No sympathy whatsoever

I can’t muster any sympathy up for Tony Bennett and the situation he finds himself in.  Maybe it is hard and callous but I just can’t bring myself to offer sympathy, pity or consolation to him.

Yes my tweet was OTT, do I take it back? Absolutely not.  The reason being is because this man has done everything he could think of to deter the search for Madeleine McCann.

Time and time again he has been told by Carter Ruck to stop, he has been told that they have never received one penny from the Madeleine Fund but does he stop people from spreading malicious rumours? … no.

I deplored his actions when he went to Rothley and distributed leaflets, I deplored him standing on High Street corners, handing out leaflets to shoppers and passers-by trying to convince them that the McCanns played a part in the disappearance of their daughter.

He had no mercy for a man who had to retire due to ill-health and stop investigating for the McCanns which ultimately forced him to close his company down.  Instead of showing mercy, he stalked him, took photos of his property and harassed him.

A man, who is a fully bona fide Solicitor, has been reported to the law society requesting that they strike him off due to his association with the McCanns and an incident with his local planning department back in 2009.  Since then he has had to endure malicious comments made about his reputation and also had photos of his home and family along with malicious comments posted on forums about various incidents.   If that was not enough Tony Bennett allowed and participated in posting not just this guys personal information but that of his family.

A family have had to endure The Foundations, malicious agendas and have been targeted by his supporters.  Policemen who have spent their entire careers defending the public have been accused of being corrupt.

The friends of Kate and Gerry McCann, especially one person, has had to endure countless remarks made about his reputation, by Tony Bennett and his supporters.  All based on incomplete police files and a detective who was removed from the case and later convicted of perjury and falsifying documents.

A mother pleaded with him to take down a video so her young son would not see horrific pictures of his father, but did he oblige?  … No.

Sorry my sympathies lie with Tony Bennett’s victims, the victims he has harassed, stalked, libelled and defamed.

He knew when he undertook the order back in 2009 what he had to do, did he do it?  No.

He carried on regardless, sorry Tony Bennett you have asked for this, no-one forced you to put yourself in the firing line.  You made that choice yourself.. no other person is to blame other than yourself.

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