The Sun Does It Again

Well we all know that News International not only owned the News of the World but they owned the Sun as well.  And we all know their troubles don’t seem to be getting any easier.

For just over a week, they thought people were all pre-occupied with the riots that they wouldn’t bother going back to the phone hacking.  Well they got that wrong again, and now it seems it could even involve computer hacking.

Yesterday we saw the release of the documents, that put James Murdoch now firmly in a position of where he either has to act the bloody fool or admit that he mislead Parliament.  Oh what a position to be in, but the Sun goes even further, they let it become public knowledge that Apartment 5A is being relet.

Yes Apartment 5A in Praia da Luz Portugal, the place from where Madeleine McCann went missing.

The Sun article says:

THE holiday apartment where Madeleine McCann was kidnapped is being used by families for the first time since her abduction four years ago.

A couple and their young child were seen at the weekend in the ground-floor flat, which has been empty since Maddie disappeared aged three.

A British tourist at the Ocean Complex resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, said: “I saw a young family staying in the apartment, enjoying their holiday.

“They didn’t seem to have a care in the world, and if I hadn’t known of the flat’s history, I wouldn’t have given it a second look.” The apartment’s British owner, retired Liverpool teacher Ruth McCann, 57, has been trying to sell it for £255,000 since Maddie’s abduction.

Mrs McCann – no relation to Maddie’s family – took the two-bedroom flat off the market last May after finding no one was interested because of its background. She was now believed to be letting it again to holidaymakers.

Maddie disappeared from her bedroom in May 2007 while her parents, Leicestershire doctors Gerry and Kate, were dining with friends at a nearby restaurant.

You really don’t know what you have just done Mr Sun newspaper do you?  You have now got the hopes of the Madeleine Search Team, led by Pat Brown, all raised up. You have got them all fired up to rush to the banks with their jars of pennies, and 5p bits, after scraping all the change up they can find, to get those funds raised.

Sofas up and down the land will have their underneaths split in search of the missing change that proverbially slips down the sides of cushions just out of the reach of those fingers that try frantically to retrieve it.

You know where you find the dust, the feathers from cushions and even a crisp from the days before your diet started, but never that missing coin.  There it is, that elusive coin, finding it’s way to the nether region of the sofa where the only way to retrieve it is to turn the sofa upside and attack it with a stanley knife and sheer brute force.

Someone will sell over-grown leaflets on some market stall and someone will have a garage boot sell.  And it is all down to you, the Sun Newspaper.

You see, up until you printed that article, they didn’t have a way into apartment 5A, Mrs Patricia McCann and the Portuguese Police would have probably told them where to go, but now… Oh my they will be there waylaying, befriending every person that happens to stay in Apartment 5A.

There they will be, begging on the streets to the holidaymakers for entrance to apartment 5A so that they can inspect the area behind the sofa, sniff the area by the wardrobe and try to pass an object through the bedroom window that looks out onto the road and then forcing a shutter or two.

Sobbing on the shoulders of the holidaymakers until they agree to let some person walk up and down the stairs to the apartment and enter via the patio doors, whilst the rest of the group sit there and try to determine if they can see their team-mate.  Mind you, so they say, running up and down stairs is supposed to be good for toning your buttocks.

You have done it the Sun, you have given the green light for the Madeleine Search Party to try and enter Apartment 5A.  Just think of all those holidaymakers that will now have to resort to the Bennett-Bush-Hideaway technique in order to escape  this group of  hounders, stalkers and fruit-loops whose time would be better  spent on getting a life or raising funds to fight cancer.

A group of people who should leave the investigating to the Police and not some media-bimbo who likes the sound of her own voice and someone who doesn’t have a flaming clue what the official PJ Files contain. A woman who proclaims she wants justice to be served but will only donate half of the proceeds of her fact-less overgrown leaflet to this search whilst pocketing the other half for her own needs.


2 comments on “The Sun Does It Again

  1. “THE holiday apartment where Madeleine McCann was kidnapped is being used by families for the first time since her abduction four years ago.”
    Hm. Not quite correct. It had already been let out to four families between her disappearance and the arrival of the dogs.

    The Sun hasn’t read the files either, it seems.

  2. Morning Carana, of course they forgot to do a quick google to find that their own reporter Veronica Lorraine reported on this on the 9th August 2008

    Where she said:

    BUNGLING Portuguese cops let 11 holidaymakers stay in the McCanns’ apartment before sealing it off for forensic searches, it emerged last night.

    Documents in the 20,000-page police dossier show that just a month after
    Maddie vanished, cops allowed flat 5A to be occupied again – before a second
    round of DNA tests took place.

    The four groups of Britons were allowed to stay in the Praia da Luz flat
    between June 12 and July 26 2007.


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