The truth always emerges in the end

Oh yes the truth always emerges, it is just a matter of time when. Does anyone recall the speculation and assumption that Clarence had been a naughty boy and why he left PR Lewis?

Of course you do.  Nobody can ever forget the speculation and assumption that Clarence Mitchell was heading for the biggest downfall of his media career.  And guess what?  All this was based on a paragraph from an article in PR Week back in July 2011 when the article stated this:

After an appearance during the phone-hacking scandal, Flack wonders where Clarence Mitchell has gone. After the fanfare made by Lewis PR when it gave the McCanns’ former PRO the grandiose title of director of media strategy and public affairs last May, it seems he’s slipped away into the night. ‘Oh, he’s gone,’ said an unimpressed-sounding lady who answered his phone last week.

Yes there they were in anti-McCann forum land, speculating, posting in a frenzy that the man at the centre of the McCann media campaign was heading for the knackers yard.

It was quite spectacular to watch, but again history repeated itself, and nobody waited to see why Clarence left PR Lewis, could it be he got a promotion or a better job?

No it can’t be can it?  How can the man at the middle of the McCann media campaign ever warrant such a high profile job?  Simple really, he is good at what he does.  No matter what people think of Clarence Mitchell he has run an excellent campaign for the McCann family in keeping Madeleine’s name in the media.

Naturally Burson-Marsteller recognise his capabilities, because that is why he is now the new MD, according to PR Week.

Clarence Mitchell, the ex-BBC presenter famous for being the spokesman for Madeleine McCann’s parents, is new MD of Burson-Marsteller.

Mitchell will report to UK CEO Matt Carter and will provide strategic counsel to corporate and public affairs clients.

Carter told PRWeek: ‘Clarence has first-class experience in handling the media, as a BBC journalist, a government media adviser and someone who’s faced the cameras regularly on behalf of his clients. He’s a great addition to B-M’s UK team.’

Mitchell was most recently director of media strategy and public affairs at Lewis PR, a role he combined with his duties as official media spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann. Before that he was a consultant with Freud Communications.

Mitchell left Lewis PR in July as reported in PRWeek.

Mitchell also held the position of director of the Conservative Party’s Election Media Monitoring Unit, reporting directly to director of communications Andy Coulson.

Before moving into government comms and PR, he was a news correspondent and presenter with BBC News.

He said of the move: ‘With Burson-Marsteller’s global reach and evidence-based approach to communications, I know it’s an environment I will thrive in. I’m excited by the campaign challenges to come.’

Oopps, looks like they got it all wrong again and Clarence is not heading for a downfall or the knackers yard… Oh well when have they ever got anything right in forum land?  Better luck next time

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