McCluskeys Statements – Dismissed by PJ

In the Police files are the statements of Richard and Susan McCluskey.  In the early hours of the 5th May 2007, whilst returning from a night out the McCluskeys witnessed an incident which they reported to the Police.

Across the statement made by Richard McCluskey on the 9th May 2007 that are in the Portuguse files, written in Portuguse is the following statement:

It has already been checked! They are Ukrainians from Alvor with a blonde daughter who attends the “A Flor” crèche in Portimao.

There is also a communication in the files that says:

Service Information

Date 2007/05/25

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Inspector F. Antonio

Subject: Communication of facts about the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

We inform you that today this police station received a phone call followed by the sending of this handwritten document by fax at about 11.15 by a person who identified herself


– Same situation
– Two different number plates
– One (JG) already discounted => NEG
– The other (CG) Toyota Maize => NEG
28th May

Typed text continues:

as MK with residence at Rua R. A. D, Leca do Balio.

At this address at about 13.00 KZ, a Ukrainian citizen with temporary residence permit no. +++, mobile n+++ the wife of the aforementioned accompanied by her baby son DK was contacted by myself and my colleague Milton Trigo. She identified her husband as being the owner of vehicle with NIF nº 234700025, her husband, together with a colleague from work, on Monday 21-05-2007 at about 15.00 left for the Ukraine for some time, also taking with them her daughter aged 4, IK, who like her son was born in Portugal where they have lived for the past 6 years. Her husband and daughter are staying at the following address *******, Ukriane, telephone number *****.

Personal identification documents for the husband and daughter wee not presented as they had them with them but other proof of their names was presented. Recent photos were shown, of April this year and from before with their daughter in Leca where they live. Physical similarities were noted with the missing girl Madeleine McCann, although (the Ukrainian girl) was bigger and with a rounder face.

Having previously spoken to the neighbours it was established that the girl had left with the father and a colleague on Monday for the Ukraine. It was observed that having taking this girl on such a long journey was justified that she did not stay with the small boy (which would have been) a burden for the mother.

The description of the facts denounced was explained in this way. There was no doubt that the girl was the daughter of both, known by the neighbours and having lived at the address for a long time.

By the woman’s admission, without mentioning the case of Madeleine McCann further, as she was now being heard by the police and regarding any doubts concerning the motive, she says that she had already observed – as had her husband – that her daughter could be confused with Madeleine because of the physical similarities and age.

For your information.


The Inspector

Following page has car registration details 1125

It is pretty obvious from the files that this sighting was ruled out and it was not the McCann’s that they saw.

Enquiries were made, the Police found the couple and ascertained that this was the couple that the McCluskeys saw.

So can someone tell me why the Sunderland Echo felt it relevant to track down the McCluskeys and interview them?  The people they saw were not the McCanns, but the article in the Sunderland Echo printed on 7th August 2008, leaves the readers wondering if the Police might have been mistaken or whether this couple had been traced.

There is not one single paragraph in that article that tells the readers that the couple were traced and were in fact Ukrainian.

Out of 48 paragraphs, 1,247 words and 7,173 characters including spacing, there is only 1 paragraph, 8 words and 47 characters telling the readers that all these sightings came to nothing.  Not one paragraph where it states that the couple who they saw was traced and it was not Kate and Gerry McCann.

This is the battle that the McCann’s have and to a certain extent are still up against.  Misleading reporting that can leave a person thinking that they could be involved.  That is not factual  journalism.

If anyone reads who reads this posts on MM please could they point them in the direction of that communication that eliminates the McCanns.



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  1. some need to spend a couple of minutes checking the files before hitting the post button.

  2. Evening Samantha, yes they really do.  The police would have just filed those statements as they were going nowhere. 

    Why people expect the Police to keep them informed I don’t know.  When you make a statement they tell you out right they will contact you if they need further information and just ask if you are willing to support a Police Prosecution.

    The will keep the victims know how the case is progressing but they don’t tell all the bloody witnesses especially in case where there could be hundreds and hundreds of leads.

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