Al Jazeera: ‘The McCanns v. The Media’ – May 2008

A special programme examining why the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann turned into one of the biggest media events in the world.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


10 comments on “Al Jazeera: ‘The McCanns v. The Media’ – May 2008

  1. Thanks for that Bren, very interesting.

    Didn’t catch the Liverpool Uni profs name with the blog, but interesting none the less…………….Mentioning the McCanns name  gets more comments to the blog than any other story.
    I’m afraid they indulge in even worse cases of libel, abuse and the retailing of rumour than newspapers.

    • The bloke on Part 4 I think was Roy Greenslade, I could be wrong.

      Isn’t  Professor David Canter the guy from Liverpool Uni who spoke on the Channel 4 programme Searching for Madeleine?

  2. Clarence has just made me chuckle, on Part 4

    Asked, “Have you talked to Mr Bennett?”

    He just shrugs in despair and says:

    “Why waste your breath.”


  3. Yep Bren Roy Greenslade…got the Liverpool wrong.

    Roy Greenslade is professor of journalism at City University, and was editor of the Daily Mirror from 1990-91

    I also had a chuckle at the “Why waste your breath”

  4. I confess Samantha, I had more than a chuckle and can still laugh at the expression of Clarence’s face when he said it.

  5. bren did you mean ROFLMAO type chuckle:)

  6. Yep a lot more than that, all the postings and comments we make about him and Clarence sums it up in 4 worlds. PMSL

  7. Hiya

    Thought you’d find that documentary interesting. I found it very well done. 

  8. Hiya Carana

    Yes I did find it very interesting, especially Roy Greenslade confirming that Madeleine sold papers.

    If she was making all this revenue for Newspapers no wonder the Express didn’t batter an eyelid about paying out.  God knows how much they made in extra revenue over the course of those months when a Madeleine story was always on the front page of their paper?

    I agree with Roy Greenslade though, even today, if you blog about Madeleine McCann and you get more hits than say blogging about Libya or any other news article.

    What a high price the parents have had to pay in order to keep her profile high in the media. 

    • The lusophone media must have hit the jackpot. Including the talking-heads spouting what has turned out to be total carp on the ladies-who-knit favourite daytime channels. 

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