Twisted and Warped

sea_trawlerToday news broke from Portugal by DN about skeletol remains being found.  The google translation of the article is as follows:

Human skeleton found in trawler net
by Lusa Yesterday

A human skeleton was found today in a trawl net during an inspection conducted by the Navy off the coast of the Algarve, Tavira, Lusa said the commander of the port office in Olhão.

“It was one of a trawler, six miles from the coast off the island of Tavira, in the area of ​​bottom trawling, which was subject to supervision by a Navy boat. When lowered to the network, to monitor the grid, it was found that it was a human skeleton, “said the commander Ricardo Arrabaça.

The same source stated that the inspection was carried out between 06:00 and 06:30 and found to be human remains, “the fish was discarded and the boat accompanied by the ship of the Portuguese Republic (NRP) to the port of Eagle Look at the bones to be collected. “

“We got in contact with the prosecutor, who sent the bones to the Institute of Forensic Medicine to try to identify who owns or collect evidence which could help in this task,” added the commander of the port office in Olhão. We did not detect any breach of the trawler, also according to the source.

Of course it is not long before someone adds to the story and posts on twitter leaving people to think that this story relates to Madeleine.

Personally I find the above tweet, sick, twisted and warped.  And I suspect a many good people will also feel the same.

I am sure the Police will do all they can to identify the person and establish the cause of death, it could have just been a tragic accident.  But whatever happened to them one thing is for sure out there somewhere a family will now have to come to terms with the fact that someone they loved is dead and won’t be coming home.   I wish people would just show some respect, if not for deceased person but for the family they have left behind.

You only have to google further to find that the remains found are that of an adult, as reported by Digital Publico.


4 comments on “Twisted and Warped

  1. How’s this for warped….

    Olhao is not too far from Portimao, lets hope this is a turning point for ALL of us.

    Praying this is Maddie – we need closure, so do my girls living on the Algarve, all Algarvians do!

    Toilet rolls in abundance @ Rothley Towers tonight!

    ………………..WE need closure, FFS

  2. Unbelievable Samantha.  We need closure, I think the McCanns need to know what happened to their daughter and need her to be found.  

    I can’t believe it.  Madeleine happens to be the daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann not some forum or member.  She is a missing child.

    I bet if Kate and Gerry heard that news I bet for a minute their stomachs turned with fear thinking it could be their daughter.  I would not have been until they were told that it was an adult would they have stopped the panic inside them.

    Whoever this person was, they left behind a family somewhere and it is that family that can finally have closure.  Whoever this person is may they rest in peace.

  3. If, indeed, it turns out that the bones exist and are human, I hope that person can be identified to give that person’s family closure. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation.

  4. How on earth would a port official know what had actually been dragged up?  Something that looked like it could be human remains (of an adult), ok, but so far there’s no confirmation. I think I’ll wait for confirmation from the police and from the forensic people. 

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