So David Payne Makes a Phone Call


Oh yes, there is a conspiracy there, isn’t there?  David Payne finds himself in a situation where a child of one of his friends has gone missing.

Of course he could have retired to bed, putting his hands up whilst saying, “Not my kid, nothing to do with me”.  But did he?  NO. He helped his friends as much as he could.

He searched and he was there for the parents of the missing child.  He took a lead when someone was coming around being plain right nosey and ushered them away. A child is missing, the mother is distraught and the last thing she needed was strangers telling her what to do, all she needed was for her daughter to be found and for this nightmare to end and to be surrounded by family and friends. 

So David Payne made a call, and that telephone number is in the files and it relates to the Crime Specialist Director in London.  Mind you isn’t it funny that the Police tell you where that number relates to and still people want it to relate to somewhere else and continue to say it only relates to the Child Abuse Investigation Team.. MADNESS.

If you dial that number you get put through to a Switchboard who will put you through to the relevant department.

But alas no, people have to again add 2 and 2 together and get to 5.

Because that number can also put you through to the Child Abuse Investigation Team, they think automatically that is who David Payne called.  Hey that number is the main number then you have to speak to the operator and they put you through to the right department. They have not read the contents of that conversation, but it doesn’t stop them jumping to conclusions.

Just like this person:

David Payne phones SCD

Related Links, oh my god, many sites have related links, they are links to other sites, it means nothing.

One thing I will say though, whilst there are some that jump to conclusion David Payne phoned the Child Abuse Team, if you click on Serious and Organised Crime, it will display the Key Responsibilities of that department.

Key responsibilities: Responsible for the management and oversight of both proactive and reactive serious and organised crime investigations. These investigations cover kidnaps, blackmail, proactive contracts to kill, product contamination, drugs and firearms trafficking, commercial armed robbery, organised criminal networks and hostage and crisis negotiation

Of course it hasn’t occurred to some people that when Madeleine went missing David Payne might have just called that number because he thought Madeleine could have been kidnapped and was being held a hostage and once he explained the situation they put him through to that department.  Oh no, that is too simple and not murky enough for some people’s minds.

In David Payne’s Rogatory Interview he explains he got the number from his sister and even tells the Police Officer that all hell had broken loose since Madeleine disappeared.

1485 “Do you recall me telling you about the London number, which you couldn’t find in your phone?”
Reply “Yes.”
00:24:00 1485 “That number actually transcribes back to the Crime Specialist Director in London.”
Reply “Mm.”
1485 “Did you contact them?”
Reply “Err I did yes. My, err you know my sister err had been in contact with them and she was trying to do everything that she could knowing the, err, the difficulties that we were having out there so you know I did approach them just asking for advice but err I can’t remember, I don’t think I actually spoke to anyone there, but for some reason that wasn’t carried forward.”
1485 “Yeah.”
Reply “But I mean, you know, just into the context of the conversation you know we’re in a strange country, we’ve got no representeers we don’t know what’s going on, all hell’s broken loose and you know to see whether you can do anything to help Madeleine come back, you know and that was the lines that we were taking.”
1485 “Do you remember who you spoke to?”
Reply “I don’t know.”
1485 “The call was made on the following day at twenty three thirteen, so that’s late at night.”
Reply “Mm.”
1485 “You don’t recollect anything else about the conversation that you had with that, was it you that made the call?”
Reply “Err I, yeah I know that I got phone numbers from my sister which I did you know ring them but I can’t remember making one late at night.”

Now if you think about it, the whole of the Tapas members had spent the day at the Police Station, giving statements, still Madeleine had not been found, it is obvious that they wanted to get things moving, FGS a child was missing and a child is still missing. There was the language barrier problem.  Have you ever tried to explain something to someone whilst you are frightened, in a state of shock and due to their lack of English they find it hard to get to grips with what you are saying?  I know I have and it feels as if nothing is getting done and you are banging your head against a wall.

People who are close to you and who you are in contact with you, will offer suggestions, perhaps David’s sister was giving him the number in hope that they could help, when he was explaining how hard things were, how they were having problems with the language etc.

There is nothing suspicious at all in David Payne calling that number in my opinion and until concrete evidence, like the entire transcript of that call states otherwise, I will put that call down to just trying to find a child and ringing anyone and everyone you could think of, ringing every police department you could think and even booking a call to him up there if it helped.  And, above all, doing everything you can to find that missing child.


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  1. That particular poster StinkyBinky/jmuck/talldarkhandsome is continually making these type of allegations and insinuations, and much worse.

    Makes one wonder why admin haven’t put two and two together and banned him.

  2. Yes, and no matter how many times he is told the reason why the CAT number is in the PJ files, he still thinks it is something sinister, when the number is allocated due to procedure and nothing more.

  3. Yep Bren he is a lunatic, who enjoys spilling his filth wherever he can.

    It is astonishing what Sky allow to be posted on the Brunt blog.

  4. I don’t read Sky blogs, so don’t know who posts there and who doesn’t but what is annoying me, these allegations they keep making about David Payne are unfounded and are enough to ruin a person’s reputation.

    Now either David Payne has to put himself through a Court case or ride the storm but this man has children and it won’t be nice reading for those children should they ever google their father’s name.

    Kids love to use the internet and learn how to do things, and there is nothing stopping them coming across these allegations, even worse, some other child might come across them and bully David Payne’s children, all because of idiotic people not sticking to facts.

  5. Very true Bren.

    The DP allegations get quoted any number of times- night after night on Brunts blog.

  6. have police found stuart and tara   who was on holiday with gaspers andpaynes

  7. I didn’t know they couldn’t find Stuart and Tara, mind you I do find it odd that this other couple were on holiday yet the PJ did not request statements from them.

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