Do You Get Buy Two Get One Free – On Lawsuits?


Yes we have all seen those offers, in our local Tescos.  Buy two packets of Andrex 4 roll loo paper and you get the third one free.  Or maybe it could be Muller Rice. But whatever it is, it is designed to make you spend more than you want with an added incentive.

Well you get the drift.

Yes these offers have been going for yonks now and we are even used to the leaflets (oh sorry but I had to mention them) coming through the doors telling us of the latest offers at Tescos, Morrisons, or Asda.

But no matter where I have searched I can’t seem to find out who Bennett’s lawyer is and what the deal of the month is.

Because I am sure he must have got a good deal of pay for two writs and get one free.

He must have done, otherwise why would he now take on Richard Branson.

You only have to look at this screen shot to see the man is on a suicide mission.  My god has he got a bet going at Ladbrokes to see how many writs he can get in a month?  Or is he being sponsored to keep the Judges in business and stop the Government cut-backs?

But surely nobody in their right mind would post up the innuendo about what Branson could or could not be getting up to on his Island hideaway.

Personally I have learnt far more about Ed Smethurst than I ever need to know or want to know, to be honest, and I don’t want to know what Richard gets up to in his spare time.

Well as my mate said, today whilst we were shopping, “What’s the betting Bennett sees those cells before the end of the trial, if not for contempt of court but for his sheer stupidity of telling the Judge how to suck eggs.”

Bennett please take up another hobby, it is going to be a lot cheaper in the end, believe me.

And of course we had to have the praise from Bennett, in the form of an update, to the mystery letter writer, to make things look as if the whole world is on his side.

I woud like to place on record my appreciation for an anonymous letter-writer whose letter arrived today, signed ‘A Wellwisher’. Clearly a legal man, he has given me two very important pieces of legal advice in relation to the contempt of court claim. Can’t say anything more than that as I don’t want to make Carter-Ruck’s life any easier.

Well I can give you two pieces of advice totally free of charge, as well, one is STFU or buy a bigger shovel to dig that hole you are making for yourself.


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  1. I got the clear impression from reading that post of Tony Bennetts that he was really disappointed not to actually find something really smutty in the article he is dissecting. He actively searches out the smut and gets upset when it isn’t bad smut. What kind of man is he? Oh, don’t answer that because I think I can guess.

  2. “Well I can give you two pieces of advice totally free of charge, as
    well, one is STFU or buy a bigger shovel to dig that hole you are making
    for yourself.”

    haha luv it…keep digging Bennett

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