Hello Wall Meet Head

bang-headYes, I have had one of those “Hello Wall meet Head” moments.  You guessed it, I have just ventured and read the drivel emanating from Bennett’s fingers via a keyboard that wires its way to a forum.

You do have to laugh and there was I thinking he was supposed to have been a Solicitor on par with the likes of Adam Tudor or Isobel Watson from Carter Ruck.

Silly me.

Well what part does Bennett not understand about Contempt of Court.  In a post (screenshot) he states this:

If this ever gets before a contempt of court judge, the McCanns might find themselves facing some awkward questions about why they harmed the search for Madeleine by rushing to the media to get their front-page stories about new suspects or ‘persons of interest’, thus notifying those very suspects or ‘persons of interest’ to go to ground and hide.

If, that is, half of these suspects or ‘persons of interest’ ever existed

Now I thought a clued up Solicitor would know that the reason he could be going to court was because of a breach.  The evidence will NOT be tested.  The McCann’s probably won’t have to even appear.

The judge will read the initial order in which he took his undertaking, look at the evidence and then Bennett will then have to state his case, why he thinks he didn’t breach the order.

What the dogs smelt, whether Gerry played Tennis or not, whether David Payne stepped into the apartment or not and how long he was there will not even be questioned.  What will be questioned whether the judge thinks he breached the order or not.

Just like the little yob who gets a community service order and fails to attend, he is brought before the courts for breach of order, all the prosecution have to prove is that he hasn’t been to his community service appointments.  They don’t have to prove the evidence again.

Bennett for the last and final time, you are not being done for libel and defamation, you are up for a breach of a court order.


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  1. Did Bennett actually study ANY law at ANY time? An average five year old has a better understanding of the judicial process than he does.

  2. Hello Sara, I don’t think somehow.  But what is annoying me, he has had the letters, he has had the warnings that others will also risk court proceedings instigated against them yet he brushes over this as insignificant.

    He has a moral duty to warn people that they could end up facing a court order against them like he has.

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