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Honestly, this has to be  the laugh of the century.  The Goncalo Libel Trial, is now being broadcast on big screens in and around Lisbon due to the high numbers of British People attending.  Sorry that was a lie, but I suspect that is what it could result in, due to the masses that will descend on Lisbon.  Only joking.

People who wish to stand there and hear a trial in Portuguese, not understand a thing and salivate at the prospect that Kate or Gerry McCann taking the stand in this trial.

Well let us look at this statement for a start.

Carolina, have you seen on Twitter, the demand for coach places to get to the court case when it happens? Wow! they recon they’ve got enough Brits wanting to go to fill about 8 coaches!!

So the average coach carries approximately 55-56 people.  Then 8 coaches travelling to Lisbon makes 440 – 448 people.

God I do hope they have enough seats in that court otherwise these 440-448 could all be falling out because only a few have managed to get seats in the public gallery.  That is providing it is held in open-court and that the press have not taken all the seats and the public gallery is a limited number.

Perhaps the Judge should organise the trial at the nearest Sports Hall or Football stadium to cater for the increasing numbers of Brits that want to go, well according to the people on twitter.

So we have the following:

  • Masses of people now telling their employers, I want a holiday in September, don’t know how long for and when
  • Coach firms in this economic climate, where every one of them is scrambling for business, willing to have at least one of their coaches on stand-by, maybe more
  • Booking the accommodation for all these people
  • Arranging Pick Ups for all these people
  • A court room that will not be able to hold that amount of people in the public gallery
  • And it all being led by @Justice4Maddie, who adores Myra Hindley.
  • Of course the expense of and logistics in arranging a 24 hr drive through 3 countries. As you can see from this map and google’s estimate of time

london to lisbon - time

london to lisbon

I think the closest @justice4maddie might get to see Portugal could well be seeing the name written on restraining order, especially after tweets like this:

and not forgetting her praise for Myra Hindley

Dream on, the one I might get up early to see (if I can muster the energy, the time and inclination for) is when Tony Bennett is squirming in front of a judge and trying to hold onto his assets.

Well to be perfectly honest, I think once they take away the socks and fake accounts, there might just be enough to fill a 16 seater mini bus, if they are lucky.


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  1. Has there been any confirmation yet, apart from the one tweet? or is it serving as a timely reminder…

    From Kazlux on MCF

    mid september the libel trial will resume.

    am reposting this thread because NOW is the time to donate to the PJGA
    fund, as you know GA’s assets are still frozen. You can go to http://www.pjga.blogspot.com and find the donation info in the corner below right.

    Or you can donate through paypal directly to: projectojustica@gmail.com

    Donations will be used ONLY to pay for GA’s judicial expenses, see charter of principles: http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/charter-of-principles.html

    Thank you.

  2. Well all I have seen Samantha is what is being said on twitter.

    Well thinking about this and in a logical manner, if GA wins the case, then his assets will be unfrozen and surely the McCanns will have to pay the costs.

    However if he loses then the Judge thinks the book is libellous so why would anyone in their right mind want to back a person who writes libellous books?

    And if the McCanns win, then it is clear that his theory and suppositions were incorrect and there is a good chance Madeleine is alive, exactly what some of us have been saying.

    Wonder if these people will feel guilty about their insistence on writing a child off all based on a libellous book.

  3. Hi Samantha

    Oh dear. Seems like it could be a big donation appeal time coming up: legal fees for GA and TB.

  4. Hi Carana,
    Yep, looking that way.
    No confirmation yet though, apart from the Kazlux tweet:)

  5. Trying her best Carana to look a complete idiot and totally unprofessional.

  6. Hi Samantha

    Well, I’ve read two perspectives on this:
    – the loyal wife defending her man;
    – drumming up support for more sales. 

  7. Rangeeni

    #McCann libel trial: next session on the 21st of september = preliminary hearings involving lawyers, closed to the public.

    4 hours ago

  8. Gosh…. Had almost forgotten about the mega Freeport-Maddie NON-issue. How time flies. 

  9. Morning Samantha and Carana, been to Devon for the week, and I am trying to catch up like mad.  See we are now at preliminary hearings.   Well this would be the time for the lawyers to say tell the Judge it has been settled and ask for the case to be de-listed.

    Looks like the coach trip is off, unless they are going to be groupies at the back door exit.

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