The Find Madeleine Fund and Carter Ruck

carter ruckWherever you read, there is a vast amount of speculation that Carter Ruck are being paid by the Find Madeleine Fund.  Even Pat Brown herself insinuates in her interviews with Websleuths and Levi Page, that the McCanns are using the Find Madeleine Fund to pay for Carter Ruck.

You see, once you get people spreading misinformation like this, it then doesn’t take long for it to grow some arms and legs and become fact and common knowledge.  People will believe others, without doing their own research to see if what that person is saying is true.

That is how many forum myths have been created over the last four years.  And still today, many are still believed even though the release of the PJ Files have busted those myths to bits and show those myths as being nothing but pieces of misinformation with the vast majority being just gossip or rumour.

Now back to Carter Ruck, politely they told Bennett, and I don’t know how they managed it, back in 2010, August to be precise that they are not being paid by the Find Madeleine Fund in a letter they sent to Tony Bennett (PDF). In this letter they stated the following:

You have speculated as to the financial basis on which our clients instruct us. This is, of course, no concern of yours, but suffice it to say that your speculation about our clients’ funding arrangements is entirely misplaced.  In particular, we have never been paid a penny by the Find Madeleine Fund.


There it is in black and white, the Find Madeleine Fund has not paid for the services of Carter Ruck.  This was back in August 2010 and I doubt very much if things have altered.  Has nobody ever thought that Kate and Gerry McCann could be paying for these letters to be sent out of their own pockets?  Why do some people think they have to tell people who is paying their legal fees?  When in reality it is none of their flaming business.

Mind you, though I do like the way they point out Bennett’s hypocrisy and put him in his place. Nicely done Carter Ruck.

It is noteworthy however that while you seek to criticise us for having leaked our letter, which was marked “Strictly Private and Confidential”, you have posted it on a the newsletters page of your website.

Will this stop the rumours that the Fund is paying for Carter Ruck? No I doubt it, you can’t have facts get in the way of some people thinking it is their given right to pillorize the McCanns, soley based on nothing but myths and misinformation.


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