What the hell?


Sorry but what the hell is Pat Brown on about now?

I have just seen a tweet from her asking for donations to be put through HER paypal account.

She starts that particular tweet off by mentioning the Washington Cathedral Spires being damaged and then asks for donations to be made via her paypal account. Posted at 21.36 on 23.08.11

And her previous tweet prior to that was posted at 21.24 on the 23.08.11

You only have to log on to the National Cathedral Website and there is a donate button.  If she is asking for funds for the Church there is no need for it to go through her paypal account.


And I am sure that there will be an Official Donations site should people need to donate to those affected by the earthquake.

UPDATE 24.08.11

So Pat Brown removes the offending tweet and replaces it with this.


No Pat Brown you don’t get it, you are just one sick puppy, DUH!

When those buildings shook,  I bet the people of Washington DC for a minute didn’t know if they were facing another terrorist attack.  What with all the trouble is Libya and other Middle East countries I suspect some of them were petrified for a moment. Maybe there was not any injuries, thank god, but your joke was didn’t even reach 0.01 on the laughter scale.

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