Two wrongs don’t ever make a right

That is for definite, but sometimes you get caught up in the heat of the moment and refuse to see reason or rhyme why you should not retaliate.

One of the regrets I have that eats at me daily, is the fact that I didn’t stop people having their identities exposed on a forum.  Looking back now, it was wrong, it was selfish and most of all it was inexcusable.

It was like a war, where you think all is fair in love and war. 

No that can’t be right, surely not?  Children have shown more integrity and self-discipline than I was showing as an adult.  I had a choice, just because someone thought it OK to put my personal details up it never gave me the automatic right to do the same or allow others to do the same.

Nothing in this world justified tit for tat, but because my family were being exposed on various sites, my address and personal information was being broadcast around various sites, I thought that gave me the green light to allow other’s to be exposed.

That was wrong, people did not deserve this, because they believed in a family and in their innocence.  My god I have now come to the same conclusion they reached 4 years ago, the only trouble is it took me well over 3 years to realise I was bloody wrong.

No amount of apologising will ever be enough. And no matter how many times I say, “I am sorry for allowing this and that to happen.”, it will never take the pain away and the thought that I allowed some people to put those families at risk by allowing some people to post other people’s personal information and I even descended to their level by allowing myself to do the same to some people because they upset me.

The trouble is when you are in this form of mentality where it becomes tit for tat, it always escalates and you get suckered in to the vacuum, that these people are out to destroy you, you get lulled into a sense of  reasoning where you don’t think rational.

Someone does something and then you think you have the given right to fight back.  There have been many lies written about me on the internet, but the truth is I know the truth and my family and friends know the truth, and therefore that is all that counts. Retaliation will only lead to more heartache for all those involved.  I don’t expect people to even believe me.  But I know what I am writing here is the truth and I am truly sorry.

But when you take that step back, put yourself in another person’s shoes,  it is only then that you start to see the bigger picture.  And you begin to understand why people do the things they do. I was defending a forum, these people were defending a person’s right to be classed as innocent, they were defending a couple who had a missing child.  There is a big difference between a missing child and a forum.  A forum is a message board, it is not a person’s life.  That is what some people were defending, and like an idiot I couldn’t see it, until it was too late and the damage was done.

If it had been my family or friends that were being persecuted, accused, and ripped apart day in and day out by some forum, would I just sit back and not do something?  Of course I wouldn’t, I would probably want the world to see how evil this person is, the person who created that monster of a forum.

To discuss a case and have a difference of opinion, is one thing, but when it starts to spill over where people are put at risk that is when it becomes wrong.  As an adult I had the moral duty to stop things, I should have banned those that wanted to take things to the next level, instead of allowing myself to be sucked into this mentality of they are out to destroy you.  And by allowing this tit for tat to descend into war, a war over a difference of opinion, people got hurt.  A war that neither side can ever win and a war that will claim more victims and casualties.

Two wrongs never make a right, and no matter what another person does, you don’t have to follow suit.

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