Blinkered – My god I was blindfolded

I know there is a lot of tweets from people going on about what happened pre-arguido days and it seems that they are  living back in 2007 before the Attorney General said the McCanns along with Robert Murat did NOT commit any crimes and they were released from their arguido days.   I have just had one those  time-warp moments myself and ended back in 2009.

There I was searching for something totally different when I found a translation of a 24horas news article about Goncalo Amaral’s so-called debts.

The translation was provided by Pedro Silva back on Justice for the McCann Family Forum.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, so I checked out if this could be true.

Well Joana Morais on her blog post called Portuguese Press Coverage of “Citizens support Gonçalo Amaral”, in the comments I found the paper editions that were uploaded to scribd. One for the 24horas and one from the Expresso. Joana states that the 24horas article is just a rehash of the Expresso article printed earlier.

PDF’s of the relevant articles – 24 Horas – Amaral Debts and Amaral Debts – Expresso

Joana even posts up a translation and states clearly it is not her translation but she does not dispute the translation or the contents:


Blinkered, I must have been blindfolded, my god there is this man in all this debt, being sued left right and centre, along with being an made an arguido in a torture case. Surely his mind could not have been properly on the case of finding missing Madeleine McCann?  Why was he ever put in charge?

And there was I being the bigger fool by dismissing everything that Rosiepops posted and thinking that the translations could have been manipulated to suit the McCanns agenda.  The McCanns didn’t have to instruct anyone to alter anything to prove things.  Seems simple investigative journalism from Portugal’s own media, showed exactly what a mess Goncalo Amaral was in.


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  1. You are right I am going to need them… I just read that thread and saw that img of the letter, googled that first line of the so called letter and was then sent to Vee’s blog


    And bugger me there are more documents relating to this, as Vee said, he can’t vouch for whether they are genuine or not, but if they are this rather does dispel the “Kind, loving, peaceful” husband he is portrayed as.

    I can remember a discussion where Sofia denied sending those leaflets and never took action because it wouldn’t be worth it.  But sorry, if these documents are circulating the internet, as they obviously are, why haven’t they at least attempted to get lawyers to write Blog owners demanding their removal?

    Well off to specsavers, for some new glasses.  I think I need them.

  2. Hi Bren

    Hope you’ve got a good pair of sunglasses now that you’ve taken that blindfold off…


  3. IF that letter is a forgery… shame on whoever did that. So far, I have not seen anything that would indicate that it was NOT a bone fide complaint filed at the time. 

  4. Typo: bona fide

  5. From that article: “If he was financially motivated, he would have stayed in his job for the full pension but that is not his way.”
    Comment from J4:Does Mrs Amaral mean that if he wasn’t financially motivated he would have STAYED in his job, after all his full pension is nothing like the money he is earning now is it? Of course as a serving police man he probably would not have been allowed to cash in on Madeleine that way he has done.

    My own question on this issue (how can one put this politely?): Was he, or not, invited to consider other career options? He was supposedly “promoted” to Faro, but did he ever turn up to work? Or was it a euphemism for being owed several more months’ salary for long service?

  6. After all that fuss of the McCanns laughing at a balloon (regurgitated ad nauseum)… One might also question to what extent the whiter-than-OMO photo of the Amarals gazing into the sunset reflects reality.

    The first was a split-second frame capture or photo of an incident. 

    Who seriously thinks that the Amaral photo-shoot was not posed for effect?

  7. Hi Carana, well I have my own question and no way can I put it nice no matter how hard I try, I can’t. My question is, “Did Amaral realise that he was going to be charged, and knew that there was a high possibility of being fired when found guilty, so saw the disappearance of Madeleine McCann as an avenue to make money?”

    Did he also think it would be better to leave than be fired?

    Whatever way the case turned he was covered, either the book would have been, “How I  brought the McCanns down” or what he wrote saying they were guilty.

  8. Hmmm, Bren, has it ever been established that he actually actively chose to resign? 

  9. Bren, read the end bit of Sofia Leal’s “open letter”… and compare it to that alleged complaint to the police.
    NB: I do repeat that it COULD be a forgery (just as anything else could be), but I have simply never read anything from any authoritative source that has denied its existence. 

  10. Yes she said this:

    To finish, on the intimate subject of Gonçalo Amaral, I can only tell
    you that he is exactly as the Latinos have a reputation for: a wild one,
    and my modesty does not allow me to say any more.

    Very enlightening.  And also this bit:

    I will relate one last story, which still costs me to talk about. This
    year, in May, we started the process of moving our family to Portimao.
    My husband’s holiday was supposed to start the day after your daughter
    disappeared. “For obvious reasons,” that didn’t happen. I started a new
    job, I looked at houses, I made the move and I tried to settle our
    daughters into new schools with new routines.
    All that alone, without
    any support from my husband, who, for obvious reasons, was looking for
    your daughter, Madam Kate. In October, on the day of his birthday, a
    week after our daughters had started the new school year, Gonçalo Amaral
    was dismissed and returned to Faro. It was supposed to be a time of the
    family getting together, but in fact it was even more of a separation.
    Isn’t that a disgrace? Our daughters have never understood, and we have
    never succeeded in explaining to them what the obvious reasons were that
    justified a father leaving his daughters to look for a child he didn’t
    know and whom the parents neglected. A disgrace that my dear friend Kate
    was not there at that time. Perhaps you could have helped us explain
    the “obvious reasons” to our children for their father’s being sent

    There are many Police Officers around the world that put their heart and soul into finding missing children.  And I do not see all these marriages having problems.  In fact I have known coppers wives to explain quite easily to their children why daddy is working hard.

    Sorry after reading all this about debts, being made an arguido, I am slowly beginning to form the opinion that it might not have been finding Madeleine that caused all the tension in their home but the personal circumstances that GA found himself in.

    No offence but if he was like some men and buried their head in the carpet hoping it would go away, then it is understandable why there was friction in the relationship, especially if those children heard parents arguing.

    When you think of it, if he was in all this debt and children heard things, perhaps the excuse of “Daddy is so busy looking for Madeleine …..” and was being used as justification to what could have really been going on.

  11. That’s not the bit I was thinking of:

    Compare her applause at the grandmother’s alleged negative reaction to the fact of having left the children alone to the fact that Sofia, herself, was desperately worried about her own little girl in a car with her allegedly inebriated husband. 

  12. Sorry, not with it today, been out and about and totally cream-crackered, I get what you mean now Carana.  Yes you could sense that she would take great pleasure in Kate’s mother turning on Kate.

    Now here is a part from his Book – Chapter 21

    On the last weekend in September, I decide to leave Portimão to go to my
    virtually abandoned house in the Algarvian east. Inès, my four-year-old
    daughter, goes with me. She loves the countryside, being in touch with
    nature. If she is asked which she prefers, living with her grand-parents
    in Faro or with her mother in Portimão, the answer is immediate: with
    my daddy. Not so much because of her father as attachment to the house
    where she was born. Here we are then, on the way to her paradise. We
    stop on the way to eat, and arrive at our destination late in the
    evening. After finding her toys, she falls asleep very quickly in her
    canopied bed. The sun is barely up when she is already about, ready to
    visit our neighbours, a retired couple who have found a peaceful refuge
    here. Throughout the day, she goes back knocking on their door, even
    when they are out. She spends Saturday steeped in her own world and her

    Now why would someone even considering asking a a four-yeard old child something like that.  I know the way it is written it doesn’t sound as if he asked her, but the options are not what I would have expected from a father.

    Mother or grandparents?

    Why not  Mother or Father?

    And which side would the grandparents have come from, his parents or Sofia’s.

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