is that such a sin?  No it isn’t.

Even to this day, the rumours are circulating that I have been blackmailed, bought off, sold my soul.  How ridiculous.  All I have done is changed my opinion.  Simple as that.

Bonnybraes1 made this comment on her forum.

It’s like ducking witches, isn’t it?

If the people Bennett and co make up disgusting stories about don’t defend themselves, it is because they are guilty.

If they do defend themselves, it is because they are trying to hide something, and are guilty.

It is a frankly disgusting mindset, and has no place in 21st century democracies which have any respect at all for the rule of law.

She has never written a truer word.  It is like ducking witches, same grotesque practice just with different victims. If Madeleine McCann was found tomorrow there will be some that will still hound, stalk and harass the McCann family. They will continue to cause them as much pain as they can.  Why?  Because it has come a sport to them.  They are obsessed and like an addict they are addicted.

One thing this whole escapade has taught me, never judge a person.  People are entitled to support anyone they like, they are entitled to their opinions and they have the right to privacy.  Nobody, no matter what side you are on has the right to stalk, harass, libel or defame a person.

So for the final time, I have NOT been blackmailed, sold my soul, been paid off, been Carter Rucked, hypnotised, threatened, I have simply read the files and changed my mind.

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