Direct Communication with Jupinderjit Singh

the tribuneA contact of mine has spoken directly to Jupinderjit Singh via a messaging service last night.

Initial contact by my contact who speaks to Mr Singh is as follows:


Do you have any comment about the way that some media (TV etc) here in UK are saying the Madeleine McCann lookalike story was a fake. That the police in Leh claim there have no information about the story. Also why where there no photographs in the papers?

Mr Singh replies

I have already been quoted wrongly in many British newspapers. I just reported a drama and my story never said anyone was detained, any passport was confiscated or any DNA sample taken. The police official let the French woman with the girl go. He committed a grave error. Why would he admit it now? He did not record the incident in the Daily Diary Register. I wonder where is Carol and why is she quite.

Above all, what every one fails to understand is that I wasn’t posted in Leh. I was there for some other stories. And all this happened just by chance. I would put on my blog what exactly happened. It was only the next morning that when I googled about Madeline that I learnt what the case was. The British press took five days to react. And they jumped to coclusions. Where did I write the DNA samples were taken? I said DNA method can help in identifying the girl. Also, how can I fake the story? And why would I? It is your press which exaggerated on my story , twisted it and now blaming me? Please call me at ******** (telephone no. removed cos I know what some are like)

My contact replies back saying

I agree one hundred percent that the UK media have developed this story for their own purposes having read your original story very carefully. I am not a journalist, just a person who has followed the Madeleine McCann story over the years. (removed as personal) I realise perfectly that you are not based in Leh and it is quite a trek from your base. It wasn’t my intentiion to quote you anywhere though I can have what you have written posted on a very well read blog. I won’t phone now as I am in bed and on the point of sleeping but will phone you later during the day if that is OK.

Mr Singh replies again saying

You can post on the blog. I would send you a first person account of the event I sent to a British newspaper. And you would be appalled at how they twisted it. Also, look at the readers. Plz see Madeline website. Someone posted my story but uses the heading ” madeline spotted in France”????

Thx and good night

How my contact concluded with:

Will speak later. Have a good day as the Americans say.


My contact will be ringing Mr Singh later this evening. Please check back for updates which will be added to this blog post. There are rumours on a certain forum that Mr Singh could be sacked, well the reason my contact has to wait until this evening to speak to Mr Singh is because he is in an editorial meeting for tomorrows edition and therefore can’t speak until after that meeting. And this is what my contact and I have been saying something happened, Jupinderjit Singh reported it as was and the British Press put arms and legs on it.


7 comments on “Direct Communication with Jupinderjit Singh


  2. Thank you Samantha, I didn’t do anything except post the information up, all credit has to go to my contact who took the initiative.

    It seems to be a day of dispelling myths, thanks to my contact and Carana.  

  3. To be fair, some details were not very clear. I’m not entirely sure whether mentioning Madeleine’s name was because the people involved actually mentioned it or whether the fact of associating her name with an incident increases readership/notoriety. Perhaps he could clarify whether those involved actually stated that they thought it could be her.

    On the other hand, it does indeed seem as if the story he filed did indeed grow arms and legs by the time it got picked up by the UK (et al.,) press. 

    In this instance, the original was in English…. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to the unverified elaborations in English (or in other languages) of distortions/half-truths/inaccuracies regurgitated from the Portuguese press, does it?

  4. I second Samantha on that one. Well done, Bren, for finding a way to get in contact with the journo in question. 

  5. I had tried Tweeting the guy but he was not replying. I suggested that one of those who claim the Murdoch empire was behind the story, or that Clarrie wrote it, should try and contact him. How telling that none of them did , isnt it, and they are now rather ignoring what he has to say? It’s the same old tactic, bury anything off message.

  6. Hello Urcrazytoo, you are right.  Bury what they don’t want to accept.  I bet the guy is fed up with it to be honest.  He reports a story, then realises how big the story is in the UK and next he has the Brit Press twisting what he wrote.

    But no they can’t accept the truth, they have to add the conspiracy bit about Murdoch and the rest of the world is in on it.

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