Well would you?

Well you know you are getting older, when the middle ages spread sets in and things start heading south.  Of course along with the regularity at the amount of funeral flowers you are having to organise.

Ill-health is no joke, some people live a life that none of us would wish upon our enemies.  One of those diseases that can affect us is heart disease.  Heart disease is life-threatening and debilitating.  Sometimes a heart patient has a quality of life where even walking up the stairs causes them much stress and strain.

If it was not for doctors, specialists, surgeons, consultants and research we would be no further advanced and heart disease would be almost fatal for anyone.  These people dedicate their career to helping others, finding cures and bringing cut-edge technology into surgery so that people with heart conditions can lead a near normal life.

Only recently we heard about the man who know was able to leave hospital because of an artificial pump as reported here, the article says:

Forty-year-old British husband and father Matthew Green was facing death. He had end-stage heart failure, with both chambers of his heart giving out. With no healthy human heart avaliable for transplant, his only chance of survival was to receive an artificial heart during innovative surgery at Papworth Hospital, near Cambridge in England.

The heart operation had already been successful in the United States, and elsewhere in Europe, but was the first of its kind in the UK.

So I put to you, the criticisers of  Kate and Gerry McCann, a hypothetical situation.  There you are merrily enjoying life with the one you love.  Then fate happens, a heart-ache.  Someone you love is laying there in hospital with their chances of survival deteriorating.  Surgeons and consultants suggest to you that they contact a leading Consultant Cardiologist based at a hospital in Leicester and suggest patient transfer to this hospital because this leading Cardiologist could help the person you love so dearly.

Of course you want what is the the best for your loved one and immediately agree to the transfer and thank them.  Then you hear them say, “OK we will contact Dr Gerald McCann to arrange the transfer, consultation and arrange the necessary surgery.”

There they said it, “Dr Gerald McCann”, the man who you have posted on various forums that you wouldn’t trust, what do you do?  Do you then turn around and say, “Sorry not having nothing to do with Dr Gerald McCann and his department” or do you still sanction the move?

Would you be prepared to put the life of your loved one in his hands?

Would you let him do his job without your prejudice playing an integral role in your decision making?

Would you shake the hand of Dr Gerry McCann and thank him, and mean it, when he saved the life of the one you love?

If he saved the life of someone I loved, I would kiss the ground he walked on.

Just take at look at Dr Gerald McCann’s resume (click on image to enlarge), impressive, isn’t it?

Gerry McCann - Work Experience

Now would you? I would.

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