The Sticker Book – A Plausible Explanation

stickerbookThere has been so much said about the sticker book that belonged to Madeleine and how pages were ripped apart and used to write those timelines down.  Many people saying how callous it was of the McCanns to allow Russell O’Brien to use Madeleine’s sticker book to write down timelines.

Well I for one can see a picture of what it was like in that apartment once they realised Madeleine had gone.  There they were, frightened, scared, worried, crying and in a situation which must have been chaotic and complete pandemonium.

Once the Police arrived, there was the language barrier, someone having to translate what they were saying, especially if the Policeman was not fully conversant with English and none of the party spoke fluent Portuguese.

The first thing they wanted to get over was the fact that their daughter had gone from the apartment and they needed the Police to start searching, sealing off borders etc.

Now just imagine, all these voices, the sheer chasos, people saying she must have been taken between this and that time.

Someone was going  to write this all down as people were speaking, as it is so confusing what people were saying and even the most powerful of brain could not have taken it all in and sorted it out without writing it down.

A child was missing, it must have been hell on earth in that apartment, with the parents frantic and all those voices and people wanting to help.

But, remember they are not at home where they can lay their hands on reams of paper or a writing pad.  They are in an apartment that has been hired to them for a week.  An apartment that has the basics, I doubt if there was writing material left for the occupants to use.

Well there has never been in any apartment I stayed in.  Most left was literature about the complex and things to do in and around the complex, definitely no writing pad.

We all know when we go on holiday, we have to travel light for the reasons of baggage allowance and having to carry the stuff to and fro your destinations.  Yes the children may have had pens and pencils and colouring books but the parents I suspect took a pen to write post cards if necessary and probably nothing to write on.

I know when I go on holiday, I don’t take a bloody notepad.  Just a couple of pens to write the cards. I am on holiday I have no intention of sitting down and writing essays or filling in forms and diaries.

So there we have it, one chaotic situation, someone trying to write down what times who went where and who checked and there is nothing to write on. The only thing that might have been available was the colouring book that was probably on the table.

Now if someone said to you as a parent of a missing child,”Can I use that to write down all this info?”. What would you do?  Would you say, “No, that is Madeleine’s colouring book you are not defacing that, find a shop that sells paper.” or would you say, “Yes, of course, I’ll get her a new one when she is found.”

I know what option as a parent I would use, that is number 2 use the book and buy my child a new one.  If my child was found and if she cried because her colouring book was ripped as a parent you can easily explain, by saying, “Mummy and daddy were so worried about you cos we love you so much, and we had no paper so we had to use that book, but now you are back with us all safe, we will buy you a better and bigger book.”

That would be enough to satisfy a child.  Madeleine was an intelligent child, her parents have told us that and I suspect she would have understood.

Of course at first it was written down roughly and then it was written down neatly.  Yes people say, but on the second copy they missed off the time Matt did the check.

Well to that I say, perhaps it was just simply an error that happened due to the pandemonium that was going on in that apartment.  The reason I say that is because if they were trying to cover up for someone then surely the only copy given to the Police would have been the final copy, not the draft.

Why would these people give both copies to the Police if they were trying to hide something in the first copy?  They wouldn’t.

Remember what was happening, a child was missing, that apartment and all those close to Madeleine must have been distraught, worried, frantic and hysterical.  They had not lost their wallet or mobile phone and were calmly searching, they had a child go missing, that is enough to may the most calmest of people go to the depths of being a frantic wreck.

Just one more thing, have any of you never been in a situation where you have had to write something down quick and grabbed the first thing to hand?  I know I have and then thought, “Oh bugger I shouldn’t have written on that.”


3 comments on “The Sticker Book – A Plausible Explanation

  1. Hi Bren.

    From memory, various media/blogger outlets stated that they’d torn apart her “favourite  book”: the insinuation was that they must have known she would never be returning to howl about it, and that no one cared about her enough to respect an item that should have been treasured. Well, as those of us who actually checked the files know: it was nothing more than a sticker album. The kind that parents regularly buy kids to keep them occupied during flights/bus rides and other incidental quiet times. 

    The other argument was: why didn’t they use the notepad on the dining table? In the pitchforking hysteria, I doubt whether anyone stopped to think WHEN the apartment photos were taken and that it was most likely a notepad belonging to the police. 

    At the same time, I have no problem understanding why some people had suspicions if they believed all these so-called “details” … after, all, tragedies (or worse) do happen. Even I stood back and became a fence-sitter until I could examine the files. Once I did, however, almost everything I checked was nothing more than fact-free tabloid sensationalism. It doesn’t stop 30 or so people with various socks from incessantly repeating old tabloid rubbish. Nor even certain “experts” from doing the same…

  2. How very true Carana, we have all purchased such items to keep the kids quiet.   And to be honest I have known them to be given to kids on flights to keep them quiet from the airlines themselves.

    Not sure but I think it is about 2 hrs 50 mins to fly from East Midlands to Faro, and that is a long time to try and keep kids occupied and sticker books are ideal for things like that.

    Talk about tabloid rubbish, I do love how the tabloids can be used and must be believed when they are negative to to the McCanns and when they are positive it is the media protecting the McCanns and shouldn’t be believed.  

    Talk about using something to suit your agenda LOL.

  3. My primary interest has always been Madeleine: what happened, where is she, who is responsible. 

    Despite the fact that at one point I became a fence-sitter, I have never given up hope that she may still be found alive. Just as tragedies occur, so do miracles. There is absolutely no proof that she is dead, therefore she could still well be alive. 

    What’s important? Finding the child or scoring points in a virtual hooligan world using her name as a football? Where is the respect in that?

    My secondary interest was the press/social media.  I’ll come back to this when I get a bit of free time.

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