The Penny Has Finally Dropped

The Penny has finally dropped

Well I hope it had, because no amount of bravado and back slapping will get Bennett off the hook.  He is going to get to see the insides of a Courtroom, one way or another.

Either he is going to have to contest the McCanns’ claims or admit his guilt, and face the consequences.

Don’t worry Tony, I don’t think you will hear those fateful words of “Take him down”, simply because whatever places they have left, will have to be saved for those thousands of rioters that still have to be found, charged, brought before the court, and if guilty, sentenced.

But yet again, when you think he understands what is actually happening and when you think he understands the complexity of the issue and what trouble he really is in, he yet again has to try to put the onus back on the McCanns.

He states (Screenshot)

Big Vern, the analogy is quite a good one, I am in the direct line of fire and it remains to be seen whether my shield is good enough to withstand the bullets.

If you look carefully at page 5 of Carter-Ruck’s letter of 12 August 2011 (link here: ), it states that “…while we would naturally urge you to remove the publications now complained of (as set out in the attached schedule), and to desist from publishing any similar material, we must make it clear that our clients have resolved that in any event it will be necessary to commence Contempt of Court proceedings against you”.

Thus in spite of our having removed even more material from our website than the McCanns have asked for, and despite the forum-owner here removing my 42 allegedly libellous postings from public view on this forum, I am likely to get a Contempt of Court summons any day now and will in effect have two simple choices:

A. Accept that I’m in contempt. apologise, promise again not to criticise the McCanns, pay Carter-Ruck’s reasonable costs, and take my punishment, whether fine, seizure of assets or a spell in one of HM’s prisons – or

B. Defend each and every posting, letter, article, statement, MF newsletter etc. to which the McCanns object and claim to be defamatory of them, plus make a formal application for the terms of the undertaking to be varied, and settle down for what will probably be a long-drawn out trawl in front of a Judge through all the evidence and whether I can or cannot rely on the defences of e.g. ‘justification ‘and ‘fair comment’ for the comments I have made – and probably have to pay vastly increased costs at the end of all that if I lose i.e. if the Judge finds that any of my comments are contemptuous of an undertaking given to the High Court.

That’s my choice now in a nutshell.

In chess terms, it’s the McCanns’ next move.

Sorry but where do you get it is the McCanns’ next move from, they have already told you what they are doing, sunshine, they are taking you to Court, the next move is down to you, do you defend your ramblings or do you concede yet again and face the consequences of your actions?

The McCann Family do not have to tell you their intentions, they have given you the advance disclosure of what they will use in Court, now it is up to you to decide what you are doing.

You just don’t get this do you?  And there was I thinking the penny had finally dropped when I read the first few paragraphs of that post and you realised the seriousness of the situation.

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