Any mother would feel the same

Well being on holiday is relaxing and enjoyable but catching up on everything is taking its time.  Apart from the usual he-said she said arguments still going around it seems that Kate McCann has told the people of Brazil in her book launch that she would never give up looking for her daughter.

In an article from the Daily Express, Kate McCann says:

“I do not think Madeleine is dead. Any mother would feel the same way. I believe Madeleine is out there and, at times, I feel close to her.”

Kate tells all in her book, her family’s pain, her anguish and how she could not bear the thought of enjoying herself.  Kate speaks of those first years along with the feelings of desperation and anguish of not finding her daughter Madeleine.

In the Express she states her feelings as to why she could not go back to Praia da Luz in those early days after her and her husband Gerry returned to Rothley in September 2007, Kate says:

“At first it was too painful to go back there but I visit quite often now because I feel closer to Madeleine there.”

Every mother, up and down this land and throughout this world will understand how Kate feels, when she says she will never give up.  No mother would… no matter what people said and no matter how heartless people were.  Yes those that have been highly critical of Kate McCann would do as she is, they would do all and more to find their missing child.  I know I would.

A mother’s love for her child is instinctual, unconditional and forever.

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