Further Communication with Jupinderjit Singh – Leh Sighting

Further to my post the other day with regards to the sighting in Leh and my contact speaking directly with Jupinderjit Singh, today further contact has been made and the following has been forwarded to my contact from Jupinderjit Singh.

On reflection, I have taken out the name of the restaurant as I do not think it fair on the restaurant owner to have the name of his premises plastered over blogs and forums.  I have also removed the name of the  Police Officers as these people do not deserve having searches made by people.

The latest communication is as follows (please note apart from these details being removed nothing else has been altered, including spelling and grammar mistakes):

Jupinderjit Singh
2 hours ago

Jupinderjit Singh

Tired of days’ work, I was cooling my heals lounging in the open air ******* Restaurant at ****** Road in the Main market of Leh Town.A small seasonal rivulet flows by its side. I was sipping mint tea and soaking in the silence of Leh. I always sat at that particular spot from where I can look far and deep into the market.

The restaurant closes down at around 11:30 pm daily. That late evening at around 10 pm, I was one of the few visitors left there when a commotion took place at the far end of the ******Road market, which joins the **** Road market. A Tall American Guy was in animated discussion with a woman, who was french- as I learnt later on. She was around 30-32 years old while her Husband was from Belgium. The woman was desperately clutching on to a small girl, probably six or seven years old, who she was carrying in her arms. The girl was probably sleep when an elderly British Lady named Carol, stopped her and tried to take picture of the couple and the girl. Just at the same time a tall and lanky American guy, who we learnt was following the couple for some time, came from behind and tried to snatch the girl. There were cries all around and no one could understand what was happening. A police officer named Ste**** on duty in the market intervened. Two constables were with him.

Leh is a quite place not not more than five murders take place annually. Locals are rarely involved in those murders as it is taxi drivers or labourers, who all are outsiders. And there are rarely such scenes on the road. And is anything nvolves cops, it attracts immediate interest.

I saw them coming towards ******* restaurant as that was a quite place. I must tell here that I dont report from Leh daily. I was visiting Leh for ten days to report on Reconstruction of the town after almost a year of cloudburst tragedy that killed 257 persons, damaged nearly 1500 houses and 27 persons were still missing. So, I did not take much interest taking it as a street brawl probably emanating from eve teasing or some minor issue.

Ste****, the Station House Officer of the Leh city police station winked at me as he sat on the next table. He recognised me and told the french woman , her husband and the British Lady -Carol, that media is here so take care. Carol addressed me saying please no news and no photos. I told them to relax and carry on with the cop. Ste**** told me in Hindi he would brief me later. He said seems to be case of some ‘love child’. Some bystanders were also saying the same thing. I didnt take much interest as our newspaper does not do much local level reporting from there. But my journaoistic sense told me to wait for some time. “After all, Love child can be a good story,” I thought.

Unfortunately, my mobile phone acted funny and the mobile phone camera malfunctioned. I couldn’t take pictures. The police official took passport of the french woman and the belgian husband. He sent one of his two constables to get it photocopied. Meanwhile, he went with Carol to an Internet Cafe and returned after some time. I learnt later on that he had gone to check pictures of Madeline McCan.

He returned and asked the Belgiian man- who was semi bald, wore glasses and was of medium height- about the girl and if they were the real parents? Theman said, “Of course, we are biological parents.” The police official let them go taking a copy of the passports but retained original passport of the Belgian guy. He then narrated me the entire story. I tried talking to Carol but she said she was tired and too upset that she was doing her duty as a citizen but it seems she has landed herself in trouble.

I smelled some big story and planned to check it up next monring. Due to poor Internet connectivity, I could check Google by noon only and read all about the missing Madeline. I spoke to the police official who said Carol has informed the British Police as she did not want to lodge a complaint here as she copuld be called to testify or she could be in trouble with the Embassy.

I met Carol later in the noon and asked her to help me in the story. She said she dont want to be quoted nor her picture to appear anywhere. She confirmed she had sent a communication to the British Police.

I had to return next day as my place of posting is in Jammu. The Leh polcie did not deny the story appearing in my paper. It was only today that after immense media interest from England that they have denied it. Police sources tell me that they fear tourists may be scared away from Leh if it was confirmed that a kdinapped child was recovered from Leh. Or that there was such a possibility.



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  1. Quote:

    “It was only today that after immense media interest from England that they have denied it. Police sources tell me that they fear tourists may be scared away from Leh if it was confirmed that a kdinapped child was recovered from Leh. Or that there was such a possibility.!

    Sounds familiar.

  2. Comment removed – There are plenty of places that allow people to insult the McCann family, this blog is not one of them.

  3. How odd your blog layout and fonts now resemble that pro shite – writing the wrongs!

    • And I really think you need to go to specsavers.  I have just looked at that site and it there is no resemblance in fonts or anything.  Oh well I suppose it won’t be long before another myth is born that I am the owner of that blog. 

      Which of course is not true, but there again what has truth got to do with anything especially when truth destroys a good conspiracy theory.

  4. Nice of the journalist to reply. 

  5. Well poor internet connectivity might be explained by poor electrical supply in Leh.

    A recent article.

    Leh gropes in darkness, Authorities unmoved

    July 5, 2011

    Leh: The erratic and irrational power supply in Leh is casting
    shadow on the tourism season as local population and visitors encounter
    diverse difficulties after the sunset. The lack of power supply is
    forcing the locals to pack up early, which shortens their business

    “The power supply is erratic. If we get supply for ten minutes, it is
    snapped for an hour. To top it, the voltage is so low that sometimes
    the power supply becomes useless”, said a hotelier.

    The locals have brought the issue in the notice of the authorities
    umpteen times, but to no avail. Locals say that the distribution system
    is also faulty and partisan. “There are some areas, which get maximum
    power supply at the cost of other areas”, said another tour operator.The
    situation has compelled many hoteliers and businessmen to resort to the
    use of generators.

  6. Interesting man is Superintendent of Police, Vivek Gupta

    Last year he was indicted for involvement in deaths of three civilians (while still a Deputy Superintendent) in Mendhar (50 miles across the border from Abbotabad in Pakistan) but no inquiry seems to have been held. Instead Vivek was promoted and posted to Leh, 200 miles to the east.


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