The Leh sighting gets more interesting.. Unlike Pat Brown

I don’t normally follow the Amazon feed, because at times that I am fed up of reading the whining of that self-publicising Pat Brown and her stupid comments about how her e-book was banned. What part of “The book was deemed defamatory, ill-researched and plain right libellous, and that is why it was banned.” doesn’t this woman understand?

Anyway I followed a link today to an interesting comment made by an A Brewer on Amazon and he states this:

Whether it is true or not, I don’t know.  But just think if it is true, again we have another Police force covering up their mistakes.  For the time being I will remain on the fence.

Now if it is not true, we have one of two situations, either:

a)  A Brewer never contacted the original journalist Jupinderjit Singh, which therefore means all his posts in future need to be taken with a pinch of salt.


b)  Jupinderjit Singh made up the story to get a news scoop and didn’t realise that people would contact him to find out if what he reported is factually correct.

And if that piece of information is true, then we know what Kate and Gerry McCann are up against in order to find their daughter.

Just one more thing with regards to  Pat Brown:

I notice the other 50% is going to feather her nest.  If she was that interested in getting to the truth she would upload the book to her site in PDF format so that anybody could download it, but no Pat doesn’t do that does she?  Why, because there is not profit in it for her, is there?

She and Bennett are well suited and it won’t be long before one of them is offered up for sacrifice. You see when you have two people who think they are so right and their characters are very similar and each one of them wanting to be top dog or vigilante (in my opinion of course, after all you wouldn’t deny me my freedom of speech would you?) it won’t be long before these two are trying to outshine each other and fighting for that alpha position.

Yes it won’t be long before the back-handedness starts and then we can all sit back and watch the display as one of them lights the blue touch paper.  It will be spectacular, better display than the Millennium display in London.

One thing I will say though is when Pat Brown and her Investigation Team arrive in Rothley, they had better be prepared for someone to hide in the bushes.  All I hope is when she and her investigation team arrive this time in Rothley they are all nicked and the book is thrown at them.

And no,  it is not because I am in the pay of the McCann’s or sold my soul, it is because we have a judicial system we are proud of, we allow the law to deal with crime and we don’t take the law into our own hands.

To take the law into your own hands, makes you a vigilante and it is because of mob mentality that forces a judge to have to give defendants protection once they leave prison. It is because the judge knows that this type of person is liable to cause harm to someone that they have no alternative but to issue a new identity to the person.

Judges know the likes of these vigilantes will stop at nothing until they have caused as much pain as they can to someone and that includes harming a person to the extent that they could loose their life.

And I do wonder if any of you have actually thought about or even care about Sean and Amelie McCann?  Because it saddens me, that these two little children are at the age where they are becoming conversant with computers and like all kids they might google their names.   Or one of their class mates could google their name and say what they find on the internet. What they hell do you think they are going to find?  Nothing but vile, evil and hate-filled posts about their parents and total disrespect for their sister.

I might have upset a few people on the way, but I count my blessing that I upset those people enough for them to get google to remove all cached stuff that was written on that disgraceful forum.  Because, I can tell you, once I witnessed what the likes of the Madeleine Foundation were all about, that is when I started to see how wrong things were.

It is one thing to have a difference of opinion, but it is another to start becoming pro-active over your difference of opinion.  And I do wonder if  those who constantly criticise the McCann Family, were ever to find themselves in the shoes of Kate and Gerry McCann, whether they would just sit back and watch a bunch of numpties spread malicious lies about them and their family?  Or whether they would do what I hope the McCanns will do, and that is to take this pro-active group of people to Court and put a stop to this once and for all.

Nobody knows what is around the corner, children go missing everyday or children run away for all sorts of reasons and children die in tragic accidents.  I do wonder if ever these people found themselves in a similar situation whether they would accept that is a person’s given right to criticise, libel and defame them, their family and their friends.   Plus I would like to know whether they would defend those who write such hurtful comments by saying, “It is freedom of speech, these people have the right to say what they like about us, whether it is true or not.”  Somehow I doubt it.

Kate and Gerry McCann are in a catch 22 position.  If they don’t defend themselves over what is being written there will be some who say, “It must be true otherwise they would have stopped its publication.”  And then if they do defend themselves they get others slatting them for taking legal action.

And I can understand why they take action, because they know if people start to believe these forum myths, and untruths, then they are going to think that Madeleine is dead and not bother searching.  That is why the McCanns have to do all they can to stop that happening.

And if anyone is forcing the fund to be drained, it is not the McCanns, but the fault of those people who are trying to enforce, via books and leaflets, the opinion that Madeleine McCann is dead and the McCanns are complicit.


3 comments on “The Leh sighting gets more interesting.. Unlike Pat Brown

  1. Not sure those are the only 2 possibilities re the Leh “sighting”. 

    Seems quite likely to me that the journo witnessed the event, asked the local police how to verify the ID of the child, and filed the story. The parents/ PI may well then have followed up to get a photo of the child, and determined it wasn’t her. If that’s the case, I don’t see where the Leh police made a mistake if they were not actually instructed to do a DNA test on the child in question. And if a photo had already been transmitted, and if it had been determined not to be her, then there’s no reason to bother that family any further. The morphing in the Western press is a different story, IMO… 

  2. Just wondering: has anyone submitted an FOI request to ascertain how much all these requests for information from a certain group to all the various authorities actually cost the taxpayer? 

  3. Apparently the journo is the one saying it was covered-up by Leh Police, and Maggs on JATYK2 has also confirmed this.

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