Pat Brown appears on the Levi Page show

Pat-BrownYes Pat Brown is doing the rounds.  Getting herself on blogtalkradio and discussing the Madeleine McCann case.  I have listened now to two of her ramblings (albeit in small doses), and I thought I could ramble, my god this woman beats me hands down.

One thing I would like to say, is this, I wish Pat would watch some Kate and Gerry videos and listen to how they pronounce their daughters name.  Take heed and pronounce her name correctly and then stop twittering and stamping her little feet, like a spoilt brat, because her book is banned on Amazon.

I wish Pat Brown would head her way over to the PJ Files, ignore what Bennett etc tells her and the Media and read for herself, the facts not the suppositions, innuendos and speculation.  

Because for those of us that have read the files and understand what the files say, Pat Brown, you are making yourself look like a right twat.  Everything you say is wrong and Jayelles has provided an excellent rebuttal to your leaflet and obliterated it and made it look like what it actually is.

A libellous and defamatory oversized leaflet, even a pamphlet has more context and content that your over-grown leaflet.

Once she have learnt the case from reading the files, I wish she would then proceed to download those radio shows, listen to them and apologise for getting things so wrong.  What she states never happened, the files prove it.  She does NOT use viable sources to base her arguments, she bases them on the incessant ramblings of a bloody sign slayer, namely Tony Bennett and a convicted ex-Detective.

Well here is the mp3 for the Levi Page interview:

[audio https://madeleinemccannthetruth.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/levi-page-pat-brown-04-08-11.mp3]

You listen to her at about 57 mins, she says the Madeleine Fund makes her want to vomit because they use it to support the family and lawyers to ban her book.  What part of “donation” does Pat Brown not understand?  People are not stupid, the Fund objectives are there clear and concise and nobody is forcing anybody to donate to the Fund if they don’t wish.

I do NOT see the Government forcing employers to deduct Income Tax, National Insurance and Madeleine Fund donation from people’s wages.  So she should stop trying to tell people, who have more intelligence in their little finger than she has in her whole body, what to do with their own money.

What a flaming hypocrite she is.  She is selling her profile to people and 50% of the profits go into her pocket.  Now that is enough to make a Saint feel sick.

Well Pat, a few things I would like to say to you, are this, “You make me want to vomit.”  Why are you profiting on the back of a missing child?

And another question why have the major networks, not invited you on their shows to speak about the Madeleine McCann case?  Why are you having to use people who use blogtalkradio?

Could it be the major TV Networks don’t want her vomit inducing rants on their networks, which they know could end them up in a libel and defamation case?

You don’t have a flaming clue about English Law, do you Pat? And you are showing yourself up big-time, mind you it is fun to watch.

Personally I think it is funny and laugh my head off at how wrong you have got things and I would like you to continue to show the rest of the world what kind of profiler you really are, but the trouble is two people who have a missing child have to endure what you are saying, and that is not right.

One more thing about the Fund, just a little bit of homework and a little bit of research would have told you that they could not gain Charity status for the Fund, as the Charities Commission refused them Charity status due to the Fund concentrating on one child and one child only.

Sorry if this post sounds angry but that woman (Pat Brown) makes me angry.  Her self-righteous attitude and thinking she can libel and defame any person she likes and call it “Free Speech” is just, to coin a phrase, ludicrous.


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  1. Hi Bren,

    In one of Carter Ruck’s letters to TB, dated 3 August 2010:
    “You have speculated as to the financial basis on which our clients instruct us. This is, of course, no concern of yours, but suffice it to say that your speculation about our clients’ funding arrangements is entirely misplaced. In particular, we have never been paid a penny by the Find Madeleine Fund.”

    I’m not putting a link, but it’s on his “Foundation” site.

  2. Thanks for that Carana, 

    Well that stops all the speculation and rumours straight from the horses mouth.

    No need to to go his site I have added it below LOL.

  3. On the subject of evidence… I’m STILL waiting for someone to explain why the forensic photos indicate that 10 hairs were found on Madeleine’s bed, yet the Portuguese forensics lab only received 4.

    What happened to the other 6?




    Relating to Apartment no. 5-A in the tourist resort “The Ocean Club” Praia da Luz-Lagos: 


    – 4 hair in envelope no. 3 recovered from the top of the bed from which the child disappeared. 


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